“The Man of Honour”

To the man of values.. The values which were never compromised..     To the phenomenal writer.. who translated the Holy book of   "RAMAYANA"  and "AKHAND JYOTI".. To the person of satisfaction.. With whatever he had.. To the person of belief..  Which made his generations believe in themselves.. To the example of perfect companion.. … Continue reading “The Man of Honour”

“Strain in the String”

Communication is the key which unlocks doors of understanding                                                        Relationships occur by sharing of balanced equations of understanding. When these relationships are prolonged.. We often loose the key … Continue reading “Strain in the String”

A blissfull Motivation frm Guru Granth Sahib ji

Smile is the sign of a warrior, who has defeated all the griefs in life.. "Gum-di-numaish" potrays weakness.. Challenge fate only whn u r more prepared than what ur destiny could do for u.. "Naseeb-di-azmaish" with no efforts is pigshit..!! U will get wht u deserve..whn the right time comes.. "Jo tera hai wo teri … Continue reading A blissfull Motivation frm Guru Granth Sahib ji

The word “Average”

Pic: am I average looking????says the simply beautiful flower! Average is a tag given to people “below the best” The tagging culture is omnipresent Let it be a school,college or workplace The lag may be by lil or more The  reason may be Small or big May be the behaviour,genes or the looks that is making … Continue reading The word “Average”

(Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

  Edit I’ve been reading books of old The legends and the mythsAchilles and his goldHercules and his giftsSpiderman’s controlAnd Batman with his fistsAnd clearly I don’t see myself upon that list But she said, where d’you wanna go?How much you wanna risk?I’m not looking for somebodyWith some superhuman giftsSome superheroSome fairytale blissJust something I … Continue reading (Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

The Moonier Story..

This is the story of a young girl betrayed n broken by the world's atrocious behaviour..and a heartbroken guy..with pieces turned in to rock.. The girl was lonely.. The guy was too.. The girl needed someone to collect her pieces n give them life.. While the guy needed someone to melt the rock.. None of … Continue reading The Moonier Story..

Mystification of “TheMoonierBliss”

Demystification of  "The Moonier Bliss" "Moonier" means Romance.. "Bliss" is the smile brought through it.. "Moonier" has different magical forms.. It is whn a mom holds her child for d 1st time..wid tears in her eyes.. It is whn a dad wakes up his child early in morning n lifts her on his back.. It … Continue reading Mystification of “TheMoonierBliss”