​Surya namaskar : the attitude of gratitude

Saint Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. It is the combination of emotional and spiritual altitude with a touch of spiritual element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imaginations.” Scientists say that yoga covers the complete sense of way of living. Yoga is a physical activity which teaches all twists, turns and stretches in accordance of exhaling and inhaling. The most famous quote of Bhagawat Geeta explains the actual significance of yoga, “Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self”. Yoga is termed as a superlative remedy to bring harmony and bliss in oneself. Yoga is a bustle which is present in India from prehistoric times. Holy books like Bhagawat geeta, Mahabharta, Ramayana etc have traces of yoga’s elucidation and writings. 

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is always been said as a general and broad yoga move which includes asana, pranayama, mantra and meditative awareness. It name itself suggests the meaning d the yoga pose. Surya Namaskar is an ancient physical practice of showing respect and gratitude towards the sun which makes surveillance possible on earth. The bodies physical moment, spiritual concept and solar plexus is controlled, governed and also been boosted by the practice of Surya Namaskar. Solar plexus are heavenly lights or heavenly impulses which are located just behind the navel area of a human body which is directly connected with sun. Ancient saints or rishis says that every part of a human body is ruled by different Devas ( solar plexus) due to which they recommends to have a daily practice of Surya Namaskra to have every body part to have proper functioning.

Surya Namaskar is a lay out of 12 yoga poses or postures which are asked to perform during sun rise. Surya Namaskar benefits all parts of body from head to toe due to which daily practice is recommended. As it comprises of 12 posses which effects whole body therefore it also said Surya Namaskar only can be acknowledged in place of all different yoga techniques. Surya Namaskar has abundant benefits as it improves blood circulation which helps heart, liver, stomach, intestine etc works properly and keeps a person disease free. Practicing Surya Namaskar in different time and different pace of practicing provides different benefits. Performing it in morning refreshes the body and the mind which makes a person ready to take all tasks of the day, if performed in afternoon it energizes the body instantly and if performed in evening helps a person to relax. Performing Surya Namaskar in slow pace helps to make the body flexible, if performed in medium pace helps to maintain the quality the muscles and if performed in fast pace it becomes an excellent cardiovascular exercises and helps in losing wait. Looking to its list of benefits this years old technique should be practiced daily to make this busy modern lifestyle to be a healthy lifestyle.
Neha Asawa.

Happy international yoga day readers!

Stay healthy take care of yourselves.

Try Indian heritage called yoga 

Keep scribbling neha 

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Life exams

Many times in life there comes a situation were you have two roads and both the roads are correct at their respective ways but are wrong at others perspective. This is the most irritative and confusing part were you don’t know to choose which path.

 This is the actual time were you have to prove your self and take desicion which would benifit your future. Benefiting your future doesn’t means to lose your present with an awkward situation. Yes ofcourse if we think for future it would oppositly or inversly affect to the present. 

I would say life is like an mathemetics exam were you know what two do but you are confused with the answer. 

Or in simplest way what is life ? It is the equation where you need to add your happines ,subtract the situation or condiotion which makes you sad, multiply the situation or condition which brighten your future and divide the condition which makes you helpless. Yes , it would be wrong while totally comparing life with maths equations because for eqations always there exists a solution but in case of life its opposite there are conditions were you don’t have appropriate solution and you fail to pass the exam. 

Exams of school after 1 or 2 attempts get cleared but there are some life exams which don’t let you pass that chapter and you have close and move forward closing  chapter with a red mark of fail. These is the time were you need to be strong enough to face that mark. Obviously the mark would break you in many pecies but there exists an other path which let you get not fully heeled but yes to make you little strong for the paths is your future.
At last just a suggestion, to protect your present which will one day turn to be your future don’t keep aside you future insight.We study to brigten our future, we keep contact to doctors for healthy future, we become social for happy future then why to go for the path which do not looks towards future happiness

Its better to cry today then to get encoutered with a broken future.

As broken Vas is not used for holding water similarly a broken person won’t be able to live a happy life. 

