Dear 2018

Dear 2018, I have listed few points(read: resolutions) below,you better keep track of these, 1.Make sure that with the change in calendar I don't change my priorities. Because what I started last year will continue with even more will power and determination. 2.Start sleeping early instead of thinking about my dream so that I can … Continue reading Dear 2018

Dear Whatsoever!!

Dear Whatsoever (you hardly matter now), Remember those text messages we used to send each other when there was no WhatsApp Remember those long phone calls when we did not had free calling facility Remember the time when SMS pack was as important as food I still have those messages archived Remember the other day … Continue reading Dear Whatsoever!!

Saudade-A nostalgic longing!!

  When someone says they are missing their loved ones What do you understand by that?? May be they miss the time spent together May be their secret jokes made in public May be the eyes that did the talking between hundreds of people around May be the comfort and serenity they feel with their … Continue reading Saudade-A nostalgic longing!!


  HOLI: LET'S ADD COLORS TO LIFE I wish RED be the color of love and passion and not the stain on a teenagers' cloth she is ashamed of, I wish GREEN be the color of fertility in our farms,so that no farmer commits suicide, I wish YELLOW be the color of sunshine every orphan … Continue reading HOLI : LET’S ADD COLORS TO LIFE


7th May 1971,this day had a permanent place in her memory The day when her husband died The day she was tagged a widow She was a widow for the society But also the mother of seven daughters. Two out of seven were married,three in college and two in school. She was a widow,a mother, … Continue reading A STORY OF AN INVINCIBLE BRAVE HEART