Unique Blogger Award 2017

Hello scribblers..,

I am very glad that you people like my post and I inspired you for reading. But there are few who inspire me for writing and one of them is..

Mr. sarvottam kumar 

I am feeling very thankful to him, that He liked my scribbles and nominated me for this unique blogger award 2017 for the first time..  I like his writing because I can easily connect myself to his opinions…. Do visit his blog… Here is the link.. ****talecity****

Now Rules are as follows:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same ward.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

    Now answer to sarvottam’s questions

    ●Que◆You write…Is it your profession or passion?

    ●Ans●Neither its my profession nor passion its just another hobby that generated in me when I was facing a tough time in my life…

    ●Que◆Had you ever gone through a situation where you had have to think between career (not in writing) and writing?

    ●Ans●Never… Because I think its not my cup of tea

    ●Que◆What you think about my blog? Is there any suggestion to upgrade my writing? Any unique thing you find in my blog?

    ●Ans●Your blog is perfect combination of reality “for a connect” and fantasy “for amusement”…. I like your blog… I can easily connect myself to your writings..  I don’t think you need any upgradation… Its all perfect… More over.. how can I suggest something to you as now I am also in learning stage. And you are the one who liked my blog, my scribbles, my posts and nominated me for this awesome award. Thanks a lot for this…

    Now its time for my questions to the nominees….

    1. What is the inspiration behind your writing and why you opt internet blogging?
    2. Tell me the incidence that made you a blogger in wordpress?
    3. What do you find in my scribbles and why you like it?

      Finally the time for nominees

      1. warrior naina
      2. rosemary marie
      3. Brown Girl
      4. koolkosher kitchen
      5. pupazzovi
      6. child of cynicism
      7. afzal moolla
      8. atrangi zindagi ek safar
      9. ankur chaudhari
      10. Mehul Singla
      11. books, books and more books
      12. prankies
      13. I also want to nominate विमला की कलम but unable to do as not getting proper link for it

        That’s all from my side… So thankyou sarvottam. It was nice talking to you…

        And for nominees go ahead and repost this on your blog…

        Thanks & Regards




        Its a hindu festival… Celebrated in INDIA

        आज के दिन एक बहन अपने भाई से रक्षा का प्रण लेती है ।

        और फिर वो ही भाई किसी दूसरी लड़की की आबरू को तार तार करता है ।

        लड़कियों की रक्षा नहीं इज़्ज़त करिये , और उसे सक्षम बनाइये ।

        #happy rakshabandhan….

        And think… कि ऐसा क्या हुआ होगा जो सब कुछ हस्ते हुए सहन करने वाली सबल नारी को एक लड़के की ज़रुरत पड़ि स्वयं को बचाने के लिये।

        Think and do let me know your views in the comments section below..

        Thanks & Regards

        Virus _miki

        Your post today again initiated the feminist in me

        You have such a valid point…This promise for raksha reflects women being insufficient to protect themselves.

        Though I admit your logic but also I would say that being “too critical” to festivals may be is incorrect because..festivals are basically meant for celebration of  love between busy routines.

        Keep cherishing bonds..

        Sibling or cousins…brothers or sisters hardly matters or if that is just a friend who turned rakhi brother…Again all this detailing to the relations hardly matters.

        What matter is the bond…And celebration is for regenerating warmth every year simply.

        And promise about रक्षा goes with promise of forever warmth and care by sister.

        Keep scribbling miki!

        Like always your inquisitive scribbles make everyone think.

        Happy reading readers

        Yours loving warrior


        Time Controversy 

        As now I am facing quite tough time of my life… And everyone is worried for me…. 

        They keep giving me lot of advice…

        Being a good listener I keep listening and thinking…

        So the thoughts strike my mind are…..

        Big things take time…

        Patience is the key to virtues.

        And last not the least and my favorite

        Time and tide wait for none…

        So my question to my readers and repliers are..

        If time doesn’t wait for anyone then having patience is wasting time…

        Or if I am taking more time to decide it mean I am wasting, or something very big is going to come….

        So… Strom your brain hard and let me know your views in the comments section below… 

        Thanks & regards



        Love doesn’t mean to always be with someone

        Love is 

        To stay in flashback of someone

        It is To keep Missing someone

        Sit alone and think of someone

        Dance in musical memories of someone

        Sing with melodious memories of someone

        Cook for the foody stomach of someone

        Get dressed well just be clicked and to show someone

        Smile like an idiot in the sweet memories of someone

        Talk to oneself about likes and dislikes of someone

        Adjust oneself just to be like someone

        Waiting for one call or text from someone

        Getting angry alone for not being missed by someone

        Trying stupid things just to remind that you miss someone

        Rewind and play the lovely memory of someone…

        Recollecting all the time spent with someone and just flow with the essence of love….

