Soul has to be one.

You know who to choose

Why are you confused

Why you loose control

Is there still any loophole

It’s not about choice 

It’s about soul

Which cannot be two

It has to be one

Feel free and not burnt.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior 


18 thoughts on “ Soul has to be one.

  1. मदिरालय जाने को घर से चलता है पीने वाला
    किस पथ जाऊं असमंजस मैं है वो भोला भाला
    अलग अलग पथ बतलाते सब पर मैं यह बतलाता हूँ
    राह पकड़ तो एक चला चल मिल जाएगी मधुशाला

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            1. Likes though similar are born to repell…And hence they end up to their dissimilar counterparts
              And we should not forget
              Opposites create strongest bonds👀
              In Chemistry maths and life 🤠

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              1. Hmm Very True Maybe its the destiny of similar ones to repel, However though the bonds are much stonger in opposing elements , the covalent carbon bonds are called organic

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