Whatsaap welcoming business for creating new trends


“Acceptance of change and improvisation accordance to time brings happiness every time.”

Communication has come a long way from sending written letters to gossiping live through video calls which have made human conversation easier. Person sitting miles away can chat with another person in just one click. Saying of George Cantor “great innovation only happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently” fits to the innovation of telephones by Alexaender Grahambell. Differently thinking of Grahambell to the problem of communication led to the introduction of telephones which also inspired others to bring changes in communication technology to make it easy.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails but that’s what is faced during improvisation. Improvisation from heavy, huge and long wired telephones to small, light weighted and wireless mobile phones worked positively. In today’s world everything is just one click away with such improvised techniques. Many social media platforms have surrounded us for communicating such as whatsaap, instagram, facebook, wechat etc.

Out of several social media platforms present, whatsaap is growing immensely with 1.3 billion monthly active users and 60 billion messages delivered daily on board; WhatsApp wants to make its platform more users friendly. It started as an alternative to SMS but today it supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, locations as well as one can pursue video calls and voice calls. With frequent updates from past 2years whatsaap has also covered the field of online business. The company has finally released its Business app which can help small businesses to engage with a large number of users more easily.

WhatsApp claims, 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil are already using their existing app to connect with their customers and expand their business. Whatsaap business just makes smart business sense to engage with your customers on the app they’re already familiar with. The company has tweaked the interface and added a bunch of new features which will allow small businesses to furnish more details about themselves and respond faster to their customers. It provides businesses to create a business profile with more detailed information about what they do and sell along with their address, website and contact number. Customers can reach out to them through messages or calls. With some smart messaging tools such as quick replies, which are a bunch of custom messages prepared by them in advance and can be used to provide quick answer to frequently asked questions makes whatsaap business different from normal whatsaap. Presently payments of orders is being done through net banking of UPI apps but whatssap is reportedly working on bringing the option to make UPI payment to its users and is having talks with various Indian banks and NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). When it rolls out, customers will be able to pay merchants from within WhatsApp and the money will be directly sent to their bank account.

This new feature has not only helped small business grow but also have brought new enthusiasm in housewife’s to work and earn online. Simply becoming a reseller of any existing business has helped and is helping many Indian women to earn while working with households. It also has encouraged teenagers to earn while studding without losing their attendance. Whatsaap also add a sense of improvisation in other social media to create a platform to earn.

Enjoying ease of technology brings two aspects positive as well as negative automatically with it. Business through whatsaap has many positive layers to it but by default there occurs some negative layers too. Marketers fool customers in tangible business environment then its way easier for them to fool in intangible world. Basic problem faced are lack of referring to quality of product, theft by not delivering the product even after payment, delay in delivery or getting notifications every single minute can irritates anyone. Every problem comes with a defined solution though. Whatsaap have designed its app as such that you can block any person or group from irritating you, its upon customer to get the instance of quality by referring the cost and also one can directly approach to police for complaining the fraud related to money. Negative aspects of whatsaap business have not led it hinder its growth as there exists some true venders who work positively and are trust worthy in every case.


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