रावण की मात है, दशहरे की रात है,
पाप पुण्य की बात है, क्या सच में राम कोई साथ है?

Ya kya pata

Har ram mein kahin ek ravan

Aur har ravan mein ek raam hai

Happy belated dussehra 🙏

Keep scribbling nishabd!well said👌

Yours loving warrior


Tum paas aaye💟








Hain khaas 🎶


Tumse 🎶


Tumse 🎶

Waqt accha aa jayega

Viswaas tumse🎶

Sath ka waqt khatam hone par bhi

Nazdeekiyaa kam nahi hoti hain🎶

Ehsaas sadgi ka

Asar bas itna…

zindagi muskurati hi rehti h🎶

Khawab aur hakeekat mein

hum farak kar na paye🎶

Shukriya khuda ka

Tum Yun paas aaye🎶

Happy reading readers!

Serving you all a romantic writeup this time💟

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving


सोचना पड़ा !

सोचना पड़ा उसे भी, मुझे भी सोचना पड़ा,
सोचना पड़ा उसे उस पिता के लिए जो उम्र की दहलीज पर था,
सोचना पड़ा उस माँ के लिए जिसने उसके लिए कुछ सपने बुने थे,
सोचना पड़ा उस परिवार के लिए जिसकी उम्मीदें थी उससे,
सोचना पड़ा उसके लिए जिसका कर्ज था उस पर, जिसका बोझ बहोत भारी था !
और मुझे ? मुझे उसके लिए सोचना पड़ा !

After a long time…read something so deep…like as a reader I can feel the depth and intensity💬

Warm welcome to our scribbling place Nishabd💟!

And to your writing… I would liketo share my thoughts..

Rishte..maa papa family…

bandhan ka naam hai ? ya uddne wale pankh support aur aazadi ka?

Na jane Soch aur dil kyu band jati h?

Na Jane kyu aansu aur mushkan saath ho jati hain?

Khusi b hoti h

Santushti satisfaction bhi

Adhoori si zindagi hai puri bhi

Well written Mr. new author 💞

Keep scribbling Nishabd🖌

Happy reading readers

Yours loving


Guide to hurt someone with formal most smile🖌

I know you were expecting

Me to say something


About your behaviour,qualities,deeds

Some appreciation

Or may b my deeply analysed opinion

Is what you wanted to hear

I knew it



I ended up breaking all your expectations

And said most lame superficial thought about you..with the most formal smile of mine to add to your pain😎

Sorry for being morally inappropriate but these are out of life experiences…can’t help it😓

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


Comfortable 💬Tum💟

जैसी पसंद तुम्हारी वैसा rahega मेरा इज़हार

प्यार तो मेरा वही rahega

par अंदाज़ तुम्हारी पसंद का

rahega mere यार

क्योकि तुम ko कम्फ़र्टेबल कर सके

बस इतना ही तो है मेरा प्यार💞

Happy reading!

Yours loving


Yet the solace it finds!

You never know what Brews
in a teenage mind
The one which is agitated
And trying to unwind

To express and then
Not to find words
And the raised lumps
Chocking vocal chords

The rainbows of hope
Peeping through misty eyes
And to steal a glance
To your face it often pries

And shudders my heart
To think of days without
To pitch , the highest
In loneliness it’d shout

Yet the solace it finds
Amidst your brimming smile
And this will let me cope up
With you away to miles

Though eyes would have to wait
The heart , you d be always near
Love you a lot id say ,
Ignore my happy tears

And shudders my heart
To think of days without
To pitch , the highest
In loneliness it’d shout

Though eyes would have to wait
The heart , you d be always near
Love you a lot id say ,
Ignore my happy tears

Journey of uncertain super dramatic dreams into much matured and peaceful heart,which almost every individual faces once in a lifetime in some context for sure…..very well written and contrast beautifully !

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving


Smile na dear dost!

Your smile is precious

It suits you so much

It looks more pretty

When it comes from within

The natural happiness

Suits you so much

The gloomy you,

I hate to see🙄

I know its difficult

For you to smile in this tough situation

Some hopes have been hopped away

I know you feel hopeless within

I can understand your pain

And even feel the same for you

I wish I could do some magic

To get you out immediately

Happiness and your smile

Trust me…

Are precious and suits you the most

Smile na

Pls smile dear dost!!

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


You are Addictive..that’s why I am never satisfied!

“The moment it ends,

I start missing it!

Our hugs

“The moment it ends,

Your hands move away and so does my head..even if it was some 5 minutes long hug..the moment it ends..

I start missing it!

My infinite talks and explanation of each and every silly or great things..even if it was a hour long oneway chat..the moment your listening power ends and my mouth stops,

I start missing it!

Every second spent with you


“The moment you left saying goodbye

I started missing it!

Your fingers on my hairs and your eyes staring my face..the moment your hands go back to your pocket

I start missing it!

Your shoulders and your open arms

“The moment it ends..

I start missing it!

Your wicked looks …I can tolerate all..

as long as you are infront of me

“The moment you leave my room,

I start missing it!

Your long fingers explaining life to me

“The moment your suggestions end,

I start missing it!

Your eyes avoiding me to focus your important stuffs

“Even those avoiding glances I can keep staring for hours..the moment it all ends

I start missing it!

Your pillow heart

Your delicate glasses

Your infinitely attractive smile

Your changing beards and styles

Your never changing,my favourite mole

And your words..every single word you utter..even if it is in your mother tounge which I rarely understand…even if it is about a topic like cricket which I barely understand

I can hear you for hours..

I wish I never had to hung up the phone

I wish sleep never interrupted us

I wish I had a glue to compress you inside me

I wish I had your power plug which I would never turn off

Why is everything around you so addictive?

I miss your talks the moment you stop speaking

I miss you so much ”

She replied when he said “itta time to diya na tujhe…then why not satisfied??”

Some desires can have infinite wishes🎉⭐

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior