Na samjho mujhe ek kagaj ka tukda

Mai guroor hu iss desh ka,
Na kuchlo mujhe inn pairo tale
M varchasva hu iss desh ka,
Inn do din ki izzat aur samman ka kya arth h
Jb saal ke 363 din mera zikr hi nhi h,
Khair chhoro na kro meri fariyaad
Par na chhoro mera maarg,

Kesariya se galat k khilaf awaj bano
Shwet se shanti ka pratik,

Haryali se bhukh mitao,
Ashok chakr se lo sbhi ko samet,

Mujhse na hota jaat paat ka dhong,
M shriju usko jo aae mere pradesh,

Na samjho mujhe ek kagaj ka tukda

Nai guroor hu iss desh ka,
Na kuchlo mujhe inn pairo tale
M varchasva hu iss desh ka,

M TIRANGA hu iss desh ka,

M TIRANGA hu iss desh ka,


You care for me, I care for you,

You love me, I love you,

You heal me, I heal you,

You destroy me, I will destroy you,

I want and will try to shield you,

But you are the only victim to ruin yourself,

You are a small part of mine,

Then, how can you govern clout of mine,

 The clout of mine is myriad,

I only endure your destruction of mine,

Because you are the broods of mine,

Once the endurance gone astray,

The clout of mine to shield you will go astray,

Disasters are little insinuations of mine,

And a request to protect your MOTHER NATURE  in this regime………..


City of joy is the blissful voyage,

Essence of joy is mixed in its ether….

The Howrah Bridge seems like to smile and welcome souls with open arms,

The city serves the big and small communities, group, and religion equally,

As the city itself born from small villages to the metropolitan…..

Like the struggle in individuals life for survival,

The city has struggled too between battles, poverty and pace of modernization,

Just to get marked as the metropolitan in the map of our country…….

The history of the city can amaze you from every end,

The food can delight you from every blend,

Fishes becomes the first love to gratify people’s appetite,

The street foods compliments the new trend and taste of the different tongues,

The roads give the path to explore the city,

And get drown in the cherishing mood of the city,

The city seems bit slow but rejoices you all through,

The Ghats culture of the city is highly cherished by every age group,

The ships and boats flows in the tranquility of the river,

The scenes from dawn to dusk grab the heart away,

The city can’t let anyone sleep with hungry stomach,

It has the capability to endorse the life of rich and meager,

The love and joy reflects from the outlook of the people,

Its culture portrays its serenity,

And let anyone to take dip in its bliss without any bias,

As it is Kolkata the city of joy………….

पिता   सर्वोचय  है तथा सर्वयापी है……………………………………..

(Picture creativity by vaishnavi bhanwar)

Writer of the post shivani kumar aka tinker_shiwi





Mera astitwa hi aapse h

Jaan bhi aapse h

Jahan  bhi aapse h

Aapne hi aayushman kiya h

 Jeene ka saar diya h

Logo ka gungaan kiya h

Shi ko shi aur galat ko galat kaha h

Mujhe rajkumari banaya h

Apna naam de kr pehchan diya h

Hath pakad kar  naam likhna sikhya h

Raat bhar jag kr godi mai sulaya h

Mere hone ka vajud bataya h

Aapka kaam se jana aur mujhe bukhar ho jana

Aapke aate hi mera thik ho jana

Apne hatho se jhula jhulana

 Ab bhi Ek hi thali mai khana khana

Koi daate toh unhe chilana

Kam marks aane par mummy se bachana

Chhup chhup kr meri yaadein sajona

Mera chhora hua khana khud kha jana taki mummy mujhe na daate

Mere teddies ke saath ghar ghar khelna

Scooter mai baitha kar pura seher jhumana

Raat ko neend na aane par pair dabana

Aankho se oojhal hone par jhbra jana

Abhi bhi road cross karte waqt hath pakadna

Maa k na hone pr maa ban jana
Ye sab aap hi kr skte h papa

पिता   सर्वोचय  है तथा सर्वयापी है……………………………………..

Well written shiwi

It well describes your heart ❤ and your relationship with your dad.

Stay blessed both of you

Yours loving warrior



(Writer of this post is Tinker_shiwi)

Being anonymous is fun

Anonymously I can creep in the world I want

Without being recognised

No one to judge

No one to fudge

Being anonymous is like rain drops

Million of drops

With a purpose to cram the earth’s thirst

Anonymously we are like chalk and cheese

So let us be poles apart

Stop the evaluation based on narration

And anonymously let us live in this society

Without any crown or frown let live…………………..

