Friends We were, Friends we are….

When we are in school, college or living bachelors life, they are our family, our relatives and our companion. They are partners in our crime, guardians of our conscience, and our secrets in heart they do confine. Staying in hostels at a tender age of 10 brings you to face the cruel world at very young age, and that’s when you create the best relationshipsin your life.  Written for those friends who are my life line, hope you will sense the warmth in the poem for friendship.

Friends we were and friends we are

All settled distance apart

Trudging along the destined way

All alone I must say

Our heart still aches for the time

When life was a melodious rhyme

Now only a boring prose

Slowly to the end it grows

Still when those memories dawn

A smile comes amidst the frown

So however far we may be

Friends we are and will always be.


  • Prankies

    Yes! Felt the warmth and this made me remember my buddies.

    Very sweet poem prankies.

    Happy reading ppl!

    Yours loving warrior


    One sided love-2

    If you got connected with the previous post “one sided love -1”,do read this one ,it will give you more of positivity and ways to have some positivity even from your one sided love!

    Priyank Goel

    ​One sided loves are always sad 

    For seldom anything breaks you(that) bad 

    Still I believe it’s worth a shot 

    Once in life one shd give a thought

    or Love is a feeling wonderful 

    For emotions, nothing is a better school 

    The first thing which makes you do SWOT

    And keeps you busy in fanciful thoughts 

    You strive to become better everyday 

    It’s one of the best motivation some say 

    You love them with all your heart 

    In your life they are now an indispensable part 

    And different outputs you might get 

    When words in mouth come straight 

    Lucky ones will rejoice with reciprocating

    Rest have to,though, deal with frustration 

    For frustrated ones I have an advice 

    Let go and continue with your life 

    Though you have given your best 

    But tough was it to not pass the test 

    But then give it a thought someday 

    They love someone else, they say 

    Then are you so selfish in your love 

    That their happiness don’t count much??

    If you have love them deepest 

    You will understand what I suggest 

    The smile of beloved is much more divine 

    So sundry emotions it entwines

    And once you are happy to let go 

    You ll again be able to grow 

    For a love, true one, never weakens my friend

    And despite one sided it gives a lot strength

    May be, what he is saying is😌 true,try and  get strengths 😀from love in your life,even if it is one sided.☺

    Till then keep spreading love!🤗

    Yours loving😋

    Warrior Naina😄

    The mysterious staircase!

    ​Oo You Miss mysterious staircase!😎

    How do you always manage 😏

    landing me in the same place😥🤔

    I learn,then run,then move and go

    up and up 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    facing your every passing throw😀

    and in no time you bring me down to the 

    start point again😣😒🙁

    Can’t you feel how much it pains🤕😓

    In your which step😯😮

    my struggle will be over😟😖

    Just trying to configure you😔😞

    Are you configuring me too🤔😫

    Or you are just testing my patience 😤😠

    If its that so😳😧

    you have a Stubborn passenger ,Miss staircase!

    The day is approaching😑

    Your mysteries will soon be unfold

    Just found on which step I am standing now😮

    And just counted how many to go😒

    If with every passing day,you are growing mysterious more😋 

    Along with you,I am getting more stubborn for sure😎

    Keep facing your struggles!

    I know each one of you is walking into 

    a mysterious 😌 staircase of love,career family and much more….

    But keep walking with courage as thats the only thing you can do and because you never know when your struggle ends.

    Till then keep spreading love !

    Yours loving warrior😏



    (Valentine special)Love sense❤🤗!!

    Love which is often considered Nonsense😅😂 by all the ” so called ” mature and grown😁

    Waste of money 😜and time😛it is,they say

    complexes 😣and into undefined😂😥consequences you will have to pay

    and unfortunately😋 thats true and known😐

    But somewhere at some corner of their hearts,every human on this planet does believes🙄

    The only difference being some accept 😌some don’t😝….

    but I am sure you will agree that each one who says so,has also at some point of time felt its power😋 and can not deny😋

    The power of love which is divine😍 

    Just no less than the soothing sunshine🤗😃

    Such a popular Nonsense is probably the highest human sense🤓😊🤗

    Along with fragrance 😁and sweet essence😄

    Love has lots of strength 😎😊

    The strength which is capable enough🙄

    To take you to both sides😌

    Good💗 or bad💣….its your choice!!