Don’t remain broken, become strong!

~N_Angel (Neha Asawa)


for your first paragraph..

Yes life is maths and not that simple addition substraction maths…its tough algebra vala maths where solutions you will get but you will require a variable called x..
This x is your faith

This x is your God.

He will help him in all those tough problems.Learn to take him along with your all decisions and trust me you will never be helpless and I am advicing this after trying this.

 for Paragrah 2
Red marks are necessary like that red bricks behind perfectly painted wall,you correctly said they make you strong.

for para 3 your suggestion is correct absolutely.

very late I learnt this..read my post “to confusing souls”. 

However painful it is now..yes, your action should be only alligned to the future goals..only then you will really reach future goal and happiness or else you will land in an unplanned unstable future.
A honest scribble by you makes me more happy as it helps me read your heart.

Keep scribbling Neha!

Happy reading readers

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“Crown” pride of princess and queens (Hobbyist scribble DIY-1)

Photo courtsey : virus_miki

Hey friends

Today no articles by me but its a DIY.

Hope it will be helpful.

Please comment if you like it and also suggestions if any,most welcome

Lets get started..

Materials required :

You require an aluminium round ring according to ur size of ur head, green flower tape, beats or flowers with wire and glue gun or any sticking material.

Steps :

  • With the help of wires which are attach to flower or beats tightly around the ring.
  • To tighten the flower use green flower tape to wrap it.
  • At last stick the flower which are not stiff to eachother with the help of glue gun or any other sticking material.


Awesome one.

Angel is in princess mood today😉!

And thanks angel for first hobbyist scribble at our place.This gives a warrior also a princess feeling.

Looking forward to your more DIYs soon.

Happy reading readers

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Being hosteler 

Best part of life is the teenage days. Teenage days are those days which give lots of memories some bitter and some sweet. A phase of life where we fight, receive nervousness, try new things, value friends more then to family, to some extent study, shift to hostels, bang classes, continue to exist on fast foods, give stress on relationships, realize the gist of life, understands the value of money, have the benefit of laziness, gets familiar to the change in likes and dislikes of oneself and the list includes lots more.  There crop up many changes from school to college. Other experiences could be witnessed over the episode of school life but the actual enjoyment of teenage arises when we shift from our homes to hostels. This is because we being in hostel gets a bit independent which we want from a time ago. School is place where we almost are with those who are of our kind means who exists from a society we are familiar with but dissimilarity with university or college is that here we get introduced with people of different society. So it can be said as college life brings many changes and enjoyments. Bigger change emerges while being in hostel. 

“Hostel” a place which is not actually the home but also not a place less the home. Home and hostel both the words start with the same letter which indicates similarities and the different meaning indicates dissimilarities. Home gives you the essence of love and hostel gives you the essence of togetherness. Talking about home creates smile on our face but while talking about hostel brings additional laughter to our faces. Moving from home to hostel brings tears to faces but also gives an impression of fun in mind. Home is place where we live with those who are familiar to us but in hostel we live to make people become familiar to us. Birthdays are celebrated at both the places with same enthusiasm but with different gestures. In home relatives and parents celebrate with pleasant gathering but in hostel friends celebrate with explosive birthday bombs. Food in home is eaten to bring smile to our tummy but in hostel we eat to full the stomach and then noodles turns to be the way to convert empty stomach into happy tummy.  

Both the places assure happy living which is the main and the biggest similarity between the two. We make memories in both the places which are a similarity but the difference is at home memories are derived with family and in hostel friends become the ingredient of memories. Both places accurse love which is the similarity but the difference here is of family and friends. Concluding this it could be said that hostel is a temporary phase of life which teaches as a lot and makes us someone which we have never thought of. Everyone must enjoy these phase with true friends. 

  • N_Angel (Neha Asawa)

Angel you wrote a true account of a hosteler,anyone ever been to this phase can relate to your every word.

And the analogy you made with home and hostel shows a heart which equally values both.

Keep enjoying hostel

Keep scribbling your heart

Happy reading readers

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“The thing which complete life: water”

Imagine a world when water will be purchased for bathing as today it is purchased for drinking or a world where water will be use as gift hamper to guests in reality shows or a world where a person dies due to drop down of a glass of water from his hand or a world where people keep water in lookers or world where people will ask water in dowry. Yes the imagination is horrible. So on a serious note it is important to save water as 75% of the whole world is covered with water but only 3% is available for useable and drinking purpose. It is departed day when water was freely available to use as drinking or for other purpose but today it has to be purchased before drinking. Countries in middle East Asia like Saudi Arabia have to import water in exchange of oil. This shows the dilemma of the world that water has manipulated the living and the business standard of the society.
 Water is tasteless, colorless and odorless object but still it is a precious gift that God has provided on earth which is responsible for human surveillance. It is observed in past few reports that the ground water table has fallen down in many place, in some places ground water has been contaminated due to pollution and the sources of water is reducing day by day. This scarcity of water is mainly observed in India. States like Gujarat, Rajasthan is facing water scarcity where women and girls of houses have to cover a long distance just to get a pot of water, last year Maharashtra had faced a huge scarcity due to which government was compelled to supply water using train, from last few year Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is facing a legal despite for supply of water of river Kaveri and on the other side India Pakistan having despite over Indus water treaty and even China scared India for river Bramhaputra water which is capturing the footsteps towards converting the saying “the 3rd world war will be due to water” truth. 

It’s being very important to save water as “no water, no life, no green, no blue –Syliva Earle”. To support this water saving  the UNCED ( the United Nation conference of environment and development) declared 22nd march as international” Word Water day” in 1992  to give importance to fresh water and highlighting the need to save water for other generation in developing countries.  Theme for this year’s world water day is “why waste water?” to make it uniform as previous years. 

One the basic needs towards survival is water and saving water is our foremost duty as one can survive without love but not without water. So let’s say sorry for all past mistakes and take pledge to save water. 

N_Angel (Neha Asawa)

“Poetry is the stories of story”

A question arises that what Guru Ravindernath Tagore would have thought before penning down “Jana Gana Mana” the national anthem of India just summing up physical, social and cultural diversity in just few lines, what vedvyas would have been thought before writing Mahabharata which is the world’s largest poem, what Shakespeare would have been taught before writing sonnets which are the most famous ones and what writer of nursery rhymes would have thought before writing those rhymes which made our childhood awesome. 

Poem is the bridge between yesterday and today and on the other side poems are those assonance which expresses ones feeling, these are those few lines which make any speech or anchoring attractive too. Poems are those awakes our conscious and intellectual and it is the non violent tool to fight against all and a very silent way to protest by words, during the war of independence freedom fighters have used and wrote famous phrase to rise against British rule and fight for their country. 

Talking about poetry would be incomplete without knowing the different types poetries. Format of poetry includes Ode, Lyrical, Sonnet and Haiku and all are written at different sizes apart from these epics are also written in poems as mentioned above Mahabharata, Ramanaya and many other. There are stories which are written in the form of poem and there are poems on which whole story can be drafted. Ode the type of long poetry developed in Greece the ancient Greek writers like Pindar Horace etc.  The ode generally has three parts: a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode. Odes are often proposed to be recited or sung by two individuals, in which the first person is reciting the strophe, the second one is reciting the antistrophe, and both together recites the epode. Lyrical is the type of dramatic poetry in which characters and actions are not depicted. Sonnet is the most famous type of poetry developed in 13th century standardized as fourteen lines following a set rhyme scheme and logical structure. Haiku is the unrhymed poetry developed in Japan in 17th century. 

In today’s or modern world the poem for upcoming writers and poets is little different. They have come up with new formats and ideas to express themselves. Poetry for them is like  micro tales which does not ends with rhyming words and proper line set, but those are meaning full. Long ago poetries are affecting visuals too from cinema to painting there are many theme based works are based on poetry.  

