The Sultry Dream

Gazing down at the sea
Thought I, so calm how he could be?
Blue, clear and so deep
Still inside no one can peep
Despite mush upheavals inside
Through all length and from all side
Within he has volcanoes and geyser
Yet he seems cool like freezer
Receives with heart so warm
On beaches everyone would swarm
Sometimes fake and sometimes actual
He loves all and treats them equal
Many secrets are deeply confined
And thus extremely difficult to find
How much troubled you may be
Stay calm, would say he
Mature he is, but heart is child
Yes! He surely can turn wild
He has some jovial waves
Playing with them your heart will crave
Beware the fury of patient man they say
So never rub him in wrong way
‘Coz there is no reprieve to loss
To the grief, the horror he would cause
Is it why he is so alone?
Everyone there but no one to own
Why is that despite all commotion
There is seldom a hint of emotion
He gives human every thing
All but water for drinking
Why to the shore do these great waves walk
Only to be broken by rocks?
Cool saline water ended dream so sad
Drenched was face, I was in my bed

Why to the shore do these great waves walk

Only to be broken by rocks?

May be,someone divine designed these “Great” waves to walk the shore….

To connect for a while those scattered rocks across the shore..

May be twin purpose …the nature plans

To break the “great” and connect the smalls💓🧚‍♀️

Sultry or pleasant is all just perception

The dreams, The sea and The Waves so fine you described!

Therfore, a lovely time I took to write a reply

Keep scribbling prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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