The touch was just a slight

In that Brumal wintery night

They acted in their deep sleep

From warmth, away, they couldn’t keep

And soon they entwined

And in one they combined

Sharing warmth and care

Two hands now slept together

जाने क्या मन ढूंढ रहा

खुलती हुई कलियों में ,
उन भूली बिसरी गलियों में
ओस की उन बूंदों में
उचटती अकेली नींदों में

जाने क्या मन ढूंढ रहा

उड़ते हुए परिंदो में
पर्वत के रिन्दों में
सागर की उठती लहरों में
उजड़े हुए शहरों में

जाने क्या मन ढूंढ रहा

नदियों की होती कलकल में
सन्नाटे के हर पल में
जीवन की भागम भाग में
मधुर संगीत के राग में

जाने क्या मन ढूंढ रहा

बिखरी हुई किताबों में
अनकहे अल्फाज़ो में
कुछ अधूरे किस्सो में
टूटे दिल के हिस्सों में

जाने क्या मन ढूंढ रहा

I remember the days;
The days – white and black
And got mingled; they both
Turning to a grey deck

Likewise I encountered
People in various hues
Like chameleon they were
Changed colours after use

So sitting alone now
I too wonder
Why obsessed with colours
Why to them we pander

And am I different
Or am I the same
I too might be viewed in
Blackish or whitish frame

The black , white and grey
Are just notions of mind
And to these notions our
Judgements are entwined

We all are just a sundry
Shades of grey
And to idea of black and white
We often fell prey

आज भी है

कितने बरस बीत गए

तरसती नज़र क्यों आज भी है

रास्ते ही अलग हो गए तो

दिल में क्यों धड़कते आज भी है

खुली किताब हूँ मैं

पर दफन मेरे सीने में कुछ राज़ क्यों है

दरख़्त कबके सूख गए

बाग़ मेंखुशबू क्यों आज भी है

निशां न हो एक भी लेकिन

जख्मों में ‘मुंतशिर’ दर्द आज भी है


निगाहो से होती थी वैसे तो गुफ़्तगू

कैसे करें हाल-ए-बयाँ झुकी हों पलकें अगर

इब्तिदा -ए – इश्क़ मे जो उड़ते थे अर्श पर

इंतिहा में वो मिले फर्श पर अक्सर

उस मर्ज़ का इलाज़ नहीं मौज़ूद
तबीब ही देने वाला हो जिसका आज़ार गर

भेजा था मज़मून कासिद से यूँ तो

अशकों से धुल गया रह गया लिफ़ाफ भर

वादा किया था कि आएँगे ख़्वाबों में

ख़ुशी से हमें नींद आयी ना रात भर

अंजुमन में टकराए यूँ तो चश्म औ दिल

सदियों में बीती घड़ी -ए – मुलाक़ात भर

चाहतें तो बहुत सी थी ‘मुंतशीर’ लेकिन

क्या करें, हो ना पाएँ कामिल हालात गर

  • मुंतशीर

Notes :इब्तिदा -ए – इश्क़ = Beginning of loveतबीब = Doctorआज़ार: sufferings from the diseaseमज़मून : Letterकासिद:messenger

Well मुंतशीर is more talented than Prankies !

Great job dear

क्या करें, हो ना पाएँ कामिल हालात गर

I can now better understand this phrase…It was tougher to understand last year♠️

Happy reading readers..You will experience paradise if you could relate♥️

Keep smiling everyone

Yours loving warrior


Asymptote ( A re-post)

Yes! They had that rare thing
We call platonic love
Serene as ganges
Pure as white dove

They understood each other well
Could read what’s on other’s mind
And comfort in one another’s company
They always find

They celebrated the oneness
And respected the differences
And when they talked
Never drew wrong inferences

He made her feel special
And special he was for her
Day in, day out they would
Talk to each other

Together they chatted
They talked of many things
And also would understand
The lines in between

Exact parallel to each other
Everyone often quipped
Though everyone sensed
They kept mouth tight lipped

For hours they talked
Yet never made the confession
And boundless, endless, and seamless
Became their connection

In heart, though , they knew
For long it can’t continue
As she had to move forward
And he had his own issues

But did they breakup mutually
As mutual as they had everything ??
Or were they separated away
Broken after the fling??

They were so far
Yet in hearts they were near
Alas! They still were far from
Getting anything near

For each other;s happiness
They donned their best smile
For it meant a lot
To someone , afar, miles
Can a mortal ever break
A bond so divine
The pure angelic love
In hearts they confine

Some friendships, my dear
Are forged for eternity
And ”Parallel” also meet
Though only at infinity


Echos of your earlier writings can be felt

And yes

Infinity is that magical place I wish everyone should get opportunity to achieve it😊

Well written Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


First kiss

It was a Sunday

April 18th to be precise

I traveled afar

And her, I surprised

Sitting in a corner

Waiting for her

Wrote a lovely poem

On a tissue paper

Looking divine

She entered, superbly dressed

And innocent me

Suddenly got embarrassed

We talked gibberish

For many hours

And then I proposed

With a bouquet of flowers

And our misty eyes

Met each other in silence

The love in them

Broke all mental defence

And promptly

A hug she threw

I hugged her back

Till our heartbeats grew

Soon the time

For departure came

In an hour

I had my train

Once inside

The fateful lift

Don’t know

What happened to me

I acted

Like an. Insane

And tightly I

Hugged her again

Sensuously towards

Her I was drawn

Her seductive eyes

Made me turned on

Her Red and rosy

Petals like lips

And she kept

Those on my lips

It was not

One out of lust

And it transported

US to another world

A world

beautiful and serene

A world

Beyond horizon

A place where

Together we were

A place Exclusive

For lovers

Full of honey

And pure like a dove

First kiss is

Alike first love


How good is they say
to have a memory good
For one remember things
Which no one could

And still I find
Forgetfulness, A vice
the greatest virtue
remained unsung otherwise

And How much I pray
to be forgetful once again
When I can again be free
of this seething pain

Daily I wake up
with a pledge in my heart
that by the evening
I ‘d forget the part

The Part of life
or Life of the part
I forget to forget
Despite I try hard

तेरे प्यार पर अब भी है इख्तियार उनका 💕

लबों पर आती थी बिन बुलाए मुस्कुराहट
जो महफ़िल में ज़िक्र होता था उनका

उन सोखियो -ए – तबस्सुम के मरासिम क्या बताएँ
दिन अच्छा गुज़रता, गर दीदार होता था उनका

बिछड़ना उनका हमारा कोई नई बात नहीं
पास लाके दूर जाना दस्तूर है उनका

ज़ोर-ए-आज़माइश बखूबी कर रहे हैं वो
दिल गोया पत्थर हो गया हो उनका

हिचकियाँ कुछ कम हो गयी हैं
नये शहर में शायद मन लग गया उनका

गैर हो गये हैं आज वो इस कदर
कासिद से हाल मालूम होता है अब उनका

तकल्लूफ और ना कर, “मुंतशीर” अब तू
क्या यह कम है तेरे प्यार पर अब भी है इख्तियार उनका


A brilliant writeup Prankies

  • Kya baat hai👌👌
    Your poem perfectly conveys how a complaining heart can remain satisfied❤️

    Keep scribbling

    Yours loving warrior