Let go

The drudgeries of life
Is making us dull
And to it’s high demand
We often buckle

Stress, strain and tension
Are on their peak
And surely not in mechanical terms
These words I speak

Undue pressure and duress
One often goes through
And in this situation
Discontentment often brew

Possessed we get and
Attached too much we are
And with societal rules
We want to be at par

And in due process
Somewhere is lost
our own individual self
Though we may miss it not

This and that we become
With profession our identity
And it sticks to us
Which seems like perpetuity

So we get sorted
On a board of chess
Either in black or white
On qualities, we seem to possess

And our role is written
With indelible ink
And to go against it
Is rebellious to think

We are labelled and tagged
And become an image of ourselves
Though only a static one
As elsewhere our soul delves

Let go and break free
The shackles of monotony
Realign your soul and life
Get then in sync and harmony

Dwell not in future castles
And slay the ghost of past
Make every moment count
Enjoy life and have a blast.

When you are too much stuck with life and all the mess that surrounds it..It’s best to let go.

Yes all these happen..The way you describe is exact and painful..ww become image of ourself and elsewhere our soul dwells.

And the last para is best one..where you insist the depressed to return to present moment.

Past is gone,future is yet to come..And we often waste present in thinking this too. 

A great read for starting today.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Yours loving warrior



Move to the goal

Alone, alone, all alone
One comes on this earth
And then all alone
One has to show his worth

To this cruel world

is an ignorant
Would teach him few things
While he is an infant

Speak he can’t
and neither can walk

would find his feet
and sooner he’d talk

The fight with the world
is incessantly on
Though it is the prep
And sooner it’ll be dawn

The toddler home held till now
Now trots up to the school

many like him
All to be wise from being fool

During the learning he acquire traits
the character, the will
prejudices and hatred too
And thus starts the thrill

So in the books and studies
In quick friendship and petty quarrels

by chaos and ice creams

them, it melts

Hence the childhood is vanished
wiped out is innocence
and instilled is what many call
a typical common sense

Thorn now begin to appear
On this blooming flower

to fit the big shoes
But not far from that hour

Until now which was inwards
shows itself out
The Growth is phenomenal

ready for the bout

Coming of the teen years
is a revelation
Enthusiasm and happiness
forms new sensation

The youth now has the force
to change things all around

need to wake up
from sleep so profound

On his mighty shoulders
lies the responsibility

propel ahead the nation
with honesty and integrity

Skill he has acquired

to bring them fore
Though not stopping at this
but willing to acquire more

Mistakes he may commit
Human as he is
Nut learnings and experience
he’ll never miss

Should move to destiny

all milestones
and should treat both

and failures bygones

But who is to tap
the infinite source of power
the answer to this question
is need of the hour

Young are we

are our ambitions

taking lead
Its the proposition

Throw away the cloak
of insipid virulity

the flag

the responsibility

Get Charged up
awaken your soul

out of haze

move to the goal

Every para of your poem describes an important step and phase of a journey of every man.

There were so many wow moments 💕👏👌when I read it…so instead of quoting, I have made them BOLD.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 



Good bye, yes let it be

Go where you want to go

And it was not nice meeting you

For me though

For you reinforced

My thoughts about men

Fake care, brittle ego

Who loves to berate women

You labeled me with names

Though you didn’t say it aloud

But in your eyes I saw

The suspicions cloud

You didn’t want comparison

And competition you don’t seek

It’s not my fault then

Coz your, not mine, love is weak

You were not second option

You just came late

But this is karma I think

My bloody heartless fate.

You of all, I thought

Would understand my situation

But with me, you too failed

To live upto expectations

I was young and gullible

Fell into his seductive trap

He played with my body

For me love he never had

He broke my heart

You tore into my soul

He hurt me in parts

You annihilated me whole

I was wrong, always wrong

To challenge the wisdom old

There can’t be a woman noble

If she is open and bold.

If Lord Shri Ram can desert

Mata Sita, so upright

How I thought, I’d

Be spared of the plight

He took away my virginity

I’m still alive with that

You just killed my sincerity

I’m as much as dead.