    If you choose to go on good side, you can go to its best ray🤗

    Tajmahal,the love epitome,was created this way😍

    Krishna Radha, and thier love, is a magical place to stay😃😇

    If you choose on good side😀

    The highest strength, this love sense promises to lay😊

    If on bad side, worst you cannot escape and you will never get to rest.😑😐

    Devdaas, we all know his story🙄,a young intelligent lad lost in dismay and jest

    Romeo Juliet,Heer Ranjha could not keep their behest😏😐

    I don’t say their love was wrong/they had choosen bad side but may be learning from them we can choose a more intelligent side🤔☺

    So its better to choose your love sense with intelligence😎

    Put your heart into your brain😁😄

    And your brain into your heart😁😃

    And wisely combine your love sense with intellegence😎

    After all it will decide your highest strength🤗

    But once you have choosen😃😍

    Let the brain and heart be lost😛

    Forget everything🤓 and just love more😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 and more

    Experience 😊 your life like never before!

    Happy Valentine’s day ❤⚘ to all of you!

    Wish each one of you get the love sense and intelligence properly applied !😊

    Wish everyone get soon… the knots correctly tied!😉

    Enjoy your day!😄😅

    Keep spreading love!🤗

    Yours loving 😄

    Warrior Naina😋

    (Kiss day spsl)A blissful kiss!

    He kissed😙

    She began to glow🤗

    His touch😊

    Made her warmth to flow😍

    He stared ☺👀

    She sighed to create shadow 😁👇

    This kiss has bliss😍

    That make every heart to wish

    That their kisses be blissful too  😄😅

    “He”,the bright mighty sun⛤ and

    “She “,the delicate beautiful tulip⚘

    Are celebrating valentine too😄🤗

    Happy kiss day!😙

    Yours loving

    Warrior Naina

    (Hug day spsl)For all mental bugs,there is a hack called hugs🤗😍

    The days when are getting dark 
    When you  are so off the mark 

    When nothing in life seems to go  right 

    Solutions to problems are not in sight 
    Stress and fatigue getting better off you

    Rage and frustration, inside you brew

    At that time you only yearn

    A warm hug from loved ones 
    It may be dad or your mom 

    Or someone you have known for long

    It  maybe your  better half or best friend 

    A hug  from them is Godsend 
    The anger inside soon starts to melt

    Revitalization inside is soon felt 

    Flared up nerves are now calm 

    Cheeks glowing from warmth of  their  palm
    Tears might make their way 

    You’d speak nothing but lot they’d( tears)say 

    On ( their) shoulders your head will rest 

    And you can feel warmth of their chest
    It’s a moment when you forget all 

    It’s the thing you need after fall 

    Gives you strength to stand up again 

    Pumped up now are arteries and veins 
    So dear for all mental bugs 

    There is a hack called hugs 

    It doesn’t matter if you are seventy or seven 

    Hugs always make u feel like heaven

    Another wonderful poem written by PRIYANK GOEL.
    Happy hugs day to my readers again!

    Keep reading and keep spreeding love!

    Yours loving 

    Warrior Naina🤗

    (Promise day spsl)Promise me💘⚘💑 to never promise me anything fake!🙅🗣💃😏

    Promise me to promise😀

    Only a permanant promise🤓

    A pinky promise that will never break🤗

    Promise me to be never fake.😏

    I don’t want a promise cake,🙅
    Much like  the one politicians make for nameshake,🗣🤓

    That ensures nothing but heart break,💔😧

    Promise me to be never fake.😠

    If you want to promise me ever🤐

    First Promise me to keep that promise forever😮🤓

    Only then give me your promise’s stake😤😃

    Promise me you will never be fake🙁

    And when you agree to promise me🤗

    To be never fake😁😄

    I promise to promise you in return 🤗

    a Trust ❤👣 to you that will never shake

    But first promise me You will never be fake.😎😅😋

    The above promise to be never fake is the only recepie of trust.🙂🙄
    Just make it to your loved ones on this promise day.😊😀

    Hope all your relationships last forever!

