Tinker ghost

I wonder I was a ghost,

Wandering the world I want,

Pondering the way I want,

Going up in the sky and play with clouds,

Holing the clouds during drought,

Stitching the clouds during flood,

Play hide and seek with the sun through clouds,

And racing with the rain drops falling down,

Go inside the leaves and see the stomata breathing,

Move inside any fruit and glare it till ripening,

Sleeping on the flower petals,

Try to become the smile of any unfortunate face,

Having tea with the ones who became eternal,

Soothing my soul by playing with the ones who are alive,

Jumping on the trains roof and sitting on its headlight,

Flying on the aeroplane’s wing,

Soaring with rockets and wandering in the outer space,

Jumping from planet to planet and searching for the aliens,

Gaze at the Milky Way’s and hop on the moons,

Riding on the shooting stars and gaping this eternal universe,

With the sun rays come back to the earth,

Travelling through thin blanket of air,

And give life to every life form by sun rays,

Become reminiscent of these adventures,

Become a tinkering soul,

So I wonder I was a ghost,

Wandering in the world I want,

Pondering in the way I want……..


shows your desire to move above all boundaries..

but dear tinkers boundaries and rules are sometimes not made to confine you,they are just made to simplify you…you will get the meaning of this line soon..

Till then remain tinkering…

Be independent, keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Tale of Forts

Forts are the one which portrays the whole stories of any realm by its magnificent architecture and interiors it tells the grandeur of that kinfolk and richness of its art by world famous and renowned artists the engravings sculptors which were made of handpicked gems and precious stones in the walls speaks about their highly spread folklore and strong pillars tells the boldness of the empire.

The stretched thick fortified walls tell it had enemies which can attack them anytime with full fledged army even the bricks of forts tell the strength and good trade relations as most of the forts were made of imported bricks.

The area it covered tells its prosperity and supremacy, the garden tells the peace and tranquility of that place with the beautiful essence of flowers, even the ceilings are perfectly carved with flower so that one can have peaceable and stress less sleep.

The foyer tells the way they welcomed their guests. The steps and paths tell its comfort ability.  The number of ponds and wells tells dependence on prime component to sustain that is water.

Wide windows allowed wind to come inside which can sooth everyone with pleasant air. The number of rooms tells that it accommodated hundreds and thousands of people at a time. The tinted heighten roofs tell that the kingdom always stood above than its public and it had ability to touch the sky. The pious place like temple or mosque tells the belief they followed and now the derelict and fissure forts cries the decline and ruin of the particular sovereignty that how badly they were overwhelmed or took over by another ruler. Many ruling and thriving kingdoms ruined but these forts remained as there mark, these forts are now made as the historical tourist places but the present vista of these forts are more pathetic than ever before as they have became a dustbin. The maintenance is in worst condition only the names of lovers are visible in those imported bricks of wall. Algae are spread all over the pond with the tainted smell and now the forts cries and tells nothing remains forever its true and practical as its of no use now. These forts and palaces which were once been the esteem and royalty of their empire are now just ruined in sand or made museum or lover spots no one is actually understanding their nobility and respect.

Yes the fort tells its tale by own and stands with the chest  high that once was the time I was the strongest and ruled whole heartedly but never spammed  the people living beneath me, but now why I am left in this worst condition that no one asks me?

The reason for the worst condition and abandoning of these forts can be the curse of the prisoners who were made to yowl with tears of blood and were incarcerated there for whole life and some were hanged till death for some or no reason. The curse could be of the workers who died while making those forts.

So this was the tale of almost number of forts which has experienced the apogee and decline but is now in the most evil condition.


Thanks for bringing so many perspectives about forts.

forts are archeological delight.

Happy reading readers

Keep scribbling tinker

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


Summer Delight

The smile which we find is the summer delight,

The vacation without homework is summer delight,

Visiting to grandma’s house is summer delight,

waking up early and  Go for morning walk is summer delight,

Running through the flower garden and climbing on the mango tree is the summer delight,

Going picnic with family is summer delight,

Playing doctor- doctor and kitchen set with cousins is summer delight,

Listening stories from grand pa is summer delight,

Dancing in rain and running for picking mangoes is summer delight,

Hanging on trees to become tall is summer delight,

Eating and playing with ice cubes is summer delight,

Eating ice creams kept in fridge when elders are asleep  is summer delight,

Preparing ice creams at home is summer delight, 

dancing and laughing without any reason or stress is summer delight,

Spilling water colours on sheets and floor is summer delight, 

Watching cartoons whole day is summer delight,

Playing with water while watering the plants is summer delight,

Sprinkling water from pipe on everyone is summer delight, 

Playing carom, snake ladder and ludo whole night is summer delight, 

Eating sweets without mamma’s scold is summer delight, 

Eating litchis mango and berries is summer delight, 

Trying different shakes and juices are summer delight, 

Doing experiments in cooking is summer delight, 

Sitting on grand pa’s scooter and act as to drive it is summer delight, 

Going temple with grandma and playing in its corridor is summer delight,

Doing camping in backyard is summer delight,

Playing hide and seek in neighbour’s house is summer delight,
This was my childhood my summer delight…..


summer and childhood is best combination…

well written dear👌👌

Keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Standing on the path having two different directions,

If I go for first road then second will be left unexplored,

And if I choose for second I feel like betraying first one,

But the choice between two roads are curtailing my steps,

I want to explore both roads but that’s not possible,

And choice of anyone will be killing my soul,

So decided to make my own road

I know it’s difficult but not impossible,

Making the road with my rules and choices

The path will be full of thorns and rocks

But by removing them I would learn to handle hurdles of my journey,

And without any dilemma I will follow the path made by my hard work, twinge, sacrifices and bliss………….

