Though the ink is blue
But red was its colour
For this is a saga
of terror and valour

All there was chaos
Terror being everywhere
people were on double
Panic being set there

Bullets buzzing around & about
Found many on the target
For 60 hrs all was blood and gore
a scene no one would forget

Not Mumbai, but whole India
was astonished and wailed
When with guns and grenades
from the sea they sailed

They took few hostages
and killed many more
in Hotel Heritage Taj
Just next to the shore

Security Lapses there
were quite evident
And terrorists got an hold
on the Oberoi Trident

And not were spared
in India, the very few
In the Nariman House
The, Old, resilient Jews

THese handful of terrorists
took country to ransom
Will be etched in minds
for years to come

Terrifying was the scene
frightened was populace
Smoke rose from Taj
was all one would gaze

Glued to television
eyes were petrified
For safety of all,
Whole Country prayed

The bravehearts did well
And captured one alive
Few were martyred defending
the country on we thrive

The sacrifice they made
by those who are slain,
If not avenged properly
would all go in vain.

THe perpretors of this
dastardly, ghastly act
should wake wake us from slumber
It is time to react.

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