Maggiee pizzzaaa

Ingredients :—

• 1 pkt maggie off course
• 2tbsp cornflour
• shezwan chutney
• tomato ketchup
• 1 cup roughly chopped capsicum , carrot , onions or any other veggies as per your choice
• some spring onions for garnishing
• Cheese & cheese
• oregano & chilli flakes & salt as per taste
• water 3 cup

Method :~
• take a wok or kadhai heat water in it
• once water start boiling add noodles and masala maker
• cook untill whole water get absorbs
• add cornflour at the end
• turn of the flame and give it a good mix…

Now take your dosa pan or a flat pan
And spread whole maggie in it , in form of pizza

• allow to get crispy in medium to low flame…!!

• flip it and cook from another side

• apply schezwan sauce sprinkle all the veggies …!!

• add cheese over it…!!

• sprinkle oregano & chilli flakes as per your taste….!!!

• & its done cut as pizza slice & serve hot…!!

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