Acid attack

I was passionate girl he was a cool boy

Each others company we begin to enjoy

Slowly for me he become a cloy

He try to come close which made me annoy

One day he proposed me I said no

Somewhere it hurted his male ego

He shouted who is my father you don’t know

Just wait here, to you, I will show

  • 😯{After few days}😎

On the road I was looking for a cab

Suddenly a bike parked at my back

Something started simmering over my head

Oh my God it was an ACID ATTACK

I cried I shouted I scream

My outrage was extreme

Everyone saw this scene

But no one was in my team

My looks became very strange

Still I thought of taking revenge

I fought with everyone who came in my range

Still the scenarios didn’t change

Sad revenge

tried many times to put him in jail

But I was a star fish he was a whale

My full effort I inhale

From here and there he got the bail

He was living his life happily

I had to hide in my home’s gallery

My brain was storming heavily

I threw acid on his face bravely

Now see the law and rule

I became a big fool

I was behind the bars

And media made him super cool


Harsh reality 😢

Acid..Were we born to act so harsh???

How can such crimes be stopped…Kindly comment your views.

Keep scribbling miki

Well written👌

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 




I am not virgin when she said

He became silent as he got mad

It was a dream that turn out to be bad

It was a blunder or her mistake

I thought it was love at first

Later I realized it was lust

He used me and throw me back

My life begin to shake

Then you touched my heart & soul

Without any fear, my past I told

Its up to you to accept me or not

But I know you love me a lot

Only one thing I can say

Don’t leave me please stay

He was my past my mistake

But you are my future my fate

I love you from whole of my heart

Please love me back don’t go apart


Does past speaks your present ?

Does virginity matters more than personality??

Well ! for me the story was innocent love confessing her innocent lust.

What more should I say…I think she was correct…Atleast she was not acting clever…May be this shows her love and innocence enough.

Keep scribbling miki 

Keep raising your voice

Yours loving warrior



छोड़ दे इन यादों में तू रहना

मुस्कुराहट ही है तेरा गहन

सुन ले तेरे दिल का ये कहना

हम दोनों को है अब संग संग बहना

क्यों तुझको यादों के गम घेरे

हाँथ थाम ले मेरा दूर हो अंधेरे

मैंने देखे हैं सपने संग तेरे 

आ मेरे कांधे पर तू रो ले

कैसे काहू मैं कितना बेताब हूँ

तेरे बिना मैं बिलकुल बे ख्वाब हूँ

अपने ना सही मेरे सपने तू बुन दे

मैं दीवाना तेरा बेहिसाब हूं


Nice mili

Well written 👌🎈

It speaks of the healing ehsaas and trust for the loved one❤ very well.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


bread idli

Yeah it sounds weird but it is really tasty and fast cooking breakfast.

  • 3-4 boiled potatoes
  • 2 chopped green chillis
  • 1/3Tsp mango powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/3 Tsp red chilli powder
  • 1/3 Tsp Cumin powder
  • Pinch of hing
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup coriander leaves
  • For garnishin

For seasonings

  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • 1/3 tsp Some cumin seeds
  • 1/3 tsp Some mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Sesame seeds
  • 1 stalk Curry leaves
  • mint leaves 1tbsp
  • Add green chillis as per your taste
  • Yogurt {salt and red chilli powder mixed according to taste}

Bread {cut down in shape of idli}


  • Take one bowl and mash potatoes in it
  • Add all the Ingredients mentioned above in sequence and keep it aside.
  • Slice your bread in round shape with help of bowl {katori}
  • Spread a layer of stuffings over the bread
  •  And place it over the pan with bread facing up 
  • Apply yogurt over the bread and cover the lid
  • Allow it to cook for 10 to 15 mins in low flame

This is how it will look 

  • Till that make seasoning
  • take a saucepan add oil to it when it start simmering add cumin seeds, mustard, sesame seeds, mint and curry leaves and remove it from flame.
  • Immediately apply it over your idli.
  • Its ready to server
  • Enjoy it with green chutney or sauce.

