सोचना पड़ा !

सोचना पड़ा उसे भी, मुझे भी सोचना पड़ा,
सोचना पड़ा उसे उस पिता के लिए जो उम्र की दहलीज पर था,
सोचना पड़ा उस माँ के लिए जिसने उसके लिए कुछ सपने बुने थे,
सोचना पड़ा उस परिवार के लिए जिसकी उम्मीदें थी उससे,
सोचना पड़ा उसके लिए जिसका कर्ज था उस पर, जिसका बोझ बहोत भारी था !
और मुझे ? मुझे उसके लिए सोचना पड़ा !

After a long time…read something so deep…like as a reader I can feel the depth and intensity💬

Warm welcome to our scribbling place Nishabd💟!

And to your writing… I would liketo share my thoughts..

Rishte..maa papa family…

bandhan ka naam hai ? ya uddne wale pankh support aur aazadi ka?

Na jane Soch aur dil kyu band jati h?

Na Jane kyu aansu aur mushkan saath ho jati hain?

Khusi b hoti h

Santushti satisfaction bhi

Adhoori si zindagi hai puri bhi

Well written Mr. new author 💞

Keep scribbling Nishabd🖌

Happy reading readers

Yours loving


Guide to hurt someone with formal most smile🖌

I know you were expecting

Me to say something


About your behaviour,qualities,deeds

Some appreciation

Or may b my deeply analysed opinion

Is what you wanted to hear

I knew it



I ended up breaking all your expectations

And said most lame superficial thought about you..with the most formal smile of mine to add to your pain😎

Sorry for being morally inappropriate but these are out of life experiences…can’t help it😓

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


Comfortable 💬Tum💟

जैसी पसंद तुम्हारी वैसा rahega मेरा इज़हार

प्यार तो मेरा वही rahega

par अंदाज़ तुम्हारी पसंद का

rahega mere यार

क्योकि तुम ko कम्फ़र्टेबल कर सके

बस इतना ही तो है मेरा प्यार💞

Happy reading!

Yours loving


Yet the solace it finds!

You never know what Brews
in a teenage mind
The one which is agitated
And trying to unwind

To express and then
Not to find words
And the raised lumps
Chocking vocal chords

The rainbows of hope
Peeping through misty eyes
And to steal a glance
To your face it often pries

And shudders my heart
To think of days without
To pitch , the highest
In loneliness it’d shout

Yet the solace it finds
Amidst your brimming smile
And this will let me cope up
With you away to miles

Though eyes would have to wait
The heart , you d be always near
Love you a lot id say ,
Ignore my happy tears

And shudders my heart
To think of days without
To pitch , the highest
In loneliness it’d shout

Though eyes would have to wait
The heart , you d be always near
Love you a lot id say ,
Ignore my happy tears

Journey of uncertain super dramatic dreams into much matured and peaceful heart,which almost every individual faces once in a lifetime in some context for sure…..very well written and contrast beautifully !

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving


Smile na dear dost!

Your smile is precious

It suits you so much

It looks more pretty

When it comes from within

The natural happiness

Suits you so much

The gloomy you,

I hate to see🙄

I know its difficult

For you to smile in this tough situation

Some hopes have been hopped away

I know you feel hopeless within

I can understand your pain

And even feel the same for you

I wish I could do some magic

To get you out immediately

Happiness and your smile

Trust me…

Are precious and suits you the most

Smile na

Pls smile dear dost!!

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


You are Addictive..that’s why I am never satisfied!

“The moment it ends,

I start missing it!

Our hugs

“The moment it ends,

Your hands move away and so does my head..even if it was some 5 minutes long hug..the moment it ends..

I start missing it!

My infinite talks and explanation of each and every silly or great things..even if it was a hour long oneway chat..the moment your listening power ends and my mouth stops,

I start missing it!

Every second spent with you


“The moment you left saying goodbye

I started missing it!

Your fingers on my hairs and your eyes staring my face..the moment your hands go back to your pocket

I start missing it!

Your shoulders and your open arms

“The moment it ends..

I start missing it!

Your wicked looks …I can tolerate all..

as long as you are infront of me

“The moment you leave my room,

I start missing it!

Your long fingers explaining life to me

“The moment your suggestions end,

I start missing it!

Your eyes avoiding me to focus your important stuffs

“Even those avoiding glances I can keep staring for hours..the moment it all ends

I start missing it!

Your pillow heart

Your delicate glasses

Your infinitely attractive smile

Your changing beards and styles

Your never changing,my favourite mole

And your words..every single word you utter..even if it is in your mother tounge which I rarely understand…even if it is about a topic like cricket which I barely understand

I can hear you for hours..

