Bird nest snacks

***Ingredients for nest***

Sevaiyan- 250gms

Potatoes 3-4 bolied

1 finely chopped Onion

Green chilli 3-4 finely choped

Red chilli flakes 1 T-spoon

Black salt , black pepper , chat masala , red chilli powder , garam masala , cinnamon powder (dalchini powder) and tea masala , ginger powder —— 1/2 T-spoon each

Mix all the ingredients in one bowl and add salt as per your taste (same way you make aaloo tikki)

Now make a ball (aaloo tikki) from the mixture and dip in slurry (maida + water it should be very liquid in consistency)

Take out from slurry and dip in Sevainya (be very careful while doing this ,it may break here, do it with soft hands)

Deep fry in oil…!! Your nests are ready

*****Ingredients for egg**** it is only paneer…!! Pure home made paneer paneer and paneer

For making paneer :- boil 1/2 kg milk when its completely boiled add 3-4 drops of lemon on it and stir continuously keeping in low flame

After 5 mins strain it out and keep aside for 40-50 mins (remove whole water)

Now knead it for 10- 15 mins continuously it will not take shape unless you wont do it properly ——and then start making eggs from it.

Now its time for compilation

You only need few fresh coriander

Take your nest and place egg and coriander in it as shown in image

Its ready to serve

You can server hot or cool as you want with sauce or any type of chutney you like..!!

Try and let me know the response and if you know any thing else ping me or drop a comment down

Thanks and regards


Vegetarian eggs and that too with nest🤩 Nice one! HAPPY COOKING READERS! KEEP GOING VIRUS💛

Yours loving


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