अपने सपने

If my less words touch you,smile for me today.

Happy reading

Keep spreading love💕

Yours loving warrior



Dear Whatsoever!!

Dear Whatsoever (you hardly matter now),

Remember those text messages we used to send each other when there was no WhatsApp

Remember those long phone calls when we did not had free calling facility

Remember the time when SMS pack was as important as food

I still have those messages archived

Remember the other day you texted that I am outspoken and straight forward kind of person

That you are the one kind man who can tolerate me and nobody else would ever do

Remember that you said you would never return to me

That you never wanted to talk to me ever in your life

That night I cried like I’ve never cried before for anything and anyone

I was ready to apologize to you for n number of times even knowing that it was never my mistake

I knew I fell for a wrong man at the wrong time

But guess what you’ve made me the girl I am today

And I’ll always be grateful for this act of yours

Because the next time I cry like this it will be for my family and myself

And not for some hot-headed who only listened to one side of the story

Thank you so much

PS: I still don’t have a filter in my mouth and people love me for that unlike you.

(Will never be) Yours
Survivor of the best heartbreak.

Brilliantly crafted..And completely outspoken..✌

I totally loved it💕

Keep scribbling Nazia

Some write-ups show frustrations,self respect , hidden stories,lesson learnt….all rolled in one…This one was that writeup

“Because the next time I cry like this it will be for my family and myself” and this was the best part.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


 किरणें   ‘आपके’ आफ़ताब की- 2

न झर रही, न झर चुकी हैं

 पंखुड़ियाँ   ‘इस गुलाब’ की

तो क्या ज़रूरत है   ऐ जानिब

” इन   ‘अश्कों के सैलाब’ की” 

तो क्यों फ़िकर हरसू करें हम

   हर  बात  हो   सवाब की

हैं हमेशा संग हमारे

  किरणेंं   ‘आपके’ आफ़ताब की

तो क्यों डरें और क्यों हम सहमें

क्यों  ‘गफ़लत’ में पड़ जाएँ हम

‘अश्क’  के अनमोल मोती

  व्यर्थ  क्यूँ  बहाएँ  हम

दें खुशी हर एक जन को

 वजह हम बनें मुस्कान की

आगे रखें सदा नेकियाँ  ‘उनकी’

 आखिर है बात ये ‘उनकी’  शान की

जान लो, अब बातें पढ़ लो

 ‘उनके’  दिल की  उस किताब की

हैंं  हमेशा संग हमारे

 किरणें  ‘आपके’ आफ़ताब की

“आशुसुधा”  चाहें सदा

महक  ‘आपके’  मेहताब की

हैं हमेशा संग हमारे

 किरणें  ‘आपके’ आफ़ताब की

रहें हमेशा  संग हमारे

 किरणेंं  ‘आपके’ आफ़ताब की!!!

   आपके शुभाशीष हेतु सदा प्रतीक्षित 

             –       आशुसुधा

मेरे नेह भरे “दो नैना”

है तुमसे मुझको नेह (स्नेह) बहुत

हो तुम ही मेरे नैना….

तुमसे है मुझको नेह बहुत

तुम ही मेरे  दो नैना…

तुम ही तो मेरे सब कुछ हो

हो तुम ही अब  सोना  सब गहना

है तुमपे ही सब  ज़िम्मेवारी

बस यही है तुमसे कहना….


है बनना तुमको ठण्डा झोंका

ख़ुश रहना   नित बहना,

जैसे उड़ते मस्त हो के  पन्छी

चिड़िया बाज़ तोता और मैना….


रखो खु़द पर विश्वास पूर्ण

कि सताए कभी कोई भय ना

किला सारा किया  तुम्हें सुपुर्द अब

कभी ना कहना, ना ना  मैं ना…..

हो जाते हैं उनके सभी स्वप्न साकार

आ जाता है जिन्हें सब सहना,

फिर होता है जीवन में सदा मंगल उनके

ऐसा विद्वानों – बुज़ुर्गों का है कहना……

तुमसे ही तो जीवन  मंगल  है

बस यही है तुमसे कहना,

है तुमसे मुझको  नेह  बहुत

      हो तुम ही मेरे  नैना…।।

तुमसे है मुझको नेह बहुत

   तुम ही मेरे    दो नैना . . . !!

