Painless arguments

Speaking without thinking

And Arguing painlessly

With you for hours

And finally convincing you

Or getting convinced with you

And reaching a conclusion

That I am correct to an extent

Even when I was completely wrong

Are days I really miss daddy!

Those healthy arguments

can’t everywhere exist

Now that I have grown

And reached to a state

Where I can keep quiet

And let things go

And not argue

even when there is pain overflow

May be you would be happy

To see me grow

Or may be it is you who is creating

Conditions for me to mature

Or may be I still argue with you

In my mind,heart and soul

You still argue and send me answers

From a place where you have gone

Happiness is having

A permanent blessings

From heaven

How many thanks you owe

Happiness is having grown

From a part of you

To almost into you

And may be similar to you!


is having painless arguments

With free open minded father

Like you

Happy bday papa!

Happy reading everyone

Yours loving warrior


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