Colorful idli

Trust me these are homemade idlis…

I am not going to write from scratch …!! For idli batter

You can use Indian traditional way or instant idli powder to make idli… or readymade batter… the way you find it good…!!! Upto you…

Batter with color

You need:-

  • Red food color
  • Green food color
  • Cookie cutter (heart shape i am using) you can use any
  • And idli batter ofcourse…!!!


Divide the batter in three equal parts..!! Add colour in two of them and leave the third one …!!

Mix well here…
Give it a good whisk and pour in the idli stand as we do...!! And cook the idli with regular procedure...!!
Idli is ready

Now take a heart shape cookie cutter…!! And take two idli of different colors

  • Cut heart from red idli set side
  • Cut heart from green idli set aside
  • Then put green heart in red idli and red heart in green idli
Cut out from centre of both idli with help of cookie cutter …. ,, exchange it and fix back

Its done…!! Now your variety and colorfull idli is ready to serve… !!

Ready to serve…!!!

This make idli interesting…

Let me know if you find any difficulty in doing this..!! And share your experience in the comment section below…!!

Thanks & Regards


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