I Never Knew Papa !

I never knew papa

Losing you

Will mean getting

an opportunity of being you

I never knew papa

Being you

Will mean getting an opportunity

to know your feelings better

I never knew papa

Knowing your feelings better

Will mean getting an opportunity

to become a better me

I never knew papa

Being a better me

Will give me an opportunity

To perform best in your absence

I never knew papa

Performing in your absence

Will give me an opportunity

To feel your presence more

I never knew papa

Your presence is long lasting

Material little word

Hardly matters any more

Happy reading!

Some bonds are unbreakable ❤️ though broken it may appear sometimes…Hardly a scratch matters anymore.

Yours loving warrior



कुछ गुस्ताखियां

कुछ गुस्ताखियां बस हो गई

करनी तो नही थी

दिल तुम्हारा दुखा

पर हमने जानबूझ के

की तो नही थी

कुछ मनमानियां

कुछ दिल की फरमाइशें

दीमग की उधेड़ बिन

नादान थी

कुछ गुस्ताखियां

शैतानी नहीं

हालातो का परिणाम थी

दिल में तुम हरदम ही खास रहे

रोज़ाना बात हो न हो

तुम ज़ज़्बातों में हरदम साथ रहे

जो हो गया

सुधार पाना मुमकिन नहीं

भुला दो ना

क्या ये भी इतना मुश्किल है

विश्वास कर लो दोबारा

गुस्ताख़ दिल नादान है

You never intended but you ended up hurting your best friend…

If you have ever faced this situation with a loved one…You can totally relate to my writings!

Happy reading

Have a peaceful night

Yours loving warrior



“I love you” he said

“You know I won’t say yes

Why all this then” she replied out of surprise

“Aee pagal I was joking” He then replied with a cunning smile

“Hehe then ok you idiot”

Both of them laughed and continued their chit chat.

Few days later when their friendship got more intense…

One evening she made a phonecall

“Hi listen I love u

I don’t know why

But I do….I want to be with you more” She confessed

“Listen….I can’t say yes…There are other priorities I have…Now stop all this and concentrate on better purposes of life” he replied.

“Why so rude…huhh…Ok let’s be bffs” she said and kept the phone.

After 1 year of bff bonding …

Phone rang.. at 12 pm

“Hey!!Happy bday dear” said the boy.

…I want to confess something and that is I love you…I still cannot promise a future but for now please be mine??

He waited for the reply.

After few seconds of pause she replied

“Hm I want to say yes…But I fear…Can I take some time to answer”

Annoyed he then said

“Huhh I thought you will be happy…I guess you also wanted this to happen..Therefore I chose your bday..huhh”

And then she said

“Hmm Yes but”

Then he interrupted

“Ok no problem..Don’t get stressed.. let’s be bffs that’s best” he said

“Hm”she replied again

And after a month…A message popped in his phone


Is the offer still valid???”

It was her message.

“Which offer?”

“That day what you said on my bday”

“Hehe …. ofcourse that offer has no expiry date….You can take more time ….Only there is no guarantee of future”


“Ok listen

I love you too”

She finally confessed

And there was happy smiles from both sides


No…Yes..No…And the final yes!

Because sometimes proposals don’t always end so soon.

Happy propose day everyone.

Hope you enjoyed this writeup.

Go propose your love again this valentine and see how intresting reply you get !😆😁

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


Uncomforting Control

And that voice said “Control”

But how can one control?

When life itself is uncontrollable

Though I agree.. priorities do hold

Control is uncomforting

Life emotions and love

are all difficult to control

But if you have ordered

I will try…this uncomforting control

But the day I conquer your soul

And you finish conquering your world

I will loose it for sure

Uncontrolled me will conquer you all.

Tick..Tick 🖤

Distance of time and space

And these “unplanned extended….” interval😬

And those “no replies” of yours

Makes me hate you for a while

And then like the “comma”in a sentence…I smile,

And that too with enough patience and style

As I know this is just a pause

and not full stop

Only slower is our life clock

But yes tick…tick…

Till then I can wait and hop

I just wish

Some of your precious time

I could shop 👿😄

What did I see in you?

I saw a smiling me in your eyes

I saw a happy me 

with you in thick and thin

You were such a lovely spice

I saw a responsibly dedicated you saying me “Always wait for a right time”

I saw a cunningly flirty you saying me “it’s ok let’s not think too much and enjoy for a while”

I have seen a healing me 

in your magical talks

Dedication, Perfection and affection

Is all what I saw😗✌

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior



How much I love you 

How do I define

In your invisible face 

I am still searching your smile

In your invisible hands

I still want to feel the warmth

In your invisible eyes

I still find my future and past

In your invisible soul

Lies my heart

Come back if you can

I miss you so hard

In your invisible soul

Lies my visibility 

Lies my spark.

Happy reading !

Yours loving warrior