        Was sitting alone and this comes up….

        Do let me know your favorite memory with your someone…{love, friend, mother, father, brother,sister or anyone} In the comments section below…

        Thanks & regards



        After a long break.. today I met with anger…. Which led me to think… Why this happen with me… Then suddenly two thoughts cross over my mind…

        अपनी अक्षमता {असहाय, बेबस, लाचार}का प्रदर्शन ही क्रोध है।

        हम गुस्सा उन्हीं पर करते हैं जिन्हें अपना समझते है ।

        So I just want to know what actually anger is…?? How it can be defined…?? When it occurs…?? Why it occur..?? 

        Do let me know your views…in the comments section below….

        Thanks & Regards

        Virus _miki

        Great opening miki…

        “After long break you met it”,that means you already know to forgive,forget and control anger..

        And “which led me think why it happens” shows you introspect…Which most of us forget to do.

        Coming to your defination..you have defined well but reading that two questions arose in my mind..असहाय तो रोता भी है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता,चुपचाप सहता भी है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता और कोशिश में फिर जुट जाता है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता।

        रही बात अपनो पे ही गुस्सा आने वाली बात तो आ तो किसी पे भी सकता है,बस हम जिसपे जाता सकते हैं उसी पे जताते हैं बाकियों से तो बस दूरी बढ़ा लेते हैं।

        Though I don’t know to define it…all I am sure about anger is it releases negativity,we should try and avoid as far as possible…

        Instead if possible never speak when angry….This is a very ancient wisdom but it works… Whether it’s a friend or foe..one should never release it on anyone because the things you never want…will get conveyed in anger…..and anger will go but your words will never leave their impact completely.So, better..go in some silent place and come out when you are cooled.

         And my question is “Is getting rid of anger in such a way that it never returns backis it humanly possible?” If your answer is no then avoiding and controling is only possible solution.

        Lastly I end sharing something I wrote few days back..When I had ha huge encounter with my anger and I repented for yelling in anger.

        Kash! mai kabhi galat bol hi nai pati 

        Happy reading readers

        Keep scribbling miki

        Yours loving warrior


        Malai cake

        Quickest and easiest cake ever


        • 1/2 cup powder sugar
        • 1/2 cup malai
        • 1/2 cup Milk powder 
        • 1 cup plain flour or maida

        Three major ingredients maida , malai, milk powder.

        • 1 tea spoon baking powder
        • 1/2 tea spoon baking soda
        • 2-4 drops of essence you need
        • Water as needed
        • You can add food color as per your need


        • Pre heat your oven or microwave. And grease your baking dish with oil or ghee and apply plain flour over it.
        • Now Sieve all the dry ingredients {milk powder, maida, baking powder,baking soda} and keep them aside.
        • Now take a bowl and mix sugar and malai then add dry ingredients part by part
        • Add water as required to make the batter lump free… 
        • Add drops of essence {vanilla,pineapple, rose etc} and also add food color if needed.
        • Combine well and make batter of pouring consistency.

        Your cake is ready to pe placed in baking tin, pour it and keep inside your oven for 35-40 mins or until the toothpick comes out to be clean…

        If don’t have oven try this baking skills

        Tips for making soft malai cake

         don’t add milk here because we are using milk powder so add water. Combination of this two will give essence of milk.

        For adding food color first mix it with water and then use it.

        Your malai can be 5-7 days old..make sure it should not stink.

        Always remember the amount of milk powder, sugar and malai is same and plain flour is double.

        Take out your cake and cool it for hour then go for icing or you can have it directly…

        Enjoy your eggless Malai cake

        Do try this.. and let me know your experience in the comments section below…

        Thanks & Regards


        जी ले ज़रा …

        माना की तुम उदास हो

        जीवन से अपने हताश हो

        ख़ुशी का एक प्रयास तो करो

        क्यों तुम इस कदर निराश हो

        ये जीवन तुम्हारे द्वारा रचा हुआ है
        मन इसमें तुम्हारा हर पल रमा हुआ है

        गुनगुना लो इस पल में तुम

        यहाँ पर घर तुम्हारा ही बसा हुआ है

        तुम्हारी निराशा से परिवार को तकलीफ है
        तुम्हारा खुद को नुक्सान पहुचना अनुचित है

        जी लो इस पल को तुम पूर्ण रूप से

        ये तो वीधि का विधान है जो पूर्व रचित है |

        Keep smiling and spreading love…. No matter what.. because… “** जो होता है अच्छे के लिए ही होता है ।**”



