Dear 2018

Dear 2018,

I have listed few points(read: resolutions) below,you better keep track of these,
1.Make sure that with the change in calendar I don’t change my priorities. Because what I started last year will continue with even more will power and determination.
2.Start sleeping early instead of thinking about my dream so that I can wake up early and achieve that dream for real.
3.Finish all the TV series which are left halfway because I am juggling between office and my new Sherlock Holmes novel(probably this novel is the best thing ever happened this year).
4.Start working on my novel which I want to publish before I die.
5.Make all the lifeless souls(what I was once) around me more cheerful and continue to give life lessons (read:pravachan),the only thing I am good at.
6.Lastly, just make sure I don’t end up forgetting this list on the very second day of your arrival.

Yours (only if you’re kind to me)
A hopeless day dreamer.

Good list Nazia

A hopeful list by a hopeless day dreamer as you named yourself.

Only I deny the fact that you were ever a lifeless soul..May be before we met you were.

Wish you a happy 2018…May your list become success before 2018 ends.

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior 


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