Layered oreo shake

Ingredients :-

30-40 oreo biscuts crush { separate creme and biscut and then crush them }

4-5 oreo biscuts

Milk 3 glass

1/2 cup sugar <increase or reduce as per your tatste>

2 pinch coffee

3 drops vanilla essence <optional>


  • Heat milk + sugar in pan
  • Add coffee
  • Allow it to cool at room temperature and then freeze for 2 hours
  • Take it out add your half oreo crush + vanilla essence & blend ( hand blender or mixture)
  • Now take your glass
  • And apply leftover oreo cream at top of glass and decorate with your sprinkle balls
  • Fill your 1/4 glass with oreo crush + 1 tsp milk
  • Mix it allow it to settle for 4 to 5 mins
  • Then pour in your oreo shake
  • Sprinkle some more oreo crush at top…
  • Take one oreo biscut and apply melted chocolate on it and stick on the glass…!!
  • Its done
  • Your thick oreo shake is ready…!!

Thanks & regards


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