        माना की मैं नहीं कह सकती ,पर मेरे भी अलफ़ाज़ है

        ज़ुबान नहीं है मेरी, पर भावना तो मेरे साथ है 

        मुझे भी अभिव्यक्त होना है

        शब्द ना सहीं पर आँखे, हाथ और जुबां का एहसास है

        तुम्हारे स्पर्ष को भली भांति समझती हूँ

        अच्छा एवं बुरे का फर्क भी पहचानती हूँ

        मूक बधिर समझ कर इस्तेमाल ना करो मेरा

        आवाज़ नहीं है तो क्या, मन से विचार तो बुनती हूँ 

        ईच्छायें मेरी भी अपार है

        सपनो का मन में गुब्बार है

        धुन और सरगम नहीं है तो क्या

        शब्दों का मायाजाल मेरे साथ हरबार है

        पढ़ना-लिखना, खेलना-कूदना, घूमना-फिरना सजना सवरना ,… निपूणता सभी में हासिल है

        हवा के साथ उड़ना, प्राकृति से बातें करना,… कोई यहाँ ना इन सब में मेरे काबिल है

        सिर्फ एक तोहफा जो भगवान् ने मुझे दिया, इस दुनियां ने मुझे छोड़ दिया

        फिर भी मुस्कुरा कर आगे बढ़ रही हूँ ये हौसला ही मेरा साहिल है ।

        An effort to think from someone else view… Though I have never seen or confront such person ever in my life… But I just tried this version.. Hope I am able to do justice with ….


        Do let me know if I need to improve or I was to the mark.. Thanks & Regards….

        Something similar I have writen few days back …Have a read miki… Following is the link :

        How exactly should humans speak ?

        सिर्फ एक तोहफा जो भगवान् ने मुझे दिया, इस दुनियां ने मुझे छोड़ दिया

        फिर भी मुस्कुरा कर आगे बढ़ रही हूँ ये हौसला ही मेरा साहिल है ।

        These lines connect to the courage such people gather..👏

        Well writen dear..Keep scribbling

        Yours loving warrior


        धोखेबाज़ यादें ….

        यादें बहुत धोखेबाज़ होती है

        हस्ते हस्ते रुला देती है

        रोते को हँसा देती है

        नींद से जगा देती है

        सपनो से मिला देती है

        कभी इन्सान को तोड़ देती है

        कभी अधूरे रिश्ते जोड़ देती है

        कभी तनहाई को मिटा देती है

        कभी तनहाई से मिला देती है

        ये यादें बहुत धोखेबाज़ होती है ।

        गायक के गीत से मिल कर संगीत हो जाती है

        शायर के अलफ़ाज़ो से मिल कर शायरी हो जाती है

        कवि की पंक्तियों से मिल कर कविता हो जाती है

        लेखक के पन्नों से मिल कर कहानी बन जाती है

        ये यादें जैसे चाहो वैसे सिमट जाती है

        ये यादें किसी को हीरे की तरह तराश जाती है

        किसी को बिखरे माला की मोती की तरह छोड़ जाती है

        किसी के लिये उम्मीद की पहली किरण बन जाती है

        किसी को रात के अँधेरे की तरह हताश कर जाती है

        किसी को नींद की आगोश में ले जाती है

        तो किसी के ख़्वाबों को सजा जाती है

        कभी तनहाई में साथ दे जाती है

        कभी भीड़ में अकेला कर जाती है

        कभी गर्म चाय की भाप में उड़ जाती है

        कभी बर्फ़ की तरह शीतलता का एहसास करा जाती है 

        कभी हवा के झोकों से झंझोर देती है

        कभी बारिश की तरह अश्क़ बन कर बह जाती है….

        ये तो यादें हैं, ना जाने कब धोखा दे जाती है ।
        In the memory of all the moments I lived till now..

        Let me know की आपकी यादें कैसी है in the comments section below…

        Thanks & Regards


        This one is among your best scribbles you have writen so far miki 👍👍

        The way you have collected and writen the memories of memories is brilliant

        ये यादें किसी को हीरे की तरह तराश जाती है

        किसी को बिखरे माला की मोती की तरह छोड़ जाती है

        These two lines touched me most.

        Keep scribbling miki

        Yours loving warrior



        Whenever I am on my menstruations

        I am treated like person from another nation

        Don’t take this natural process a red spot

        It is just another God’s creation

        I am already bleeding

        This body ache is killing

        With this untouchability 

        Helpless I am feeling

        Kitchen and temple are close

        Pickles and papads are froze

        Don’t know where to sit

        As now I am considered impure

        With in a second my charam go down

        And all the negativity come around

        This pain kills me from inside 

        With your behavior my world go round and round


        This pain kills me from inside 

        With your behavior my world go round and round 

        Well said miki👍👍

        Honestly speaking! I don’t think such social stigmas can ever leave Indian society because these have become part and parcel of our culture…Treating natural things unnaturally,Is this at all human??

        Keep scribbling miki

        Happy reading readers

        Yours loving warrior