Everything around is grey

Neither black is real

Nor is white

Beacause ideal is hypothetical

I am grey

And I know you who is reading now

Is also the same…grey

If you say you are white

Then either you have over judged yourself or over victimised yourself

If you say you are black

You probably want to be black..and you are not black but basically hiding your white ….now there could be multiple reasons for it..but still I bet no one is black.

See! Grey is perfectly fine

Only the problem with Mr. Grey is no one

Wants to accept that they belong to mr.grey ..

I wish the world was more acceptable place🤍

Happy reading

If you understood this write up…pls comment your views..would love to read

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Grey

  1. A little bit miss warrior…… Ut seems you are trying to address that nothing in this universe is perfect. Everything has some glitches. And never ever try to be the perfect. Am i right?

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