    Happy promise day dear readers!😄

    Yours loving 😅

    Warrior Naina😇

    (Valentine spsl)What is love⚘❤? Lets define this valentine😄

    Photography : Neha Asawa

    This is week of valentine

    The days when life is in the rhyme

    Attraction affection and that care

    All say love is in air

    Chocolates roses are high in demand

    Sort of monopoly they do command

    Many will go out to dine

    Some dates would be clandestine

    And all there cards, some would show

    A lingering thought, for some wd be though

    But with love all around the place

    A serious question I do face

    And sometimes I lazily brood

    What is love ? I can’t conclude

    Definitions it has several though

    With names so sundry it surely go

    As it comes in various hues

    It is simple , and yet abstruse

    Ironical emotions it enthuse

    Always it makes me confuse

    Ecstasy of heaven and agony of hell

    Simultaneously both prevail

    since genesis the debate goes

    Frantically searching for it’s cause

    Hypothalamus, the physicians blame

    It is heart, the poets claim

    For some it is basal desire 

    And have consequences dire

    Others link it to indestructible soul

    Achieving bliss is only goal

    Friends, for some, It signifies

    And much more that meet the eyes

    Love is what How can I define

    How in words , it, should I confine

    Written by 

    Mr. Priyank Goel

    Hi frnds,

    The writter of the above poem is like an elder brother to me.

    How in words,it,should I confine😁👍  

    That was really lovely, perfect and intelligent end👌😄 by Priyank bhaiya.
    And now I want to add after reading so many examples of love written by him.

    So, here is my end and conclusion.

    May be love is 

    Ecstasy of heaven and agony of hell

    Prevaling Simultaneously 😅

    May be  love is 

    a basal desire😃 endlessly 

    May be love is

    linked to a indestructible soul😀

    May be love is

    Achieving bliss 😍 at its best role

    May be love is 

    All about experiencing perfect Friendship 😙🤗

    All I conclude is

    Love is what we end up experiencing deep

    May be  thats the defination we happily keep😉😁!

    Now why not you define what love is !❤

    Waiting for your comment below 👇😉

    Keep enjoying the love season at poeticstore!😍

    Take care and keep reading more!😄

    Have a nice day😃

    Yours loving 😙


    (Teddy day spsl)Teddy bear🐻Teddy bear🐻 turn around😋💑(Valentine💘version)

    He is the only one who grows along with us😅.

    Isn’t it amazing!😃 

    Like we grew from our innocence of being child to a romantic lover…
    He grew from being a childhood toy 👇

    😃  into a love symbol 😉.👇

    And all this happened in just few couple of years.☺😀😅
    Mixing our both the memories with teddy bear, childhood joy and teenage love,presenting you valentine 💘version of our favourite 🤓🤗nursery rhyme😄 

    Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

    turn around😄😅

    Make him clear🤔,make him hear🤔

    my heart’s sound😏😀

    Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

    polish your shoes😄😋

    Make him clear😏,Make him hear🤔,

     my love clues🤓😌

    Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

    reach up high💘🙄

    Tell him dear😙,say him dear😉,

    to be my sky🤗❤

    Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

    bend down low😃😁

    Make him clear😎, Make him hear😃,

    my heartbeat’s flow😙

    Teddy bear🐻, Teddy bear🐻,

     Go to bed😋

    In his soulder😄, being little 😉bolder,

    I wanna rest my head🙈😁,

    Teddy bear🐻,Teddy bear🐻,

    turn off the light😉⚘💘,

    I wanna feel asleep, in a deep sleep😊

    Holding both of you tight🙈😄💑🐻

    Happy teddy day to all of you!🐻😍
    Stay blessed !😋

    Keep loving your teddy bear😉🤗
    Yours loving😄


    (Valentine spsl)With only my wife😄😉

    I have 1000’s of dreams in my life,✍🏡

    💑And 90% of them are with my wife💃👫

    So, this time either I have to stay or leave 🙈

    🤓B’z I only want to fall in love with my wife.👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

    Written by
    Shivam Arora

    With only my wife 

    And its decided

    So, not falling in love any where else😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😉😉😉😊❤❤

    Nice one shivam!

     Hi, friends

    Today its like third time I have returned after saying you guys good night but bare me for this last post of today. This is written by a good friend of mine Shivam.

    And I dedicate these cute lines to all the one woman man out there.😊😊😙😙

    Keep loving your wifes and would be wifes😄🌹💑💘❤

    Hope, you are enjoying romatic air here at poeticstore!😊🤗

    With promise to meet soon❤

    This time seriously signing off😅😅😅

    Yours loving 😋