After this shiwi…

I guess a rockstar will feel like trying a playback singing at least for once.😅🤓

Amazingly thought and written👌👌

Keep scribbling tinker

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Our eye acts as the natural camera,

It is the marvellous gift created by the begetter,

It captures the real moments of verve in one piece,

Without any gadget we can foretaste the times of yore,

It acts as the mirror of the past life,

Sometimes the events it captures,

 Becomes the life or the lesson of the creatures,

Sometimes because of some blissful moments one depart this life serenely,

 Sometimes callous moments becomes stepping stones and leads the life at flourishing end,

It shows the delightful nature,

And flash the cruel reality,

It also acts as the judge,

And knowingly unknowingly it also portrays you….

Eye is a foreteller,

Eye is the reminiscent…………

By zooming the lens we can protest nastiness,

By shutting the eyes we can become coward,

Eye is the concluder……..


Eyes are





zomming lens

and finally 


So many analogies…so perfectly tinkering in your poem tinker.

Eyes (Naina) is highly impressed.

Keep scribbling shiwi,keep impressing everyone with your writings

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Sometimes I feel that the terrorist or the people  who takes or threatens human life acts as the carnivores just like in animal kingdom, the animals or predators who kills the primary animals just to maintain the population in animal kingdom and maintain proper balance of each species.
Just like them these terrorist are killing the humans but the difference is that  they and we all are actually the humans till some extent we have the power to destroy and build and yes we are doing also but why killings of human life.

Yes it can also be the sign of end of human life as nothing stays forever, or the time we take birth from that time our end is written. But I don’t think nature should give this much liability to humans to kill human itself.

Indiscriminately they just keep killing the humans sometimes in sake of religion or sometime for no reason. Killing of anyone regardless of sex creed and class is not right. And I don’t think that human have got right to take life except some circumstances even suicide is a crime.

We all humans are same, equal; we all are gifts of god then why killing of each other. These attacks, bombings, murders, not only creates havoc situation for their near ones but also threatens the whole country or the masses of people.

The one who does these activities don’t think that what if there family will be killed in that or what if they will be destroyed after that, don’t they see and resemble every human as their own mother father sister brother or kid ? They actually don’t have heart and even mind too as they don’t have ability to think and make their own decision.
We all are your kids almighty with same body parts, same features and same attributes you created us that are your little mercy on little creatures like us or else the name humans never existed. But some don’t understand your benevolence and try to take your position. But still I ask why carnage?

Someone rightly said

“Wars happened,humans won but humanity died”

and its dying with every attack,every bomb blasts..every crime happening.

Its good to see you scribbling on such important issues.

Terrorism has become global problem…Global warming,something natural though much of its cause is anthropogenic activities only,is hard to control…but I don’t know why terrorism is.. can’t they somehow understand that they are killing humans and killing humanity inside themselves.

The same question I echo shiwi

Why this Carnage????and why so much in our age…we are in a good era I guess..the technologically advanced one..please don’t create bad immpressions for our childrens.

Happy reading readers

Keep scribbling shiwi

Yours loving warrior



Sometimes which freaks me tight are not nightmares in nasty nights but endings………

The sole thing that my soul hates is the endings…….

Story, movie, phase, life, relation, I want nothing to be end………….

I want everything to hug tightly and never let it go…………….

Just like the flowing water in the sea I want everything to be eternal……..

Just the thought of ceaseless life cheers me…..

And thought of end slays me…..

I don’t know if I can bear the life without anyone,

But still I want to be alive…

I dont want hell or heaven i want perpetual life…..

Become a patient reminiscent…tinkering everywhere…….

The only request from almighty no endings please………

I know I am being selfish…….

As everything comes to end after getting birth……

But if possible stop endings….


Yes its possible tinker!

because if you will look at bigger picture, there are no endings…there are only new beginnings..

everything in this world continues..energy only transforms from one form to another and never get destroyed.

Humans take birth and die…but humanity stays here…if not by me..by you or someone else.

If you manage to focus on new beginnings every time…you will hardly have time to notice endings dear…

Life is like unwinding thread loops …loops will never end…only new loops will start when one loop appears to reach end and you have to keep it unwinding…keeping full focus on your present hold and enjoy your present grip.

Keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



माँ जिसका अर्थ है जिसने हमें बनाया,

प्रकृति हम सभी कि माँ है ,

माँ तुमने ही हम सभी को श्रीजा है ,

सजाया और जीवन दान दिया है ,

बस तुम्ही हो जिसके वजह से हमें माँ का साया मिला है ,

प्यारी सी माँ का एक अनमोल रूप मिला है ,

तुम जीवंदयनी हो माँ ,

माँ तुम न होती तो आज हम न होते ,

यह जिंदगी न होती ये खुसी न होती ,

तुम इस ऊझल सी दुनिया का पहला छहरा हो माँ,

तुम्हारी आंखो से मैंने दुनिया को देखने कि  शुरुआत कि ,

मई तुम जैसी ही हु माँ,

तुमने बस जीवन ही नहीं दिया जीना भी सिखाया ,

पाल पोस  कर  बड़ा  भी  किया बिना किसी शर्त के ,

तुम ये सब कैसे कर लेती हो माँ,

अपना प्रिय से प्रिय चीज़ मुझे दे देना ,

अपनी खुसिया छोर केर मुझे मुसकाना ,

बिना नींद देखे रात भर मेरे साथ जागना ,

मेरे दर्द मे रोना ,

मेरे खुसी मे हसना,

बच्चा बन केआर मेरे साथ खेलना ,

सब कैसे कर लेती हो माँ,

तुम अद्भुद हो माँ ,

अंतर्यामी हो ,

मैंने भगवान तो नहीं देखा पर हाँ इतना जानती हूँ कि जिसने हुमें बनाया वही भगवान है ,

मेरे लिए तो तुम और पापा ही मेरे भगवान हो ,

तुमने डाट कर स्कूल भेजा है तो प्यार से सुलाया भी है माँ ,

जब कोई न होता था तब तुम ही मेरे साथ खेलती थी ,

तुम गुरु और सखा भी हो माँ ,

तुमने ही लिखना पढ़ना और हसना सिखाया ,

आज भी तुम्हारे गोद में सर रख कर सोने आभास ही निराला है ,

एक सुकून  है तूमें जो बस तुमसे ही मिलती है ,

यही कारण है कि घर जाते ही बस तुम्हें ही ढूंढती हूँ माँ ,

तुम सबकी हो माँ ,

पर में सर से लेकर पाओं तक बस तुम्हारी हूँ,

मैं तुम्हारी परछाई बनना चाहती हूँ माँ ,

तभी तो बचपन में तुम्हारी साड़ियाँ पहना करती थी ,

बस तूमें और तुम तक खोना चाहती हूँ ,

दूर नहीं जाना तुमसे पर मजबूरीया भी ऐसी है ,

पर तुम दूर होकर भी साथ हो ,

आज भी चोट लगने पर तुम्ही याद आती हो माँ,

मेरा सारा संसार तुमसे ही है माँ ,

Love u maa


Nature maa to your maa…your scribble is blissful shiwi.

Keep Scribbling dear

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



A man came with a gunny bag,

Walking in very sluggish manner,

Wearing a torn pair of pants,

Along with dirty oversized shirt hung on him,

 Deep Wrinkled face showed his paucity,

Uncombed hair messed with dust seemed like birds nest,

Weak body symbolized starvation,

Rather going and begging in front of everyone,

He choose to sit beside a dustbin,

In that he started scrounging for his verve,

He ate those snacks which was thrown by common people,

He drank the juices and shakes which was left in those bottles,

After drinking he placed all the bottles very systematically in his gunny bag,

May be by selling them he could earn for his survival,

 While scrounging in dustbin he found a full packet of bread,

Very soothing and cheerful smile was visible on his face,

He stood up with a gay as he has won the battle against his poverty,

He tried to hide that pack of bread in his bag,

But a dog came and stared on his dinner,

The dog barked on him but he didn’t hit him back,

He called dog with him and sat on the corner with the dog,

Then he placed a piece of cloth on the floor,

Opened the packet of bread,

One slice he offer to that dog very majestically,

Then ate one slice very proudly,

The satisfaction was visible on his face along with self respect,

As he didn’t want to beg for his survival,

He even share the food with the dog because he knows the ache of hunger,

He is the real human, who knows the pain for survival,

Hardships and meaning of life,

He taught a very meaningful lesson of life…..

Wonderful scribble shiwi

I can read your empathatic observation and his survival battle both.

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior