​Surya namaskar : the attitude of gratitude

Saint Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. It is the combination of emotional and spiritual altitude with a touch of spiritual element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imaginations.” Scientists say that yoga covers the complete sense of way of living. Yoga is a physical activity … Continue reading ​Surya namaskar : the attitude of gratitude

Life exams

Many times in life there comes a situation were you have two roads and both the roads are correct at their respective ways but are wrong at others perspective. This is the most irritative and confusing part were you don't know to choose which path.  This is the actual time were you have to prove … Continue reading Life exams

“Crown” pride of princess and queens (Hobbyist scribble DIY-1)

Photo courtsey : virus_miki Hey friends Today no articles by me but its a DIY. Hope it will be helpful. Please comment if you like it and also suggestions if any,most welcome Lets get started.. Materials required : You require an aluminium round ring according to ur size of ur head, green flower tape, beats … Continue reading “Crown” pride of princess and queens (Hobbyist scribble DIY-1)

Being hosteler 

Best part of life is the teenage days. Teenage days are those days which give lots of memories some bitter and some sweet. A phase of life where we fight, receive nervousness, try new things, value friends more then to family, to some extent study, shift to hostels, bang classes, continue to exist on fast … Continue reading Being hosteler 

“The thing which complete life: water”

Imagine a world when water will be purchased for bathing as today it is purchased for drinking or a world where water will be use as gift hamper to guests in reality shows or a world where a person dies due to drop down of a glass of water from his hand or a world … Continue reading “The thing which complete life: water”

“Poetry is the stories of story”

A question arises that what Guru Ravindernath Tagore would have thought before penning down “Jana Gana Mana” the national anthem of India just summing up physical, social and cultural diversity in just few lines, what vedvyas would have been thought before writing Mahabharata which is the world’s largest poem, what Shakespeare would have been taught … Continue reading “Poetry is the stories of story”

This is how India plays holi !

“Holi” the festival of colors, the festival of love, the festival of friendship, the festival of forgiveness, the festival of fun and enjoyment.  Holi signifies the entrance of spring season and progress of winter season. Holi is commonly celebrated in India, Nepal and other countries with Hindu population. Some non-Hindus now-a-days have also started the … Continue reading This is how India plays holi !

Social media and todays scenario

 “Social media” the thing we can’t ignore much, direct or indirect we are hyper involved with it. Social media is something which allows individual to share, receive, exchange and as well as protest. The 1st ever social media site was came active in 1997 with the name “Sixdegree.com” which helped people to make profile and … Continue reading Social media and todays scenario