Garnish it with coriander leaves.

It will give a twist and turn taste of idli and aalu tikki… You will love this twisty taste.

Do try this at home and let me know your experiences in the coment section below.

Thanks & Regards


Looks quick and delicious

Keep cooking mili

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior


      Rava Dosa

      Fastest breakfast recipe


      • 1/2 cup Rava / suji / semolina
      • 1/2 cup rice flour
      • 1 tea spoon maida
      • 2 chopped green chilli
      • 1/2 inch grated garlic
      • Some Cumin seed
      • 1/2 cup chopped Coriander leaf
      • Pinch of black pepper
      • Salt to taste
      • 1/4 cup oil
      • Onion (for onion rava dosa)


        • A bowl and a pan


        • Take a bowl 
        • Add rava, rice flour, maida 
        • Pour some water on it and give a good mix and set aside for 15 mins.
        • Then add chopped green chillis, ginger, black pepper, salt, coriander leaves, Cumin seed and give a good whisk.
        • Now your batter is ready it should be very thin similar to milk.
        • Now heat your pan and spread some oil in it. 
        • Now spread your batter in shape of dosa you can do it by hands or by spoon or by bowl.
        • Spread some oil over it and let it heat in low flame till the color changes to golden brown.
        • Flip it and heat it from back side
        • Make it crispy as your own
        • And now its ready to serve

        Onion rava dosa

        • First spread chopped onion on the pan 
        • Then spread batter of dosa 
        • Sprinkle more onion above it
        • And roast it till it turns to golden brown
        • Its ready to serve
        • Have it with green chutney or sauce.

        Tip :- you can also sprinkle crushed coconut and chopped cashews over it to make it more tasty and give a south Indian twist.
        Rava dosa contains jali (net) so its batter needs to be very thin in consistency.

        Do try this at home and let me know your experience in the coments section below.

        Thanks & Regards


        After cake,first breakfast from your side.

        Keep going miki

        Good job👌

        Happy reading readers

        Yours loving warrior 


        oreo cake with 3 Ingredients

        Oreo biscuit cake…. With only three Ingredients.

        Sounds weird… But its the easiest cake ever.

        You don’t need baking powder baking soda condensed milk or anything…

        So what you need.?

        Let’s take a quick look on ingredients:-

        • 1 pack chocolate flavour Oreo biscuit
        • 3/4 pack eno blue color {you can easily skip eno, it will only reduce the thickness of cake but taste will remain same and also the sponge will be good}
        • Eno can also be replaced with baking soda. 1/2 tea spoon.
        • Milk to make batter of pouring consistency


        An oven, and A baking dish 

        If you don’t have oven click her


        • Keep your oven for preheating and grease the baking dish.
        • Mash the Oreo biscuit completely.
        • Add eno and give a good whisk.
        • Add milk to make batter of pouring consistency.{if you want shine you can also add 1 table spoon melted butter it is completely optional}
        • Pour the batter in baking dish
        • Keep it in oven for 40-45 mins or until the toothpick comes out to be clean.
        • Now your cake is ready.

          Decorate it the way you want to

          I just kept a paper stencil of heart shape and sprinkle powder sugar over and around it.

          You can make designs with chocolate ganache click here to know more about it or white icing.

          So do try it and let me know the results in the coment section below.

          This is the Fastest and easiest Cake

          Thanks & Regards


          This one sounds easiest.

          I will surely try this✌

          Keep cooking miki

          Happy reading readers

          Yours loving warrior


          Choco truffle cake

          It seems difficult and tempting…

          But its the easiest cake i have ever made ..