To felicitate the poets and poetry UNESCO (the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization) recognized 21st march 1999 in its 30th session in Paris as “World Poetry Day”. Before 1999 in 20th century the day was celebrated on 15th October as the birthday of famous ancient Rome poet Virgil of the Augustus period, still in some countries the day is recognized on the same month or in November. This day is also meant to uplift the new writing abilities and to promote the traditional poetic expression.

Neha Asawa

This is how India plays holi !

“Holi” the festival of colors, the festival of love, the festival of friendship, the festival of forgiveness, the festival of fun and enjoyment.  Holi signifies the entrance of spring season and progress of winter season.

Holi is commonly celebrated in India, Nepal and other countries with Hindu population. Some non-Hindus now-a-days have also started the trend of celebrating the festival of holi as the festival of love and compassion in their own ways, Spain festival “LaTomatian” could be said as an example for this statement. 

Holi in India is considered as two day extended festival; first day is celebrated as Holika Dahan by setting bonfire to a large heap of woods, cow dung cakes etc. Women’s of the houses perform different types of rituals around bonfire according to their culture and tradition, after all rituals everyone sing songs and dances around to the accompanied of drums. Everyone disperses when the fire fades off. 

Main celebration starts on second day were people sparkles colored water on each other and smear the faces with color powders. 

As other Hindu festivals Holi also signifies the victory of good over evil. Holi is associated with the Hindu mythology which believes in the story of legend Prahalad and lord Vishnu. King Hiranyakashipu the father of Prahalad has earned the benefit of 5special powers: he could be killed by neither a human nor an animal, neither by astra(projectile weapon) nor by shastra(handled weapon), neither at night nor at day, neither indoor nor outdoor, neither on air nor in water. Due to these powers Hiranyakashipu grew arrogant and demanded everyone to worship only him as he considered himself the God. But his son Prahalad disagreed for the same. He remained devotee of Lord Vishnu, which infuriated the king. 

He tortured Prahalad with brutal punishments but on punishment affected him. At last Holika, the wicked aunt of Prahalad tricked him to sit with her into the pyre. Holika was wearing the blanket which made her protected from the fire. As the fire roared the blanket flew and roofed Prahalad while Holika burned. After this incidence Lord Vinshu appeared in form of Narsimha( half man and half lion) to restore dharma at dusk( the time when it was neither day nor night) placed king Hiranyakashipu over his lap( nor land , water or air) took him to doorsteps( neither indoor nor outdoor) and then killed the king with his lion claws ( which was neither astra nor sastra).

In India Holi is celebrated in all best ways it can be in different places with different names
Lathmar holi in Barsana region which includes Vrindavan , Mathura etc of Uttar Pradesh, this holi is crazy enough, here holi is not onl plyed with colors but also with lathis, were women’s chases away men with lathi in their hands but it is not all a beating session. 

Khadi holi or Baithika holi or Mahila holi in Uttarakhand here holi is usually considered as musical gathering. People here wear traditional clothes sing khari songs and dance in groups, people moves cross the town in tolis and greet people they passes by.

Hola Mohalla in Punjab known as worries holi which is celebrated by Nihang Sikhs, they exhibits their martial arts and sings songs. This is observed the day before holi. 

Basant Utsav in West Bengal Basant utsav is way to welcome spring season, locals dress in saffron color cloths and they sing and dance together to celebrate the welcoming. 

Dhol jatra is celebrated in Orissa on Dol purnima, idols of lord Krishna and Radha are taken to the streets in procession, to add fun to this men spray colors and waters. 

Shigmo in Goa it is celebrated as spring festival were farmers walk down to streets through their folk dances. 

Yaosang in Manipur  is a festival which is celebrated for 6 days it starts at the day of full moon which is accompanied with traditional folk dance to maintain uniformity Hindus of Manipur enjoy this fest with colors. 

Manjal khuli in Kerala is a form of holi  celebrated the same way as it is done in north India just with difference in name.

