Letter from a strong daughter 


Dear Papa,

Today I met a guy who said I am strong. Exactly the way you wanted me to be strong!! A strong girl who puts her voice above all,who never steps back no matter what the situation is. You remember when I was a kid and whenever I got hurt you would say strong girls never cry and at once I stopped crying. Since then the for me the definition for a strong women is one who never cries!! I don’t cry. But Papa you did not teach me how to deal with people who betray me or how to deal with ‘friends’ who use me like a tissue paper and never appreciate the softness but will throw away once you’re stained.

Nobody noticed the broken heart behind the strong mouth because I don’t shed tears and I speak my heart.

But still I am your proud daughter because you always taught me to be a lady of my words and not to be obscure at heart. Trust me I’ll be like that strong kite which flies high up in the sky against the wind because I know back on km9.  pPlp0p0ll ground you’ll always be there holding my string and protecting me against all odds!!

Yours always                                         

A strong daughter ❤

Now I know who has made nazia strong.

Proud of you my 😜strong daughter also😙✌

Remain as you are..Stay blessed Nazo.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior




Ramzaan Mubarak!!





3 O’clock in the morning,phone starts ringing and this is the only time in the year when I receive ‘early’ morning calls happily!!

On the other side is a lady whom I call Mummy ❤ without fail calls me so that I don’t miss my ‘Suhoor’.

Yes,the holy month of RAMZAAN  has begun 😍

Fasting for majority of us means spending a day without food and water!!

But trust me Roza(fasting) is much more than that!!

Fasting makes us feel compassion and empathy towards the poor.

When we taste the pain of hunger,we tend to value the gift God has bestowed on us!!

Fasting is a way detoxification of the body.

So all the ladies out there it’s your month to look beautiful 😎

RAMZAAN is the month when devil is chained and we are set free for the betterment of the society.

Charity is next best thing a believer can do!!

Imagine that smile you see when you offer food to your maid or clothes to orphan.

May be for this smile Khalil Gibran must have written “For you thousand times over”.

It is the month when we embrace the faults of others and try to built a new and better person out of ourselves.

So readers keep enjoying the spirit of Ramzaan and I hope to be the ‘updated’ version of myself at the end of this holy month. Till then keep reading and don’t forget me in your prayers!!


-Nazia Islam

Charity is next big thing a believer can do😍😍👏👌👌

So,well you have expressed both essence and your experience of this holy month.

Happy ramzan twitterpatted.

and you will always be there in my prayers.

Stay blessed.

Keep scribbling Nazia

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior






Saudade-A nostalgic longing!!


When someone says they are missing their loved ones

What do you understand by that??

May be they miss the time spent together

May be their secret jokes made in public

May be the eyes that did the talking between hundreds of people around

May be the comfort and serenity they feel with their special someone

May be,may be not!!

But for me I miss the butterflies I once used to get by just hearing the news of you coming home

I miss the small so called ‘techniques’ you taught me to do when I was bored in class

I miss the smell of your perfume you used although it changed every month

I miss the those serious talks we used to do on my terrace 

I miss that explanation of yours about why you preferred Slice over all other soft drinks because Katrina Kaif was the brand ambassador

And out of jealousy I always made sure that I love Shah Rukh Khan more than anything else

Today when somebody asks me have you ever fallen in love

And I always reply that love is just a waste of time

But trust me deep down in my heart somewhere in the corner I still Love you

Trust me I still do

People need guts to express their love to someone 

I wish to be one of those people

And now when your are gone so far that returning back is near impossible

I am sure that I always mention you infront of the Almighty

We were not destined to be together

Still you hold a special place somewhere in my heart

Trust me You still have the same effect on me as it used to be


I really do!!

 -Totally Twitterpated (Nazia Islaam)


I am sure that I always mention you infront of almighty!

This line took my heart 😍

The truth and pureness
The innocence

The love

The longing

And the miss you

With romantic humor katrina and SRK

Awesome twitterpated!👍

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior






I wish RED be the color of love and passion and not the stain on a teenagers’ cloth she is ashamed of,

I wish GREEN be the color of fertility in our farms,so that no farmer commits suicide,

I wish YELLOW be the color of sunshine every orphan embrace in their life instead of begging on signals,

I wish ORANGE  be the color of determination and encouragement for all who have lost hope in life,

I wish we are honest and righteous in our decision just like the color BLUE,

I wish to be the color PURPLE which has the stability of BLUE and energy of RED.

Let’s promise to celebrate true essence of HOLI .

Essence of love that Krishna had while playfully coloring Radha’s face,

Essence of victory of good over evil,the way Prahlada had over Hiranyakashipu

Essence of Spring season which brings renewal and resurrection

Let us inculcate friendship,harmony,sense of responsibility and brotherhood.




Perfectly you have added colours and their significance to your write up!

Happy holi to you twitterpated😚

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior




7th May 1971,this day had a permanent place in her memory

The day when her husband died

The day she was tagged a widow

She was a widow for the society

But also the mother of seven daughters.

Two out of seven were married,three in college and two in school.

She was a widow,a mother,

But for me she was BRAVE.

Brave enough to stand and speak in a place and time where women were a mere commodity.

Brave enough to step out of the house to earn a living.

Brave enough to shut people who thought she was ‘wasting’ money  on her daughters’ education

Instead she should ‘save’ it for their dowry.

Brave enough to overcome all the stereotypes of the patriarchal society.

I got very little time to spend with her

But today when I see those seven strong willed women she raised,


For me she is the true definition of Feminism.

When people hear about her they say,”your granny was MAN OF THE HOUSE”

To which I proudly reply,”she was THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE”.

-Totally Twitterpatted

First of all welcome twitterpatted and second kudos you just awesomly expressed it.

Salute to your grandma and to all the women like her.

Thanks for sharing this truely inspirational story here!

Happy reading readers.

Yours loving warrior