          So lets go for ingredients

          For chocolate truffle cake

          • 1 1/4 cup maida or plain flour
          • 1/4 cup cocoa (unsweetened)
          • 1/2 cup unsalted butter / ghee / unflavored oil
          • 1 1/4 cup powdered sugar
          • 1 1/4 cup milk
          • 3/4 Tea spoon baking powder
          • 1/2 Tea spoon baking soda
          • A pinch of salt {if using unsalted butter else not needed}
          • 1/2 tea spoon Coffee powder

          For chocolate ganache

          • Whipping cream and chocolate (chopped) of equal quantity. (1/2 cup preferable)


            • Banking dish and oven and a bowl for chocolate and saucepan for heating cream.
            • If don’t have oven click here

            Method:- (for choco truffel cake)

            • First of all take coffee and mix 1/4 cup milk and let it dissolve
            • And keep your oven for preheating in 180°
            • Grease your baking dish with butter and flour.
            • Now take all dry ingredients (maida, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda) and sieve them twice.
            • Now in a bowl take butter and add sugar and whisk it well till sugar dissolves in it…
            • Now add dry ingredients 
            • Pour coffee milk and mix them well
            • Add remaining milk part by part and make the batter of pouring consistency
            • Give a good whisk to all.
            • Pour it in baking tin level the top and tap for removing lumps…
            • Keep it carefully in the pre heated oven for 40-45 mins or untill the toothpick comes out to be clean…!!
            • Take out your cake from oven and let it cool…
            • Unmould it and set aside for cooling down.

            Method for chocolate ganache

              • Take a saucepan pour the cream and heat it till it starts simmering remove it from flame and pour it in chocolate and leave it for 5 mins.
              • After that give a good mix with spatula so that whole chocolate dissolves in it completely.
              • (You can also add one tea spoon butter to make it more shiny)
              • let it cool after that keep it in freezer for half an hour.
              • Take it out and spread it over the cake … And do the type of white icing over it as you want.
              • For my design you just need to draw horizontal straight lines on the cake with whipping cream and then 
              • Using a toothpick cross the lines vertically.. You will see the pattern generating on it…

                  So give a quick try to this cake and do let me know how it tastes to you in the comment section below.

                  Thanks and regards


                  Yet another yummy one miki 😄

                  Keep cooking 

                  Keep scribbling

                  Yours loving warrior 


                  Live-in relationship…

                  He touched me for the first time

                  And our love begin to shine

                  It was a beautiful crime

                  He treat me like his hime {princess}

                  At that moment we were mime

                  And our heart begin to rhyme

                  Our love started to chime 

                  It was like a hangover of love wine

                  Suddenly the time change

                  Things being to rearrange

                  He hit me again and again

                  Our love became very strange

                  He broke my trust

                  He said it was a lust

                  I had baby in my womb

                  He shout that I got rust

                  No one give me helping hand

                  My spine begin to bend

                  Not a small hope left for me

                  And this is how two life end

                    For images I would like to thank google and all the top search results in google… 


                  Sad story but I wish It was a warrior story.

                  Last para should be :

                  No one gave me helping hand 

                  So,I finally decided to myself stand

                  For my baby I had to stand

                  That inspiration, “my baby” was enough

                  To make me both 

                  a strong mom and a strong dad.

                  And as far as Live-in relationships are concerned, they can be good enough only if the no commitment concept is clear on both ends…If you expect commitment there,marriage is a better option.

                  Good topic raised miki

                  Keep scribbling

                  Yours loving warrior


                  Bahubali (Movie scribble)

                  (Writer of this post is Virus_Miki)

                  Bahubali…. A fantasy which has many things to learn from….!!!
                  Each and every character was awesome… And played perfect role… … All were best.

                  Insted of explaining movie story i would like to highlight the points i observed good in that movie…

                  So lets start:-

                  The bold character “RAAJMATA SHIVGAMI DEVI” very determined and dauntless. A combination of warfare and welfare.

                  राजनीति एवं कूटनीति दोनों में निपूर्ण साथ ही एक प्रेरक माँ ।

                  She was step mom of bahubali but she love him equally as her own kid.

                  She gave same education and opportunities to both her kids and most importantly she stands and fight for wrong no matters who is in opposite side {her husband or her own son}

                  But As a ruler she was good and not best {at the end I will explain why} I think she need much effort for that.
                  ये मेरा वचन है और मेरा वचन ही है शासन”

                  This line leaves a powerful impact on audience while watching the movie and make her character even more vibrant.

                  Kattapa another tough character.

                  ego less, clam , quite and honest.

                  “कुत्ता हूँ सूंघ लेता हूँ “this line sets the benchmark for his honesty.

                  He was a good warrior, with all the skills. He never raised his voice against anyone and always followed the instructions of ruler. एक सच्चा और ईमानदार सेवक ।

                  “His honesty was the reason he killed bahubali and in spite of being so efficient and loyal in his work he was a killer or a MURDER.

                  मारा भी तो किसे अपने बेटे को या अपने राजा को या अपने मित्र को ।
                  Compatibility between bahubali and kattapa was flawless… A combination of trust, loyalty, friendship, respect all in one package.

                  But at the end kattapa killed bahubali and gave a very big message

                  Don’t trust any more than yourself.”

                  After crime he shouted and raised his voice but was of no use.

                  बाहुबली पर तुम्हारा क्रोध इतना प्रचंड था की तुम्हे अपने बेटे के द्वारा रचा षड़यंत्र भी नहीं दिखाई दिया राजमाता।

                  But it was late.. and bahubali was dead.

                  This give another big message बिना जाने किसी निर्णय पर नहीं पहुचना चाहिए ।

                  Don’t reach to conclusion without knowing the complete story.


                  Raise your voice in appropriate situation before the scenarios turn from is to was.

                  Bhallal dev another fearless, dauntless and cunning character.
                  He was self obssessd. He can’t here anything apart from his virtues. 

                  He was very cunning. He knew when, what, where, whom and how.

                  सारे दाव पैंच पता है उसे । This quality resides in very few. 
                  He was so cunning that he fraudly asked rajmata to give promise for his marriage with dev sena.

                  Very smartly he also planned how to take whole kingdom.

                  And more strategically he convinced rajmata to kill bahubali.

                  Rajmata unknowingly promises him back for the same. And without knowing the exact story she gave a big order of killing bahubali “the biggest blunder of her life.”

                  From all this we get some important messages

                  No matter how good you teach to your childern they also learn from outside with whom they Hangout. Always keep eye on them.

                  Never make any promise if you can’t fulfill it.

                  Never decide anything without knowing the full truth from both side.

                  But one thing just blew my mind about bhallal dev “he was powerful enough to rape devsena, but he punished her not touched her. Till his last beat he only proposed her for marriage”

                  Somewhere it depicts that females deserve to be respected. And this was a good quality of him.

                  Devsena my favourite character fearless, vibrant, bold, stunning gorgeous  Words can’t be described her. I watched this movie again and again only for the love story devsena and bahubali.

                  She was the girl who always trust herself.

                  Never bow below her self respect.

                  No matter how big the trouble is she always face it with whole courage.

                  The confidences she carry in herself is flawless.

                  The best thing she never reach to conclusion without knowing the truth and fact.

                  She tried and tested bahubali many times before falling for him… And the moment she fall for him she trusted him for whole of her life.

                  Another mind blowing confidence of Devsena comes up when she rejected proposal of raj mata because she showed off  her money instead of her son. 

                  This give another wonderful message to indian society that Marriag can never be done with money but with compatibility, love and trust.. Which dev sena and bahubali have for each other.

                  The thing I didn’t liked about devsena is she was over talkative.

                  She was so proud that many times she says much than needed.
                  उसे खुद पर कुछ ज्यादा ही अहंकार था और उसकी इसी कमी की वजह से जीवन में उसे बहुत कुछ खोना पड़ा ।

                  Well everyone have goods and bads this small habit can easily be ignored.. after all she was daughter of king and her husband was bahubali so small proud was need of her character.

