” tha hi nahin kabhi”

Vo to tha hi nahi kabhi

Hum to bas uske hone

ke bhram mein the

Vo apnapan…ekfarfa tha

Vo pyar bhi

Vo ek hone ka ehsaas bhi

Vo fikr bhi

Vo jatai gai khusi bhi

Khud ki parkhi nazro pe garv tha

Thagne vale apne the

Ya ye kahu apne nahi

Vo log to bas “apno ke bhes mein the”

Par vo bhram bhi khusi de deta tha

Shyad isiliye Uske tutne Ka gam hai

Ya shayad ye to vo hi khusi hai

Jo ankhe khol deti hai

Duniyadari ka ehsaas dila deti Hai

Happy reading !

Yours loving warrior



100 khoon bhi jo maaf karti hai

Aankh mein gussa rakh kar bhi

Jo dil hardam saaf rakhti hai

Khud daat lagati hai

Par Auron ke aage galti tumhari

jo chupa leti hai

Vahi to hai jo har kaam tumse

Char baar puch ke karti hai

Kabhi to bilkul nasamajh sa

bartaav karti hai

Samhal k khao …aur kuch khata nahi

Ye dono bhi baatein baar baar karti hai

Par Maa na-samajhi nahin

Maa bas Pyaar karti hai !

Tum use batao ya na batao

Maa tumhare gam aur khusi dono mein

Hardam tumhara sath dene ko tayaar rehti h

Guman to is baat ka hi rehta hai use ki tum uske ho…

Tumne kitna acha kiya

Tumne kitna bura kiya

Maa kahan iska hisab leti hai

Tumne usee sab bata diya

Bina man se hi sahin

uski haa mein haa

mila di hogi agar kabhi

To pata to hoga tumhein

Maa kitna pyaar karti hai

Logo ki nazro mein uth sakte ho tum

Logo ki nazro mein gir bhi sakte ho

Maa ki nazar pe hardam tum vahi ho

Maa pallu se har buri nazar

Ko tumse uttar fekti hai

Maa vahi hai

Jo bina soche samjhe

sab samjh kar bhi nasamajh ban kar

Duniya mein sabse jyada

Tumse pyaar karti hai!

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


Behtar hai

Tham jau,Ruk jau ,Theher jau

Par Khatam kaise ho jau

Ho bhi jau to pata na chale

Khud se khud ko “na” na keh pau

Zameen ke andar chup jau

Ya Asman se upaar udu??

Kuch chizo ko bas “na” kahu

To hi behtar hai

Dil ko dimag se door rakhu to behtar hai

Kuch Cheezo ko CLEAR na hi karu to behtar hai

Kuch Jasbaato ko… kuch geetoon ko.. na hi chedu to behtar hai

Khatam bas…na karu to hi behtar hai

Na Haan Na “Naa” karu to behtar hai

Tham kar na ruk paau…

Theher ke khatam na kar pau

Chal kar zinda rakhu ya maar du

Par bas Jyada na kahu,na sochu

ye hi behtar hai

Ye Samundar

Ye aasman

aur ye behti hawayeen sab hi to

behtar hai!

Happy reading❤

Yours loving warrior


My solar system

The entire universe is mine

And probably I have my planets with me

“Little mercuries”daily hop around and make me learn out of their queries🙅‍♀️

My “twins venuses” ….I could see them struggling and reacting to life exactly like I end up doing😅

My “mother,EARTH” is my basis,my protector,my last supporter💓

I find many “Mars” around…with patches of life and possibilities hidden somewhere in them.🤔

Once upon a time I had my “largest Jupiter”…with his dark and light bands and 12 moons…He used to give me best of all the worlds..👸

Then I have my favourite “Saturn” with two lovely rings of his life surrounding him…but he is always ready to protect me from troubling world🎅

Apparently,I also have a Uranus with me…when others move west to east..she loves running east to west🙄

My Loving Neptune and little but strongest Pluto has gone very far but are both blessing me from heaven..🧚‍♀️

Well! You see…the entire universe is mine

Lovely me💃

Never fails to shine

And May b because “MY SUN” somewhere is burning with all the zeal and enthusiasm..🤗

I am just his rays..scattered in this small solar system of this big milky way…😚

Hope you liked my solar system❤!

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


Mixed beginnings

Dreams : still on!

Pains : still on!

Self : still introspecting!

Lessons : life is still teaching!

Emotions : still welcoming!

Baggage of life : still mixed!

Ends : No,it is still beginning!

Happiness : it is still pure!

Smile: it is still on!

Sheer mixture and again a morning with an optimistic start 💓

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior



What was more divine?

Sacred kumbh which comes only once in 12 years

Or triveni waters…

Or the colder warmth in getting inside

And coming back in seconds of the holy water

Or the goodbye of the tremendous magical powerful and adamant guide I had(my grandfather)

Divine exists

And today it was a big day

I captured this “divine”in my soul forever..

Happy reading

In loving memory of my dearest dadaji ❤

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


A step ahead

It was so peaceful like it never was before

It was so warmer like it never was before

It was so soothing like your nerves on my heart rolled

It feels so ‘filled’ and satisfied

Like a rainbow dressed in shinny white

To the heights of his excitement and satisfaction

The hero of my sky shinnned bright

My heart says this hero is made for this loveliest sky

The wings of my dreams have been strengthened more

May be..this is our near forever

I wish it happens soon

My heart is roaring and screaming

like it has never done before..

Much is yet to be conquered

But definitely

it was a step ahead for sure….

These memories are to stay forever

And will never go!

Every step of this journey

Is equally beautiful

Lets just be with this flow!

Thank you 💓 Love

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


Peela Peetal (Qki Har peeli cheez sona nahi hoti)

Peetal kabhi sona nahi ban sakta

Gadha kabhi ghoda nai ban sakta

Jhoot se chahe kitni safai de do

Hakikat karmo se dikhti hain

Chaplusi Chalbaazi

Mehnat ke aage kahan tikti hai

Naseeb kharab baad mein hote hain

Pehle karam kismat chunte hain

Dusro ke ghar todne walo ko

Khuda bhi kahan chunte hain!

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior