Writer’s Block

Why Some times the mind stops to think

And at times our imagination do shrink

Why despite putting efforts round the clock

We, authors, suffer from writer’s Block ??

The shackles bound our imagination

cobwebs surround our expression

Pale shadow of our former self

Difficult for any one to help

But is it a blessing in disguise

Have we become mature and wise

Do we now need no satisfaction

from chasing wild imagination

Or is it due to absence of muse

your mood, one who can enthuse

One who can stir the thoughts

Can identify the simmer amidst the rots

Well ! Whatever may the reason be

The words may still not flow free

Feeling still are unchanged

Though often I chose not to vent.

The Pen looks better at pen stand

The Journal is now a distant friend

And together they do mock

My consistent writer’s block

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