                  But another benchmark of her character was peace and patient. She waited for 26 years peacefully for the revenge… 

                  You can see the confidence in her eyes…!! After 25 years of transformation.

                  And last but not the least quality of her character she was honest and pure from heart.

                  She always stood equally with bahubali and no matter what the situation was… She never blamed him nor the fate… She lived happily with him and after him she lived with the memories of him.

                  And here we get one more lesson…

                  If you are Happy from heart all situations can turn to positive.

                  After leaving the kingdom also they lived happily…

                  And now comes the most important character of movie….. 

                  He is the main character of movie

                  है ऐसा रूद्र सा

                  काल से भी वो ना डरे 

                  हाथों में है शीश लिए 

                  माँ जो अगर मांग भी ले 

                  पल में वो प्राण दे ।

                  The qualities resides in him is a fantasy of human being no one can be exactly like him… But everyone tries to be the same… And that made him hero of our society.

                  Clear, confident, powerful, strong, calm, leader, fearless, promise keeper

                  He always obey his mother.

                  जो भी राजमाता कहती थी वो उसके लिये पत्थर की लकीर होता था ।

                  In due respect of her mother shivgami devi our hero bahubali

                                 left the post of king

                         left the post of senapati.

                                 left his kingdom

                  He never showed off of him self. 
                  जिसके अंदर खूबी होती है वो दिखावा नहीं करता ।

                  He always sustained his promises इस पल से ले कर जब तक मृत्यु हमें अलग ना करे मैं तुम्हारा हूँ देवसेना ।

                  He always trusted his wife and stand for her. देव सेना को किसी ने हाथ भी लगाया तो समझ लेना बाहुबली की तलवार को हाथ लगाया । 

                  This give another beautiful message to indian society:-
                  Never blame your wife for the situations you are facing listen to her and stand for her… औरत को पैरों की जूती समझना बंद करिये आप स्वयं ही राजा बन जाएंगे ।

                  The trust and loyalty bahubali and devsena had for each other was just flawless in the movie.

                  Neither devsena nor bahubali ever blamed each other or fate for what they faced in life. They accepted everything they get in the path of life whole heartedly.
                  This leave another message for us

                  What you receive is the virtues of your karmaa… Accept all with smile.

                  Next point of his character he always give chance to deserving and keep on motivating to all….

                  The moment he noticed power of kumar varma he asked him to fight.

                  समय हर कायर को शूर वीर बनने का अवसर देता है ।

                  Here we get one more message of life

                  Whenever life knocks the door of opportunity always grab it instead of running. जब तक लड़ोगे नही कैसे पता चलेगा कि तुम्हारे अंदर कितनी खूबियां है ।

                  The above image is enough to describe the character of bahubali. And it give another important message of life…

                  No matter where you live and how you live…You will spread what ever you have.

                  bahubali live like a king and died like a king.

                  The only mistake of bahubali’s life is… He trusted one person more than his own “KATTAPA”  and this over trust lead him to death.

                  जब तक तुम मेरे साथ हो मुझे मारने वाला पैदा नहीं हुआ मामा।

                  और मामा ने ही उसे मार दिया।

                  Coming back to first character RAJMATA SHIVGAMI DEVI. 

                  In the beginning I said rajmata is not best as a ruler because somewhere she had an ego.

                  The moment rajakumari devsena rejected her proposal of marriage she asked everyone to make her prisoner.

                  हमने शादी की शहनाई बजानी चाहि और इस लड़की ने युद्ध का नगाड़ा बजा दिया ।

                  When bahubali brought devsena with him she said.

                  महिष्मति की बहू को ऐसा अहंकार अच्छा लगता है ।

                  This was her words in beginning, but the moment she come to know that devsena is wife of bahubali. Her happiness turns to an anger.