And take pleasure in its serene beauty….


This is the oldest delimma I guess….

Frost chose less travelled road.

Harivansh rai bachan said choose one and stick to it .

Me (warrior naina) decided to choose none and stand happily in middle spine and allow the time to choose for me

and now Shiwi says she will travell on one she will make for herself

So, whats your reply…


Keep scribbling Tinkershiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



He came like a naughty kid

with red cherries on his cheeks

with artificial moustache 

and the shy smile on his face

with a red cap having a rope and bell tied

Dressed in filthy colourful clothes

in a pure comic manner

hiding in her mother’s torn sweaty sari

Looked upon everyone slightly

His mother sat on a side 

thumped drum and sang song in high voice

Just by her mother’s one gesture he started to dance

Passing through one big ring 

Revolving his head round the bell ranged

He was enjoying himself whole heartedly

Going to everyone and showing his dance

With changing cheerful expressions on his face

He knew the art to live, art to survive…..

We were enjoying and laughing it as a drama

But for him it was like the food in their stomach

Hope was clearly seen in his eyes

His mother’s voice revealed the pain of their poverty

Then he came with an old rusted bowl asking money

The one who gave him money he gave a big thankful smile

The one who ignored he went giving them a wicked smile as he is the king of world…

He begged for his survival not for his talent…

He taught me many things as in the age of three or four

We being dependent on our parents

But here he was feeding his family…

I tried to ask his name but he didn’t answered

He stared me for few seconds then went to other coach of train

 Again to perform for survival journey

I asked people around what they are called?

They said they don’t have specified names as they are nomads

But they are called as NATT.


“for Talent not for survival

expressions awesome👌

and after reading we can feel pain of Natt.

Keep scribbling shiwi !

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


Travel bug

Sitting on station suddenly platform vibrates

and wagon for my love arrives, 

Yes journey is my love, travelling is my lust, 

my veins fills with excitement and heart fills with peace just by wondering to wander.

Sitting on the window seat leaving the crowd aside, 

enjoying the scene outside, 

Chuckling with the beauty of nature outside, 

Just sitting and exploring these gifts my life completes…

In every passing scene I wonder myself to be there and making my own hidden stories…

Travelling is the addiction which I fond of since childhood….

Listening to others travel experience good or… bad I imagine myself with them…

These roads these scenes these tracks seems like calling me to enjoy them , live them…

These scenes become my companion it shows and explains me hurdle and happiness of life…

It never lets me get bored

These passing tress fields seems like to whisper in my ear and share their feelings

Each one of them explains their different stories

Sometimes train seems like to juggle me,

Sun seems to tease me 

Moon seems to please me

And air seems to wake me………


wow! my tikering soul

Hope you travel the world and write travel diaries..I will then travel readibg your diaries.

Keep tinkering and scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior 


Pen says…

​ I inscribe you, I describe you
Without me you are nothing in this world
Yes I know I am replaced by luxurious keypads but still…….

I am mightier than a sword.
I am the one to give your thoughts, life to survive in memories and fly whole world with all the letters and your views.
You are nothing without me or incomplete without me,

 I  am the one to describe your feelings on sheets or piece of paper with magical words which touches deep into ones heart.
I have power to build or destroy anything that is the reason I am kept near the heart.
By inking your signature I give you identity which can’t be done by anything else.
I was in the time of your hardships and struggles. I was the one to reveal your thoughts through words. 

I was the only one to enjoy the journey of your success.
I describe you , I inscribe you , I am your best friend , your secret keeper and your mind reader.
And you recognize friend poet , I am your pen.


Yes! definitely and everyone in oye_scribblers can relate to it.

and even if they are replaced now by keypads,they mean the same to the writers..may be we can say pens are ancestors of keypad who get happy being replaced by the younger generation.

At least the younger generation is keeping their spirit alive.

It is giving us identity and relief to our hearts also.

Good one👍👏

Keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Let me be myself for a while
Since childhood everyone was pillar for me
Let me become the pillar of myself
Let me taste the dust of my life
Leave me alone in this cruel world,
So that I can become known to this world…..

I know my decisions may be wrong
But let me learn from my mistakes
I am not against everyone,
I like to be different from everyone
I would like to stand alone in this journey,
I know I will fall but I will also learn to step stones of my success….

Hurting everyone is not my intention
But hurting me will be a crime to my soul
I have different relations and plenty of expectations….
I am my mom’s beastie and my daddy’s world
but for myself I am the bird who likes to fly in opposite direction…

I will laugh cry stand fall but all in my own way
Without any pretend
Let me be myself for a while…


beautiful 👍

and first of all welcome tinkershiwi (Shiwani kumar) to our place.

The independence you want to seek is vissible from your write up and quite a common expression which everyone get once we get out from house and face the world outside in first year of our college.

And don’t worry you will manage it well
“I will laugh cry stand fall but all in my own way
Without any pretend
Let me be myself for a while…”

not for a while,you have to learn be yourself always from now making everyone comfortable and be pillar for yourself and also a pillar for everyone else in the family.

and you will do it.👍

Its nice to see you scribbling with so much interest.

Keep this momentum shiwi and keep scribbling!

Happy reading readers.

Yours loving warrior