कर दो मंगल सब  हे गोपाल (ईश्वर) अब

  यही, हाँ यही, बस यही है तुमसे कहना…..!!!

Some lines touch you so much that you become speechless….

This is such a thing for me..

Brilliant one Ashu👌

Thanks for these treasurable lines!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


The Shipwreck


Somewhere faraway in the sea
Lied a barren land
Unreachable and unchartered
A rugged lonely island

For years it remained so
Passer-by just ignored
Amidst all the noise
Quietly it snored

A storm rankled the sea
And trembled it wild
The water got too choppy
To sailors it beguiled

Ships were there, though few
And troubled they were for sure
With hope in their heart
Scampered towards the shore

Alas! All ship did wrecked
And cargos went down the sea
All but one did not survive
And miraculous it was to be
slowly inching on wood plank
To the shore he reached
Fainted though he was
The island was now breached

Days slowly passed by
The traveller got fit
And it was not in him
To just idly sit

With rocks he made his tools
And started a mission
Would fight against the nature’s wrath
And would bring it to submission

thus started the transformation
Of the barren land
And as in Robinson Crusoe
Gardens bloomed in sand

Slowly the rugged terrain
Blossomed in orchid
And plants grew where
Once there were no weeds
Meanwhile the traveller
Made himself an arc
And on that little ship
He will be off the mark

He bid adieu to island
A place close to his heart
But he must go on
For much he has to chart

Many lands he has to conquer
And many hearts to rule
And then only his potential
Be utilized to the full

Well written Prankies👌

Perfectly shows what life is…

Once barren becomes green and one who made it green has to leave it and go …

No one can stay forever with achievement but that again doesn’t mean he can not conquer further.

Awesome one👌👌👍

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


My Diary or … …..


Oh ! my dear diary
Where art thou
The quill with ink
Is waiting for you
It might be a thought
Or may be a song
Or my restlessness
Buried for long
You take it all
With no questions asked
And infront of you
I often get unmasked
And now out of sudden
You are nowhere to be seen
Hiding adroitly from my eyes (so) keen
This game of hide and seek
Despairs me a lot
And much more desperately
You are now sought
And an ephinany then strikes
Am I looking at places
When you are inside
Inside me all the time
The lub dub unmistakenly is yours
How foolish I was ofcourse
After those sleepless nights
Last, I’d sleep tight.

Yes I have experienced this before warriornaina.com started, now this has replaced my diary and best thing is my this diary is never lost.

Anyways… Beautiful poem Prankies..Everyone who writes can relate to it.

And this last lines..were very cute…

Inside me all the time
The lub dub unmistakenly is yours
How foolish I was ofcourse
After those sleepless nights
Last, I’d sleep tight.
Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


رهاب الليل Nyctophobia

“I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of being alone.
Wait aren’t the two same”

Above lines were written on the Facebook wall of one of the martyrs of Kashmir.

The morning of January 1 to the world it was HAPPY NEW YEAR
For me it was the day of loosing the most beautiful soul on earth
As I walked in the hall where I spent most of the time watching TV
Was my little angel clad in crisp white cloth, sleeping peacefully
Tears came running down my cheeks
And then my superhero came and told you shouldn’t be crying, for she was an angel and was meant to be in heaven

In the corner I saw the wheel my world wailing as she lost her own flesh,the apple of her eye

The history repeated itself on the very day, fourteen years later

Same place was my inspiration laid down in same white cloth with glow on his face

That day I realized the true meaning of being alone,of being dead,of the grave which will be dark.

I am afraid of losing my comfortable bed and sleeping in mud surrounding by earthworms and snakes

Afraid of being buried six feet under the earth with tones of soil over me

Afraid of missing my favourite biryani as I’ll be the meal of crawling animals in the grave

Afraid of the night I wake up in sweat dreaming about all these

I am afraid,I really am!!


-Nazia Islam







Well expressed Nazia…✌

Sometimes I feel somethings frightens me

And sometimes I am sure it’s just my mind’s creation..

Somethings are meant to be solved by self introspection…Phobias are one among  them…If you want, you can win over them..Or else Phobias will stay with you forever.

Good write-up Nazia!👌

Keep scribbling.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior