Be a spectator😋 who never refuses to see🤓

Good morning😇

Do you sometimes avoid certain situations,certain people just like that. May be because you are not in a mood to handle them 

and worst part … you regret yourselves afterwards 😂😂, if yes then you seriously need below lines…and if can still read below and laugh on such stupid people…yes they exist , at least one exists..who is writing this post for you :

Be a spectator😀

who never refuses to see🤓

However good😍 or bad😣 it be

In whaterever mood🤔, you are feeling to be

Be a spectator 😀 and just

Never refuse to see😉

In Regrets and regrets you will never be😋
Now Think…Have you ever been in a situation where you had won something and then just in happiness you forgot everything and later you had to regret….only once you have thought of such a situation proceed reading:

If its victory🤗

Don’t overwhelm 😻😻

Wait and first properly see 😬

Celebrations will be there,you don’t need to hurry😃

But its first important, to properly witness the legacy😄

Be a spectator😀

Who never refuses to see😉

In regrets and regrets you will never be 😋

Again assume you have just met a failure

And you are feeling like running away and not facing people but you are encountered by a person who passes satirastic comment to you…and you reacted very unusual…again later you have to regret your unusual situation now read this:

If its failure😖

Gather courage😯 to see

The laughing 😝eyes at you,

If you😮 want encouraging😊 it can be

Don’t panic😲 instead be a spectator 🤓

Who never refuses to see😉

In regrets and regrets you will never be😋
I was just thinking solution to these unusual situations of regrets in life..

that feeling.. when we feel…If I could get one more chance I would react better…and I would have reacted better if I knew in which situation I am going to be…the future still you can control to an extent by not repeating the same mistake..but how will you react better to an unexpected situation which is just out of box…you never thought of…if given now at this very moment🤔🤔🤔

Again chances of reacting in such ways that regrets will be there, increaces😀

So after thinking a lot 🤔

Only solution I see is…to SEE that situation.

An unexpected place you landed…just no problem..see it feel it…ask yourself..and then react..

May be thats the only way to reduce chances of regrets…😀

Now read this..and I guess you can connect to it😄and if you get connected do comment what you think of being a spectator…or any such situation you want to share..

Now read further..

If its call for struggle or rest everafter😑

If its pain or gain given by master😇

If its new faces or faces from past charter😶🙄

(Ofcourse everyone of us have time when we try to avoid unexpected faces)

Whatever it is 

Call for Stronger or gentle blaster😋

Just never 🙄decide all of sudden and create a disaster😀

Never refuse to see😏

Nor fail🤐 to see any situation from a third person’s eye🤓

Question why?

 and untill you get an answer from your inner voice…from your real master

Just be a spectator😎

Who never refuses to see 😃

And I guess 

In regrets and regrets you will never be😎

Till then  be a warrior 😄who never says bye😁 even when she wrote too much 4 today’s file

And its time to give rest to her eye😅😁😉


Happy reading!!

Yours loving


Lyrics love-5

Hi friends,

Todays post for the inspirational 😇lyrics…which I am listening in loop from yestrerday “dangal dangal” after watching this inspirational movie “Dangal”….this awesome lyrics by Amitabh Bhatacharya ..I dedicate to each one of you who are struggling for your goals in life..😃

Maa😀 ke pet se marghat🤐 tak
Hai teri kahaani pag pag pyare🤓

Dangal dangal 😋

Dangal dangal😋

(So true…the day we born..till the day we die..from the mother’s womb to fuenral ground…one has to face challenges in every step🙄and fight the game of life)

Sooraj tera chadhta dhalta😀
Gardish mein karte hain taare🙂
Dangal dangal😋
Dangal dangal 😋

(Sun rises also..and sets also…like We sometimes succeed 😎and sometimes fail😥..and when the bad times😑 come…like the stars 😮in the night sky we have to fight..and this is dangal of our life)

Dhadkane chhaati mein❣
Jab dubak jaati hain💢
Peeth thapthapa💗
Unko phir jaaga💖
Baat ban jaati hai💞

(When we get nervous🙆..we feel as if even 🙎its difficult to breath…at that time💁 if we gather enough courage..and push our back…we can breath again peacefully🤗…this is how everything gets fine with our courage)

Baawle haathi si😡
Har chunauti hai re😳
Saamne khadi😬
Ghoor ke badi😰
Aankh dikhlati hai😮
Toh aankh se uski aankh mila ke🤓
Bhid jaane ka naam hai pyare🤗
Dangal dangal😋
Dangal dangal😋

(Like the mad elephant😡…challenges will come stand in front of you…and stare 😰 that time don’t you fear🙂..face it with your open eyes🤓..and just fight with it..this is how we need to face dangal of our life )

Thhos majboot bharosa😀
Apne sapno pe karna🤕
Jitne munh utni baatein😕
Gaur kitno pe karna😞

( strongly 😐trust your dreams…the more people you discuss😲..more you will get opinion…how many can you better follow your dreams🤓)

Aaj logon ki baari😖
Jo kahein keh lene de😝
Tera bhi din aayega🤓
Uss din hisaab chuka ke rehna…😎

(Sometimes when you follow your dream..people😣 laugh at you..give you that time..just ignore 😎them because today its their day..when you will reach your that time everyone will get an answer…so just ignore)

Are bhed ki hahakaar ke badle
Sher ki ek dahaad hai pyaare🦁🐯
Dangal dangal
Dangal dangal

(Don’t hear people…be the lion/lioness🦁..instead of doing panic now like the jackal…roar when your time will come..that will suffice)

Kar dikhane ka mauka😶
Jab bhi kismat deti hai😄
Gin ke taiyari ke din🤔
Tujhko mohlat deti hai🙂

(When life give you opportunities😊 also gives you a timeline…you need to grab it within that timeline..dont let it go..may be this is the last opportunity 🤔she is offering you)

Maangti hai laagat mein😮
Tujhse har boond paseena
Par munaafa badle mein🤑
Ye jaan le behadd deti hai

(And in exchange of opportunity,it  asks you to dedicate💁 your evey bit..every drop of sweat..just give may feel the pain now..but know it…in exchage of all your will get extremly high 🤗 just dedicate yourselves)

Re bande ki mehnat ko kismat🤗
Ka saadar parnaam hai pyaare😎

Dangal dangal😋

Dangal dangal😋

(Destiny also will salute your hardwork..face your dangal)😎

All the best to all those who just connected thier lifes reading this lyrics..😋

I wish you soon win dangal of your life…😊

Yours loving


Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal.. ✌

Todays post for all the people who have just been strong at some point of thier life😄

The most awakening poem from the movie pink🎀 strong are the words… STRONG enough to break😎 ones fear and hesitation! You should not hesitate or  hold yourself back if you are not wrong😐👆 especially unfortunately the vulnerable part of society…we women🙄🙂☺

Wishing you strengthful day

Yours loving


What you think you choose and what you end up choosing in reality??🙄

Pic credit: gaurav bagdi

What you choose???

Pyaar ya pagalpan (practical love or craziness in love)!🤔

Saying sorry or saying I will not repeat it again!🤔

Getting affected by situations or remaining unaffected and chasing your goal!🤔

Its so easy to choose when you read..😒

Its so tough to apply your choice in reality..😓

No friendzone pls!

Today I will tell you the most common story 

Atleast once in lifetime, Every one had the glory to be  part of this story …hehe

This is the most common tale

A boy and  a girl started enjoying with each other in every scale

One day the boy proposed the girl 

The girl refused and said I thought we were friends, freinds forever 🙂

Boy said ..No! Now that you have friendzoned me , lets not talk any more..I cannot be your friend..I have no frnd 4ever fever

Girl said ok fine! Probably it was my mistake…I know you won’t understand but still you have to bear my explaination and hear my stand..

I now know you dont have frnds 4ever fever

But if possible…try and hear

“friendzoned” in your cruel tone.. is very different from my friendship zone.

It hurts because  despite I sensed your emotions sometimes..instead of getting rude…I tried and ignored it.. forgave you at times…thought … I am sensing wrong…..and  thought you are a good man I can befriend and just made  you a part of my friendshipzone.. hmm was I that wrong.

And it started to rain (just to make story dramatic ;))

She went away  wondering probably her mistake was not being rude at right time??but we had promised to be good frnds..even attend each others marriage and so much more… in our endless gossips…ufff forget it!! Poor girl wondered in pain

and they never met ever after again..

And they never again felt the same rain 

What a story …pain at both ends…

Who was wrong ?

Who was right ?

The side you witnessed yourself 

According to you will be more bright

I am a female and now
You can understand  I am writing about pain on which side..though in usual perception…its the girl who is labelled cruel and loveblind..

I don’t know what is the moral of this universal story

May be,  friendship is a ship in which a guy and girl  can never sail together…

They can be two things 

Lovers or strangers


Untill you find your love…you will have to learn to strive in this strange world Alone (Me and the mirror yourself)

And if you are someone who has already found your love ….you will have to learn to find everything in your lover. Congrats..Now you don’t have to be  alone …you can be two lones… two foolish clones. ( horrible!)

I wish I had a drone

Sitting on it I could fly above all these  zones

But thats not practical… may be ..not humanly possible

So…warrior piece of advice to my readers..

 Find Love or live alone

And don’t ever  try to have a friendzone

And if you don’t follow my advice..

You will be in the same zone 

Then don’t repent sitting alone!!

Be a warrior keep all the experiences in learning zone…and

Keep saying No to all frndship zone!!

Now a question 4 u…if u hv read the above post…I want to know ur answer …. Can a girl and boy can ever be just friends..or the friendzone angle always has to arise from one and love angle from other has to arise…do tell me ..can  frns 4ever exist??.waiting 4 reply..

Have great day ahead..keep reading keep writing 🙂

I lost the race but won the grace!!

For the first time 

I have LOST any race

and for the first time 

I am able to feel this GRACE

you are genious MY MASTER!!

You just guaranteed me laughters ever after…

now I have become more graceful 

I never knew even this could be fruitful

I never knew how to face

but now I know to face

not only face but

 face with grace

Failures and disaster in ANY race

Thank you lord

to make me loose this race

And thank you to make me win this grace!!!

I LOVE U SO MUCH…Thank you 🙂