Uncomforting Control

And that voice said "Control" But how can one control? When life itself is uncontrollable Though I agree.. priorities do hold Control is uncomforting Life emotions and love are all difficult to control But if you have ordered I will try...this uncomforting control But the day I conquer your soul And you finish conquering your … Continue reading Uncomforting Control

Tick..Tick 🖤

Distance of time and space And these "unplanned extended...." interval😬 And those "no replies" of yours Makes me hate you for a while And then like the "comma"in a sentence...I smile, And that too with enough patience and style As I know this is just a pause and not full stop Only slower is our … Continue reading Tick..Tick 🖤

बसंती हवा

बसंती हवा हवा हूँ, हवा मैं बसंती हवा हूँ।     सुनो बात मेरी -     अनोखी हवा हूँ।     बड़ी बावली हूँ,     बड़ी मस्त्मौला।     नहीं कुछ फिकर है,     बड़ी ही निडर हूँ।     जिधर चाहती हूँ,     उधर घूमती हूँ,     मुसाफिर अजब हूँ। न घर-बार मेरा, न उद्देश्य मेरा, न इच्छा … Continue reading बसंती हवा

मेरा पहला प्यार।

लड़कपन कि वो पहली- पहली याद है, मेरा वो पहला पहला प्यार है। मेरी पहली तो नही पर हाॅ एक ताजी सी याद है, वो कुछ और नही मेरे पहले प्यार कि शुरूआत है। उस वक्त मैहज 14-15 साल कि छोटी बच्ची ही थी मै, प्यार क्या है वो बस फिल्मो मे ही देखा करती … Continue reading मेरा पहला प्यार।

Happiness without laughter and sadness without tears…

Confusion and frustration of single line which strikes my mind all the time and was pinching my nevers with horified vibes the line is... Why I didn't cried when someone important was leaving my small life..?? After a time I think I have finally hit my grith or you can say my thinking heights. One unpleasent … Continue reading Happiness without laughter and sadness without tears…

Happy New Year

The tireless traveller reached One more milestone Completed another 365 days With the great aplomb The journey though equal For everyone in the world With different strides, walked People through sundry obstacle The output for everyone Also was colourfully distinct Some got dismal black And for some was rosy pink Some succumbed too While fighting … Continue reading Happy New Year