Phaguwa in Bihar  is the Bhojpuri translation of holi. In Bihar Holika Dahan is more important after the bornfire holi is played, the most famous thing here is consumption of bhang. 

Phakuwha in Assam it is same as Dol jatra and north holi. 

Rang Punchami in Maharashtra and Madhaya Pradesh it is celebrated on the 5th day of holi. 

Holi the popular festival has noted some evil effects now-a-days. People get drunk, some people use chemical colors, dyes etc which is bringing danger to people health. Some even abuse women which making women to restrict themselves to avoid the festival. It is festival of love, friendship and forgiveness its better to keep the dignity of festival then to ruin the essence of the fest. Significance of fest should be maintained which says the victory of good over bad it won’t turn opposite in the coming days. 
-N_Angel (Neha Asawa)

Holi ….

Its history and mythology ,

Its diversity and types in our diverse India,

And above all the message of good over evil.

And the unwanted modifications spoiling the fest.

Your article covers everything starting with mythology to realistic ending!

I truely enjoyed reading!

Happy holi N_angel 😚!

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


Maaaa…. HBD

I miss u, yes i miss uh

Mumy i need uh💟😣
All though i m happy here
Still u r alys missed
My ears can here ur voice daily
But my eyes search for uh daily.😭
Mumy ur missed😣😣
Hundreds of peoples r there to care for me
But no one is there whoem i can hug so tight…
Here r people to listen to me
But no one is there to correct me..
Mumy ur missed…😣😣
Alys hated uh for ur scolding
But today u r missed for those scoldings…
Food we get is tastier enough
But taste of ur food is alys missed..
Mumy ur missed..😣😣
Everyone says neha u r mature enough
But telling uh truth being kiddish is my choice to be urs for life….
Love frm u i got was alys on its heights..
But missing uh such was not my choice..

Mumy u r seriously missed…😣😣….
I miss u .. yess i miss uh..
Mumy i need uh..😭😭


I am reminded of my days away from my mom , the days in hostel.

Yes she is the one who is most misssd.

What a coincidence 😄😅😉

Both of our moms are born on same day angel.


Happy reading ppl!

Have a nice day!

Yours loving warrior 


Social media and todays scenario

 “Social media” the thing we can’t ignore much, direct or indirect we are hyper involved with it. Social media is something which allows individual to share, receive, exchange and as well as protest. The 1st ever social media site was came active in 1997 with the name “Sixdegree.com” which helped people to make profile and interact with friends. In 1999, 1st blogging site became popular creating a social media sensation that is still popular today. From then till now social media has only seen enrichment in its carrier.

Different persons have different perceptions or define social media differently. Some says it is a way to be connected and exchange a few words with natives, some have a perception that it is a way through which they can share or collect information, some find it a way for being updated and some say it is a new marketing strategy. With above belief it can wrap up that social media play a big ingredient in everyone’s lives. People find it so convenient than that of going to a music shop they just sing in with YouTube, Wink Music, and Savaan etc to listen to their favorite songs. Information seekers find twitter and other news apps easy to get news and information they want, rather flipping the pages of newspapers. People nowadays find WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram etc more valuable then get-together. Students have search engine like Google which they find much more effortless then consulting a teacher. There are some social media which help find jobs, use banks on their finger tips etc. With above phrases it looks so trouble-free to do with social media.

But there comes a question “if the entire thing looks and experience so easy to do with social media, is there not something weird if society is extremely reliant on social media. How strong can social media influence and have power over people’s lives?”  Finding answer to this question is somewhat difficult by seeing today’s scenario, as social media has became itself a virtual world. Virtual world in logic that there an individual can do protest, ask for help, can be in touch with others, can build a relationship, can earn money etc. Contradiction to such easy experience is that the information circulated is not absolutely authentic. It’s better to use social media as an entertaining tool then relaying over it for legitimacy.


Welcome Angel! 

Nice article depicting todays scenario.

Happy reading!

Yours loving

Warrior Naina