My Chess board

Has both blacks and whites

I Don’t know who wants what

Every dice means something

There are even hidden secrets

There are hidden moves

Same person appears

Black and also white

at different instances

Don’t know whom to trust

May be finding trust is impossible

In this game called ‘Satranj’

Each one had a purpose

And every other is just

“used” in name of trust

Winning and

proving perfect is so necessary

Fake emotions exists

You have to play it

even if you don’t want to

Because all others are playing

Tit for tat

Player who plays with mind cunningly above all “stands”🖤

8 thoughts on “Satranj

  1. I remember the days;
    The days – white and black
    And got mingled; they both
    Turning to a grey deck

    Likewise I encountered
    People in various hues
    Like chameleon they were
    Changed colours after use

    So sitting alone now
    I too wonder
    Why obsessed with colours
    Why to them we pander

    And am I different
    Or am I the same
    I too might be viewed in
    Blackish or whitish frame

    The black , white and grey
    Are just notions of mind
    And to these notions our
    Judgements are entwined

    We all are just a sundry
    Shades of grey
    And to idea of black and white
    We often fell prey

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