I wish I never had to hung up the phone

I wish sleep never interrupted us

I wish I had a glue to compress you inside me

I wish I had your power plug which I would never turn off

Why is everything around you so addictive?

I miss your talks the moment you stop speaking

I miss you so much ”

She replied when he said “itta time to diya na tujhe…then why not satisfied??”

Some desires can have infinite wishes🎉⭐

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


The Authors I Love

Books have always been my sacred sanctuary where I often found refuge from the drudgeries of the sapping lifestyle. Though I started reading young, I was never a ‘Fan” Sort of person who’d drool over some author and would devour all of their novels, rather I was more of a “Whatever I get hands upon, I read it” reader.
Still the early years marked an everlasting impression on the type of genre I’d be liking in my future years.
So, recently reading the list of authors by a Twitter friend made me think of enumerating my own writers who made me see the world through their eyes.

  1. Robert Louis Stevenson: Nothing beats a terrific Treasure Hunt to pull a young lad of 10 years into the fantasy world of reading and Treasure Island had all the right gradients. Well, a lot about the book but what enchanted me was the way RL developed the plot and a teen was in the middle of the adventure. The lure of the name was enough for me to pick up his other book “Kidnapped”. He didn’t disappoint the adventure-hungry me. Another one of his novel which earned a cult status is
    “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, which is among one of my favourite and a separate article will be soon published over it.

So I recommend the author for the young readers who want a perfect launch pad into reading.

2. Enid Blyton: Once again another Children’s writer who wrote so much that she became synonymous with the Genre until Rowling usurped her from the throne. Adventure, camaraderie, and ingenious ways of solving puzzles in an English setup always gave me the feeling that I have settled myself on the English moor in an English summer.

  1. PG Wodehouse: What will you do if you found yourselves in the shoes of Bertie Wooster with the Mighty Jeeves ( forgive the Pun) with your steward. The early version of Siri or Alexa, Jeeves would make you fall for all his demeanour and problem-solving tactics and leave you with sympathy for the Wooster.

Well, if you are a fan of English humour which might not make you laugh like Gabbar but will enable you to have a slight curve of your lips which will linger on till the very end of the novel or maybe longer. The humour in his writings lies in the situation which unfolds rather than the dialogues. His omnibus of Jeeves and Wooster and Life at blendings are awesome and also his Public school series of novels.

4. J.K. Rowling: Well, what to write about her when the whole world has been enchanted with her works. When I got hands on her books, I was already in college and had read a lot of classics and English authors to the point, Potter mania hadn’t gripped me. Still, I didn’t want to be left out and hence I started reading her and within 2 days first three were completed.

The way Rowling evolved her story connecting all the dots from Philosopher’s Stone to the deathly hallows was a remarkable feat for the series which was spread over a decade. Though I have not read the spin-offs till now, I have read original books, seven times each, which can give you the picture of how much I Like the genre.

5. Jeffery Archer: To say as the Veeru says in Sholay, ” Inke novels main story hai Drama hai, emotions hai, romance hai aur twist hai. And twists are like you have to read the last line to know your answer.

He knows how to keep readers engage and one thing that makes him my favourite is developing a story with parallel lineups and then merging all of them

His best book for me has been Ken and Abel, but others like First among Equals, a twist in the tale, red herring and many others are a delight to read

6. Frederick Forsyth: Well, we all got gaga when Mr Tharoor used “exasperated farrago” in his tweet, this gentleman used it in his novel years back. A master writer of the espionage genre, Forsyth wrote with such a dexterity that would place you in front of a projector and him managing the reel. His ability to create multiple plots simultaneously might let you feel you are reading 3-4 books at a time. Being himself an armed force veteran the researches and tactical strategies described in his novel feel almost real. The day of the Jackal, his propellant to the fame has been said to have a perfect plan of the murder of the French President.

7. Robert Ludlum: Though the Bourne Series has won worldwide accolade due to its cinematic adaptation, the novel has much greater elements and is ten times better than the movie. The espionage genre in hands of Ludlum makes an unassuming, simple man to take up the task. Research filled novels though the much straighter plot, it was a delight for people who didn’t want to strain themselves Remembering so many things. His legacy, however, was ruined by the Ghostwriters who wrote along with his name and produced tasteless junk.

  1. Munshi Premchand: A Hindi writer at last in the list, but let me be clear that the list is unordered and I am writing about whoever comes in my mind. Born as Dhanpat Rai, Munshiji was a writer of masses, such prolific he was in his writings that in a very short life of 56 Years, he published more than 300 short stories, 14 novels, many essays and all these when he managed a loss-making printing press and faced numerous British Sanctions. Munshiji’s stories are mostly set in the rustic environment of the then India and speak at length about the social evils prevailing at the time. Unlike others he brings you closer to the reality of the land, India was. His unabashed portrayal of love, greed and nationalistic and religious fervour astounds the reader and give them an instant connect with the colourful past we all have.

