Asymptote ( A re-post)

Yes! They had that rare thing
We call platonic love
Serene as ganges
Pure as white dove

They understood each other well
Could read what’s on other’s mind
And comfort in one another’s company
They always find

They celebrated the oneness
And respected the differences
And when they talked
Never drew wrong inferences

He made her feel special
And special he was for her
Day in, day out they would
Talk to each other

Together they chatted
They talked of many things
And also would understand
The lines in between

Exact parallel to each other
Everyone often quipped
Though everyone sensed
They kept mouth tight lipped

For hours they talked
Yet never made the confession
And boundless, endless, and seamless
Became their connection

In heart, though , they knew
For long it can’t continue
As she had to move forward
And he had his own issues

But did they breakup mutually
As mutual as they had everything ??
Or were they separated away
Broken after the fling??

They were so far
Yet in hearts they were near
Alas! They still were far from
Getting anything near

For each other;s happiness
They donned their best smile
For it meant a lot
To someone , afar, miles
Can a mortal ever break
A bond so divine
The pure angelic love
In hearts they confine

Some friendships, my dear
Are forged for eternity
And ”Parallel” also meet
Though only at infinity


Echos of your earlier writings can be felt

And yes

Infinity is that magical place I wish everyone should get opportunity to achieve it😊

Well written Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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