Tinker ghost

I wonder I was a ghost, Wandering the world I want, Pondering the way I want, Going up in the sky and play with clouds, Holing the clouds during drought, Stitching the clouds during flood, Play hide and seek with the sun through clouds, And racing with the rain drops falling down, Go inside the … Continue reading Tinker ghost

Tale of Forts

Forts are the one which portrays the whole stories of any realm by its magnificent architecture and interiors it tells the grandeur of that kinfolk and richness of its art by world famous and renowned artists the engravings sculptors which were made of handpicked gems and precious stones in the walls speaks about their highly … Continue reading Tale of Forts

Summer Delight

The smile which we find is the summer delight, The vacation without homework is summer delight, Visiting to grandma’s house is summer delight, waking up early and  Go for morning walk is summer delight, Running through the flower garden and climbing on the mango tree is the summer delight, Going picnic with family is summer … Continue reading Summer Delight

Travel bug

Sitting on station suddenly platform vibrates and wagon for my love arrives,  Yes journey is my love, travelling is my lust,  my veins fills with excitement and heart fills with peace just by wondering to wander. Sitting on the window seat leaving the crowd aside,  enjoying the scene outside,  Chuckling with the beauty of nature … Continue reading Travel bug