Godan, rangabhoomi, karmabhoomi, nirmala are few of his novels, and his short stories collection is published under the name Mansarovar and has about 10 volumes.

I should call it a day as this list is going to be longer than I thought. It would be better for me if I divide it into parts.

I hope this list will encourage the new readers to read and indulge in the hobby which is fast receding into oblivion due to the onslaught of newer means of mental gratification.

Sleep: Necessity of Hale and Hearty Life


It’s been taught to us from very early period of education that food, clothing and shelter are the basic need which satisfies one’s survival but attaining survival needs, need to work and rest simultaneously. Soft pillow, fluffy blanket, no lights and cool puff of air makes every person fall asleep; however we neglect the pleasure of sleeping just to achieve the basic needs. We forget that “sleeping is an investment in the energy that you need to be effective tomorrow”. Studding, cooking, managing, entrepreneurship, PR, advertising etc any work leading to dream life needs efforts every day, but leads to unhealthy life whereas sleeping for sufficient hours daily needs no effort and leads to healthy life with ones satisfactory survival. There’s a proverb “maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots” which fits exactly to the working of present generation, we search for relaxation by referring to doctors and medicines to fulfill the race of sitting at top of fast-pace of the present society but we never look to the basic therapy of relaxing despite of working hard daily.

Sleep is important to a number of brain functions. Recent findings suggest that sleep plays a safeguarding role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake. Research also shows that a continual lack of sleep, or getting poor quality sleep, increases the risk of disorder in one’s health including high blood pressure, stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Sleep works as food for brain, everyone is aware that food plays an important role in keeping one’s body developing and energetic with nutrients. Food for every living body has been described suitably for their proper functioning brain also needs food called sleep for its proper working. Skipping meal for oneself brings many harmful effects on health same get anticipated with skipping sleep.

There are some myths and there truth about sleeping that deviate ones judgment on the subject of sleeping which allows a person to skip or play with actual amount of sleep.

Myth 1: Getting just an hour less sleep per night won’t harm our daytime functioning.

Truth: Sleeping one hour less won’t allow you sleep during day time but affects your ability to think properly and response quickly as it should be, it also lead to reduction in cardiovascular health, energy balance, and ability to fight infections

Myth 2: Your body adjusts quickly to different sleeping schedules.

Truth: Body has a quality of adjusting to changes but adjusting to sleeping schedule won’t give you an idea about a big change but soon will bring laziness, decreases work performance, brings daytime drowsiness, and a sour mood.

Myth 3: Extra sleep at night can cure you of problems with excessive daytime fatigue.

True: Quantity of sleep plays an important role but also the quality of sleep is way more vital for solving the problem of fatigue. To cure the problem of daytime fatigue one must excessively pay attention rather than paying attention on extra time of sleep.

Myth 4: You can make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping more on the weekends.

Truth: one long sleep may help you feel refreshed for a short while, the settlement of that extra sleep usually last only six hours or less after waking. Deficient sleep, lacking quality of sleep or disruptions to the sleep-wake cycle causes sleeps dept or sleep deprivation.

Myth 5: It’s no big deal to often have trouble falling asleep.

True: Insomniac is a serious sleeping disorder occurs due to trouble of falling asleep. Such trouble in falling asleep can bring disturbance in one’s working ability.

Sleep for every age group is defined differently. Sleep requirements vary from person to person, despite the notion that our sleep decrease with age; newborn to 3 months old requires 14-17 hours of sleep, 4-11 months old requires 12-15 hours of sleep, 1-2 year old requires 11-14 hours of sleep, 3-5 years old requires 10-13 hours of sleep, 6-13 years old requires 9-11 hours of sleep, 14-17 year old requires 8-10 hours of sleep, adults of age 18-64 years old requires 7-9 hours of sleep and older person aged 65 and more requires 7-8 hours of sleep. There is a big difference between the amount of sleep you can get by and the amount you need to function optimally can a bit be rescheduled but the frequent changes to this timings cause many problems.

Sleep is a complex and dynamic process that affects how you function. The cranky mood on next day is the result of sleep dept. Description of harmful effects to health due to lack of sleep is numerous and benefits of proper sleep is same. Conserving energy and decreasing blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and body temperature occurs when we take rest. Thus sleep is the best way to relax your body while keeping ones brain active.