“You were not second option..You just came late”

How perfectly you have described girl’s emotion Prankies👌👌

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Writer of this post : Prankies

(The speaks about a guy who had manhandled a girl few days ago in the same train and somehow he gets molested by few people)

It was a crowded compartment

But it was the last train

I had to board it now

As I was late again

I felt something crawling

Onto my waist

Someone muffled my voice

Before I could protest

Four pairs of hands

Groped me in the crowd

And while I was still shocked

On a station they got out

Humiliated and disgraced

I felt so dead inside

In just over fifteen minutes

They stomped away my pride

A scene from the flashback

Started to play

The train was the same

But going another way

A girl of two and twenty

Boarded the train

And holding things heavy

In both of her hands

A guy creepingly got behnd

And started to Fondle

Keep your mouth shut

And ENJOY, you bitchy girl

The girl tried hard

But couldn’t get free

Neither she could muster

The courage to flee

And when the guy

Got down on his station

One could see the sparks

In his eyes, the passion

Those same pair of eyes

Felt like raped today

For I was the same guy

Got taste of my medicine today

Good job Prankies.
The message is clear…The worsts crimes can be explained to the criminals only if they are somehow put to that situation.

I wish such incidences stop and people behind all this somehow return to humanity and realise what they do can someday happen to them or their closed ones also.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


Desh humara…..

Written way back in 1959 for the movie ‘ Didi’, by one of the superb lyricist our bollywood ever had, Mr sahir ludhinawi. 

Just listen to the song, the innocent questions by the young children and thoughtful answers by their teacher. We need many teachers like him in current times 
हमने सुना था एक है भारत सब मुल्कों से नेक है भारत लेकिन जब नजदीक से देखा सोच समझ कर ठीक से देखा

हमने नक्शे और ही पाए बदले हुए सब तौर ही पाए

एक से एक की बात जुदा है, धर्म जुदा है जात जुदा है

आप ने जो कुछ हम को पढाया, वह तो कही भी नज़र न आया 

जो कुछ मैंने तुम को पढाया, उसमे कुछ भी झूठ नहीं

           भाषा से भाषा न मिले तो इसका मतलब फूट नहीं

          इक डाली पर रह कर जब फूल जुदा है पात जुदा

          बुरा नहीं गर यूँ ही वतन में धर्म जुदा हो जात जुदा |
वही है जव कुरआन का कहना, जो है वेद पुरान का कहना

फिर ये शोर – शराबा क्यों है, इतना खून – खराबा क्यों है ?
         सदियों तक इस देश में बच्चो रही हुकूमत गैरों की

अभी तलक हम सबके मुँह पर धुल है उनके पैरों की,

   लडवाओ और राज करो, यह उन लोगो की हिकमत थी

          उन लोगों की चल में आना हम लोगों की जिल्लत थी,

       यह जो बैर है इक दूजे से यह जो फुट और रंजिश है

         उन्ही विदेशी आकाओं की सोची समझी बखशिश है |
 कुछ इन्सान ब्रहान क्यों है, कुछ इंसान हरिजन क्यों है,

एक की इतनी इज्जत क्यों है, एक की इतनी ज़िल्लत क्यों है ?
धन और ज्ञान को ताकत वालों ने अपनी जागीर कहा

मेहनत और गुलामी को कमजोरों की तक़दीर कहा,

इन्सानों का यह बटवारा वहशत और जहालत है

जो नफ़रत की शिक्षा दे वह धर्म नहीं है , लानत है,

      जन्म से कोई नीच नहीं है, जन्म से कोई महान नहीं


करम से बढ़कर किसी मनुष्य की कोई भी पहचान नहीं |
ऊँचे महल बनाने वाले फुटपाथों पर क्यों नहीं रहते है,

दिन भर मेहनत करने वाले फाकों का दुख क्यों सहते है ?
खेतों और मिलों पर अब तक धन वालों का इजारा है

हमको अपना देश प्यारा, उन्हें मुनाफा प्यारा है,

उनके राज में बनती है हर चीज़ तिजारत की खातिर

अपने राज में बना करेगी सब की जरुरत की खातिर,
अब तो देश में आज़ादी है अब क्यों जनता फरियादी है,

कब जएगा दौर पुराना, कब आएगा नया जमाना ?
सदियों की भूख और बेकारी क्या इक दिन में जाएगी,

इस उजड़े गुलशन पर रंगत आते आते आएगी,

ये जो नये मनसूबे है ये जो नई तामीरे है 

आने वाली दौर की कुछ धुधली -धुधली तस्वीरे है,

तुम ही रंग भरोगे इनमें तुम ही इन्हें चमकाओगे

नवयुग आप नहीं आएगा नवयुग को तुम लाओगे । 

The way the song started and the kid asked kindly reply in poem…I was reminded of me and you Prankies…Exactly in the same way I ask you and exactly the same way you reply..This became quite a personal comment but I couldn’t stop myself from commenting…So, thanks a ton for doing this to me and that too in poems which I read with greater interest because replies happen to be poems.

