“I love you” he said

“You know I won’t say yes

Why all this then” she replied out of surprise

“Aee pagal I was joking” He then replied with a cunning smile

“Hehe then ok you idiot”

Both of them laughed and continued their chit chat.

Few days later when their friendship got more intense…

One evening she made a phonecall

“Hi listen I love u

I don’t know why

But I do….I want to be with you more” She confessed

“Listen….I can’t say yes…There are other priorities I have…Now stop all this and concentrate on better purposes of life” he replied.

“Why so rude…huhh…Ok let’s be bffs” she said and kept the phone.

After 1 year of bff bonding …

Phone rang.. at 12 pm

“Hey!!Happy bday dear” said the boy.

…I want to confess something and that is I love you…I still cannot promise a future but for now please be mine??

He waited for the reply.

After few seconds of pause she replied

“Hm I want to say yes…But I fear…Can I take some time to answer”

Annoyed he then said

“Huhh I thought you will be happy…I guess you also wanted this to happen..Therefore I chose your bday..huhh”

And then she said

“Hmm Yes but”

Then he interrupted

“Ok no problem..Don’t get stressed.. let’s be bffs that’s best” he said

“Hm”she replied again

And after a month…A message popped in his phone


Is the offer still valid???”

It was her message.

“Which offer?”

“That day what you said on my bday”

“Hehe …. ofcourse that offer has no expiry date….You can take more time ….Only there is no guarantee of future”


“Ok listen

I love you too”

She finally confessed

And there was happy smiles from both sides


No…Yes..No…And the final yes!

Because sometimes proposals don’t always end so soon.

Happy propose day everyone.

Hope you enjoyed this writeup.

Go propose your love again this valentine and see how intresting reply you get !😆😁

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


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