Hello wanderers!

I am Naina and I don’t know when exactly I became a writer and a warrior who has an attitude “Never say no , Yes I can fight”..may be I was born this way but all I know is this journey which was started all alone,now has given me many companions. In the place where I scribble everything from emotions to imagination to reality, now I have a good team who do the same. Some of them I have encouraged because I knew their thoughts and also I wanted them to be warriors in life and some of them found me because we had common love ‘writing’.  None of us are professional writers but we share a common love for scribbling.All we do is scribble our hearts and minds…may be our writings  scribble  your heart and mind.Give us a read.

Here is details about authors here , combinely we call ourselves scribblers and for social updates ..follow our page “Oye scribblers “( Below numbering has nothing to do with ranks in this place)

  1. Warrior Naina (Naina Asawa) : First let me introduce myself…I started penning down my experiences🙄 but now my smartphone’s typing keys have become more smart, they have started imagination too.😄 A poet at heart I keep converting everything from reality to imagination into writings and I spread love by my rhyming words.
  2. Prankies (Priyank Goel): My warrior twin..spritually both of us are same …our thoughts echo..You will find both of us complementing each other’s poems here. This is what Prankies has to say to you all “ Though in college I studied about various tensions and stresses ,studying emotions of my colleagues facing sundry tribulations was the thing I had panache for.Writing poems is an art but I’m not an artist.I just try to bead words along with my experience to present whatever I feel. Hope you will find a connect with my modest poems.”
  3. Totally.twitterpated (Nazia Islam): An engineer friend of mine who finds out time in her busy routine to scribble sometimes..All I can say about her is her writings will tell you how clear and genuine her outlook is. This is what she has to say to you all “Hello Readers!!! I just try to pen down the feeling of Jouska i.e the conversation I do to myself in my brain 😛. Sounds crazy but trust me I’m crazier than that in real!! with the pinch of love struck (twitterpated) somewhere in my head❤”
  4. Virus_Miki (Shailja bhutada) : A honest strong soul , her scribbles will brighten your moods. Truely a virus but a good one✌🤓
  5. N_Angel(Neha Asawa) : like a real angel she appears sometimes and brings awesomeness to our blog with her scribbles which are usually in essay format.
  6. Jeet (Gopal Asawa) : Like his pen name suggests he is known for his attitude, winning in life..we expect some good motivational articles from him in future.whenever they will come do read

Keep visiting! May be our community will grow more in near future because when multiple hands join a stronger framework is created.

Happy reading readers!

Do tell if any constructive suggestion you have for us : nainaasawa.na@gmail.com.

Yours loving warrior


  © Naina Asawa and http://www.warriornaina.com, 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Oye Scribblers and http://www.warriornaina.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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