Happy New Year

The tireless traveller reached
One more milestone
Completed another 365 days
With the great aplomb

The journey though equal
For everyone in the world
With different strides, walked
People through sundry obstacle

The output for everyone
Also was colourfully distinct
Some got dismal black
And for some was rosy pink

Some succumbed too
While fighting with him
Others continued the hard work
With raging fire within

Gone is the year now
And I sit and wonder
Why is it called new
When the only change is calendar

The challenges are similar
If not exactly same
And alike would be the results
Expected, surprising or insane

So what is new in it
It was questioned
And the answer I got
From within was PERCEPTION

Every moment every day
Is new, not only year
And our perception of things
We just need to clear

The days which have passed
Are already sent to archive
We have got more new days
Let’s see who can survive

Changing of the year
Is time to stop and check
It’s time for introspection
And to make course correct

Yes! Nothing will change
If a pessimistic self continues
But a cheerful welcome with smile
Can open many avenues

Happy New Year !

A good read to start the year quoting the similar and dissimilar outcomes we all have…And of course the ending is where the heart of your write up lies.

Keep scribbling Prankies

And a happy new year to you and the readers.

Yours loving warrior 


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