Guide to hurt someone with formal most smile🖌

I know you were expecting Me to say something Deep About your behaviour,qualities,deeds Some appreciation Or may b my deeply analysed opinion Is what you wanted to hear I knew it And But I ended up breaking all your expectations And said most lame superficial thought about you..with the most formal smile of mine to … Continue reading Guide to hurt someone with formal most smile🖌

Cutest Hitler

Once upon a time... There lived Hitler 🔊 He was strict and disciplined But He fell for a rule breaker He was usually arogant But replied softly to her talks💟 Yes....Cutest Hitler once upon a time existed Smile and arrogance Both were his charm😋 Happy reading Yours loving Warrior

Comfortable 💬Tum💟

जैसी पसंद तुम्हारी वैसा rahega मेरा इज़हार प्यार तो मेरा वही rahega par अंदाज़ तुम्हारी पसंद का rahega mere यार क्योकि तुम ko कम्फ़र्टेबल कर सके बस इतना ही तो है मेरा प्यार💞 Happy reading! Yours loving Warrior