                  This is all because of ego.she need fearless bahu(daughter-in-law) but was unable to accept her as wife of bahubali.Immediately she asked bahubali to choose either kingdom or his wife.

                  Again a wrong step.
                  Being a very calm and clear person bahubali choose his wife he sustained his promise. 

                  With this one wrong step of rajmata whole kingdom suffered for years.
                  The misconception begins from here.

                  This give another good lesson

                  Never decide in anger. 


                  Accepting the order of superior {mom} without any word. And keeping the promise.

                  Now coming to the climax… I liked the planning for murder of bahubali done by SHIVGAMI.

                  महाराज को इतिहास में अपने छोटे भाई का हत्यारा ना कहा जाये इसलिए कट्टपा तुम बाहुबली को मरोगे ।

                  She always thought for virtues of mahishmati kingdom.

                  So again come one more lesson

                  Never do any task against the virtues of family or own home.

                  But apart from having lot of ego and proud in each and every character. All the character have one thing in common “acceptance of mistake

                  Devsena felt sorry for rejecting marriage proposal of shivgami.

                  Yuvraaj varma asked sorry to bahubali for treating him like slave.

                  Kattapa bow down to bahubali for killing him and explained the reason why he did so.

                  And last but not the least rajmata felt in the feet of Devsena when she came to know the truth of bhallal dev.

                  बाहुबली की वीरता को पहचान कर तू आसमान से भी ऊँची हो गई और मैं माँ हो कर भी अपने बेटे को नहीं समझ पाई ।

                  Now coming to new character mahendra bahubali son of Amrendra bahubali. He  was not as good as father which was expected. So he was good enough in his own. As he was not brought up in empire his way of thinking and performance was not like a king… But he proved his role very nicely.

                   this people of mahishmati kingdom were also very nice and treated their king like lord and the king was also equally good and treat them very nicely and always stay for them  lastly I would say why we need a ruler….??? Can’t we stay in decipline by our self….!! Why we need a second party to control us to keep us in nice way…!!! 


                  We don’t need a ruler,we never need a boss,we only need a leader dear.

                  A team with different minds cannot be self disciplined because even defination of self-discipline will vary and clashes will occur,so a combine self discipline sounds ideal,self discipline is required in every individual but as a team it is rarely possible. So, we need a  leader who can just lead properly and serve its team..Even the weakest should not feel weak and strongest should not feel over empowered and he himself should never feel as first member of the group or else he will become a boss.

                  Well! I was planning this from the day I have seen the movie.

                  I was just waiting to have the movie in the laptop to again see it and I am going to soon come up with the same scribble…bahubali from my eyes 😃😄

                  You have said so many important observations miki. All which I found awesome..I have made them highlighted in bold letters. some were even those which my eyes had missed out.

                  Awesome one dear✌👏👏👏 I think your best scribble till date is this one.

                  Keep scribbling miki

                  Happy reading readers.

                  Yours loving warrior


                  Thick chocolate shake


                  • 1 glass milk {full fat preferable}
                  • Sugar 2 t-spoon or as per your taste
                  • Coffee powder 1/2 tea spoon
                  • Coco powder 1-1/2 table spoon {you can have more or less as per your taste}
                  • 1-2 drop vanilla essence
                  • Chocolate sauce for garnishing {optional}


                  • Mix milk and sugar and freeze for an hour or two.
                  • Now take the mixture out from freeze.
                  • Add coco and coffee powder.
                  • Blend it using hand grinder
                  • Add vanila and grind again.
                  • Your shake is ready to serve.

                  Tip:- always use freezed or chill milk for shake….

                  Decorate the walls of glass by pouring chocolate sauce over and around it.
                  Pour the shake in serving glass.

                  And enjoy with your loved ones..

                  Do try this at home and let me know your experience in the comment section below.

                  Thanks & regards