Tick..Tick 🖤

Distance of time and space

And these “unplanned extended….” interval😬

And those “no replies” of yours

Makes me hate you for a while

And then like the “comma”in a sentence…I smile,

And that too with enough patience and style

As I know this is just a pause

and not full stop

Only slower is our life clock

But yes tick…tick…

Till then I can wait and hop

I just wish

Some of your precious time

I could shop 👿😄

2 thoughts on “Tick..Tick 🖤

  1. The clock keeps ticking
    Making time pass by
    And meanwhile I keep thinking
    The pertinent question ‘why’

    Long ago I learnt
    The theory of relativity
    And it’s now I can feel
    Its absurdity and practicality

    Days now pass without you
    Slackened, it now seems
    Lost is , its vigour and zeal
    And a void in me I can feel

    Yet ticks the heart unceasingly
    Reminding of you with every beat
    Making every second of existence
    Unbearable wihout any meet

    And astonished I am
    For I have survived this long
    Without you ! As I feel
    You were there all along

    Though I still crave
    To listen that voice
    And wait for those messages
    That x,
    Which are

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