Mixed beginnings

Dreams : still on!

Pains : still on!

Self : still introspecting!

Lessons : life is still teaching!

Emotions : still welcoming!

Baggage of life : still mixed!

Ends : No,it is still beginning!

Happiness : it is still pure!

Smile: it is still on!

Sheer mixture and again a morning with an optimistic start 💓

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior




What was more divine?

Sacred kumbh which comes only once in 12 years

Or triveni waters…

Or the colder warmth in getting inside

And coming back in seconds of the holy water

Or the goodbye of the tremendous magical powerful and adamant guide I had(my grandfather)

Divine exists

And today it was a big day

I captured this “divine”in my soul forever..

Happy reading

In loving memory of my dearest dadaji ❤

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


A step ahead

It was so peaceful like it never was before

It was so warmer like it never was before

It was so soothing like your nerves on my heart rolled

It feels so ‘filled’ and satisfied

Like a rainbow dressed in shinny white

To the heights of his excitement and satisfaction

The hero of my sky shinnned bright

My heart says this hero is made for this loveliest sky

The wings of my dreams have been strengthened more

May be..this is our near forever

I wish it happens soon

My heart is roaring and screaming

like it has never done before..

Much is yet to be conquered

But definitely

it was a step ahead for sure….

These memories are to stay forever

And will never go!

Every step of this journey

Is equally beautiful

Lets just be with this flow!

Thank you 💓 Love

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


Peela Peetal (Qki Har peeli cheez sona nahi hoti)

Peetal kabhi sona nahi ban sakta

Gadha kabhi ghoda nai ban sakta

Jhoot se chahe kitni safai de do

Hakikat karmo se dikhti hain

Chaplusi Chalbaazi

Mehnat ke aage kahan tikti hai

Naseeb kharab baad mein hote hain

Pehle karam kismat chunte hain

Dusro ke ghar todne walo ko

Khuda bhi kahan chunte hain!

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


Nibhana ✔

Rishta toot-ta to nahin

Ulajh jaane se

Bhag to nahin

Sakte hum nibhane se


Farak itna ho gaya hai

Apno ko apna banane mein

Jo kych yun hi has kar

befikri se nibha jate the

Aaj bakayda “jata ke” karte hain…

Khusi aaj bhi dete hain unhein

Kyuki rishta hi kuch aisa hai

Farz to nibhana hi padta hai…

Bas “Ab ” ….. “Bata” ke

“darj” kara ke karte hain

Pehle nibhane k liye jeete the

Ab nibha k jeete hain

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior



How to Decide

to be stable to one❤


How to Decide

To be a permanent❤


How to Decide

To be unchangeable

To be managable😗

To be first and last of someone

That too for Forever?

How to Decide

To be a gentleman

And a perfect women


How to Decide

To never forget your decision

To never say goodbye 🙂???

How to Decide

To be same

And never change🙄

Whatsoever reasoning says???

How to Decide

To be always right🤔

And perfectly believe your left???

How to Decide

to Commit your life❤✔

Commiting to commitment forever

Love meant freedom

I guess

And the “loveliest bondage”

So celebrated

And brilliant it looks

whenever the newly weds’ pictures

Scroll the internet

May be deciding

Is tough

Experiencing might be easier🎅💃

Whatsover it is

This D E C I S I O N for everyone

For entire life matters!

Happy reading✔

Yours loving warrior


Miss you❤

Unreachable far you

I miss you

Talked to you in the morning

And in the evening itself

My heart says

I miss you !

Your presence matters

Your absence matters more

My piece of peaceful mind

My piece of hopeful heart


I miss you!

My temporary or

May be my permanent

Piece of soul


I miss you …❤

Yours loving warrior


Apnapan !

‘Apnapan’ ek dhokha tha,

Bachpan se kisi ne parosa tha,

Ankhoon ki dhool

Mano ab ja k saaf hui hai..

Hakikat se mano ab mulakat Hui hai

Der se hi sahin

Shukra hai

asliyat se hamari baat hui hai

Saaf dil ne haamare

ab duniyaadari sikh li hai

Kale dil wali meethi batato se bhi

Bahot hameinn sikh mili hai

‘Apnapan’ jo kabhi tha hi nai

‘Apnapan’ jo ek bhram tha

Humne Bas vahi khoya hai

Badnaseeb hum nahi

Qki jo kabhi tha hi nahi

humne bas vahi khoya hai

Badnaseeb vo hain jiinhone

Hamare sache visvaas ko khoya hai

Dil k kareeb rakha tha jise

Badnaseeb vo hain jinhone

Hamare apnepan ko khoya hai

Darpan se dhool poch

Ab hamne bhi dikhavati Logo se

dikhava karna sikh liya hai

‘Apnepan’ ka dhokha

Hamne bhi parosna sikh liya hai

Happy Reading!

Yours loving warrior