Apnapan !

‘Apnapan’ ek dhokha tha,

Bachpan se kisi ne parosa tha,

Ankhoon ki dhool

Mano ab ja k saaf hui hai..

Hakikat se mano ab mulakat Hui hai

Der se hi sahin

Shukra hai

asliyat se hamari baat hui hai

Saaf dil ne haamare

ab duniyaadari sikh li hai

Kale dil wali meethi batato se bhi

Bahot hameinn sikh mili hai

‘Apnapan’ jo kabhi tha hi nai

‘Apnapan’ jo ek bhram tha

Humne Bas vahi khoya hai

Badnaseeb hum nahi

Qki jo kabhi tha hi nahi

humne bas vahi khoya hai

Badnaseeb vo hain jiinhone

Hamare sache visvaas ko khoya hai

Dil k kareeb rakha tha jise

Badnaseeb vo hain jinhone

Hamare apnepan ko khoya hai

Darpan se dhool poch

Ab hamne bhi dikhavati Logo se

dikhava karna sikh liya hai

‘Apnepan’ ka dhokha

Hamne bhi parosna sikh liya hai

Happy Reading!

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “Apnapan !

  1. हिम्मत से तुम्हें ‘ऐ प्रिये’

    हर चक्रव्यूह को भेदना है

    दुःख तो गोपाल (ईश्वर) को भी है,

    ये ना समझना कि उसे कोई खेद ना है…

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  2. क्या कहें

    क्यूँ कि यह एक वेदना है,
    शायद नव चेतना है

    गुंजन है भविष्य का
    या अतीत की संवेदना है…

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  3. The tone in your poem left me in a woebegone state. Such is the volute structure of Human emotions that it produces a kaleidoscope effect on our psyche. Such traumatic effect they produce that we often found oursleves in such a negative state that we are trapped in the vicious circle of hate which we were trying to escape from at the first place.
    I’m reminded of the word ‘Tough’, so often used for denoting strength, however in mechanical terms it is the amount of energy one can absorb before breaking up. So remember always, The resilient and Tough will only survive in this amphitheater and I know you are the type who can summon the deep lying forces within to fight for another day.

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