Anyways coming to song..Thanks for sharing..How relevant is this one in 2017 though penned in 1959 and all the hopes and replies by the teacher is equally relevant as the questions by students are.

A great start for today ✌

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



Not a Virgin!!, I repeated

Aghast, in my mind

Though outwards difficult

For me was an expression to find

Innocent and cute she was

To me when she first met

Oh God! love was in my fate

From a girl so unchaste

All the moments with her

Happily I had spent

And a simple truth about her

All castles turned to sand

Mr Hyde in me was having

A boisterous hysterical laugh

And was dominating brusquely

The mellow other half

He kept shouting and screaming

Adding insults to her

Calling her names so livid

Which I found impossible to utter

And at moment such as this

Dr jekyll found his voice

And his clever and witty rebuttals

Took Hyde for a surprise

I still remember the day

When together we sat

And for surreal hours

We had those lovely chats

You felt an instant care

In her tender voice

And to her chatter

Could feel positive vibes

The time together you spent

Were best time you ever had

And days without her

Were always sad

It was not only that

With you she was for fun

But even when you were down

She helped you often

Now to you, a question

I’m forced to ask

And this will do nothing

But have you unmasked

Were it the luscious lips

Or her genial smile

Which had captivated

You all this while

Was it her soul

Which you sincerely loved

Or for her body

Was this basal lust

Did to your soul

She make a connect

Or you like a useless git

Were busy looking her vital stats

She told you all about

Her lost virginity

Just because she had

Trust in your emphatic ability

Was she an infidel

Wouldn’t she had it hidden

Rather than telling you

Which might cost this relation

And let me tell you

One thing for sure

She was not wrong then ( while she slept with him)

Nor now is she impure

It is her body and

 her bloody decision

And with him not you

 she was in relation

And it might be a mistake

On her judgement part

Still she told you all

About the dismal past

Don’t pity on her

For her pleading face

Or accept her just because

Her tears you can’t face

Her love is valuable

And surely a heavenly gift

And you should choose it only

When for it you consider yourself fit

When you truly love her

And her past doesn’t matter

And you two strive hard

To make life mutually better

With these words jekyll

Gave rest to his voice

And Hyde was getting small

Looking like a novice

With a smile I opened

My arms for a hug

Her tears drenched the shoulders

Mine( tears) ruined her make-up

Gazing in her eyes

Holding up her chin

I love you i said

Much more than ever been


Such a sweet reply to complement series started by miki.

Mr. Hyde or Mr.jekyll who wins arguments for you?Just think

Happy reading readers

Keep s

Dear Diary

That’s what the old pages do…I have also writen few months back…👇

reading back my trustworthy stock
A similar thing. So, I can well relate to your nostalgia.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Scribbling will make re reading our lives easy.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


The Scattered Beans.......

It has been long since I have written something, so this Sunday while going through my old diary, where my friends have jotted down their feelings for me when we were in college. Shuffling through the yellowed pages glides you to a mesmerizing world, whose claim to existence now is only in our memories. THose precious, nostalgic moments bring out an effervescent smile onto your face. My beloved diary, as I mentioned earlier, is a collection of thoughts and feelings and reading it after many years after it was written surely gives me an insight of my past and how my actions then were perceived by my fellow brethren.
Someone rightly said when s/he compared memories to be a bunch of flowers, some look good, some smell good and there are rare few which have both qualities. Amidst those peachy, aromatic bouquets you are sure to find some hard, pinchy…

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(Lyrics diary)Mile sur mera tumhara

Composed and broadcasted in 1988 this song had captured the imagination of the hoi pollock of our country and reiterated the conviction of our freedom fighters in our country’s unity in diversity motto. On the auspicious day of Eid,  watching it again gave me goosebumps, so thought to share it with you all. Enjoy watching 
 मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा तो सुर बने हमारा सुर की नदियाँ हर दिशा से बहते सागर में मिलें

 बादलों का रूप ले कर बरसे हल्के हल्के

 मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा तो सुर बने हमारा

 मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा …

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा …

चॉन्य् तरज़ तय म्यॉन्य् तरज़

 इक-वट बनि यि सॉन्य् तरज़

ਤੇਰਾ ਸੁਰ ਮਿਲੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਸੁਰ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ

ਮਿਲਕੇ ਬਣੇ ਇਕ ਨਾਵਾਂ ਸੁਰ ਤਾਲ

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा तो सुर बने हमारा

मुहिंजो सुर तुहिंजे साँ प्यारा मिले जडेंह

गीत असाँजो मधुर तरानो बणे तडेंह

सुर का दरिया बह के सागर में मिले

ਬਾਦਲਾਂ ਦਾ ਰੂਪ ਲੈਕੇ ਬਰਸਾਂ ਹੌਲੇ ਹੌਲੇ

இசைந்தால் நம் இருவரின் சுரமும் நமதாகும்

திசை வேறு ஆனாலும் ஆழிசை ஆறுகள் முகிலாய் மழையாய் பொழிவதுபோல் இசை…

நம் இசை

इसैन्ताल नम इरुवरिन सुरमुम नमताकुम्

तिसै वेर आनालुम आऴिसै आरुकळ मुकिलाय मऴयाय पोऴिवतुपॉल इसै

नम इसै


ನನ್ನ ಧ್ವನಿಗೆ ನಿನ್ನ ಧ್ವನಿಯ,

ಸೇರಿದಂತೆ ನಮ್ಮ ಧ್ವನಿಯ

స్వర సరి తలుకులు కుతు సొంపుగ కడలిలొకె చెరగ

మబ్బులై పై పై కి తెలి కురిసె చల చల్లగ

నీ స్వరము నా స్వరము మన స్వరమై మ్రొగను లె *2

എന്‍റെ സ്വരവും നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വരവും

ഒത്തുചേര്‍ന്നു നമ്മുടെ സ്വരമായ്

एन्टे स्वरवुम निङळुटे स्वरवुम

ओत्तुचेर्न्नु नम्मुटे स्वरमाय्.

তোমার সুর মোদের সুর

সৃষ্টি করুক ঐক সুর

সৃষ্টি হওঁক ঐক্যতান

सृष्टि हओक ऐक्यतान


तुम मोर स्वर र मिळन (ତୁମ ମୋର ସ୍ୱର ର ମିଲନ)

सृष्टि करे चालु चतन (ସୃଷ୍ଟି କରେ ଚାଲୁ ଚତନ)

મળે સૂર જો તારો મારો

બને આપણો સૂર નિરાળો

माझ्या तुमच्या जुळता तारा

मधुर सुरांच्या बरसती धारा

सुर की नदियाँ हर दिशा से बहते सागर में मिलें

बादलों का रूप ले कर बरसे हल्के हल्के

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा तो सुर बने हमारा

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा …

तो सुर बने हमारा
गीतकार : पियूष पांडे

संगीतकार : पं. भीमसेन जोशी , डांबर बहादुर बुडाप्रिति , प्रताप के. पठाण

गायक : पं. भीमसेन जोशी , लता मंगेशकर , कविता कृष्णमूर्ति , एम. बालकृष्णमूर्ति , सुचित्रा मित्रा

Wow👌 nice sharing Prankies

“Mile sur mera tumhara to sur bane hamara”

These speaks of our diverse nation and also about our place “oye scribblers”.

I dedicate this one to all our scribblers..After all this place is “sur hamara”😊

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


And to that altar of friendship, obliged my head I bow!

(Writer of this post : Prankies)

Relations there are many
But special are few
And though old they grow
They feel always as new
And those special ones
Might be too far
Even tete e tete with them
Is often so sparse
They’ll still be our part
As in heart they reside
And whatever we do
With us they are in stride
Though we say always
That we’re good and fine
Only these fidus achates
Can read between the lines
And through your armor
They’ll find the chink
And could easily get
That all is not pink
Those x ray eyes
Will heal you too
For much they are
Worried for you.
And in an instant
You’ll be at ease
Will be blessed by
A subtle inner peace
The upheavals you have
And that mind so agitated
They would calm all
And you’ll feel satiated
Hours we can put in
Talking to the them
And , just a minute, we feel
we have spent
And Akin a year
Sometimes weighs,
When they are away,
Those miserable days
Those selfless friends
We acknowledge so rare
And seldom we take cognizance
Of their efforts and care
To that altar of friendship
Obliged, my head I bow
And show my gratitude
Insufficient they are though

Gratitude❤ is coming out so well Prankies👌👌👌

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior