Phenomenal fingers

Your long hands

And those thin long fingers 

The way you use those to 

Explain me things

Are phenomenal beings

Because they start phenomenon of 

Trust between us

and probably initiate desires in my mind

To hold them strongly 

and make them mine

Those long fingers of yours 

And my shorter fingers

May be….. they can align.

A romantic writeup after a long time

Have a phenomenal day ahead!

Yours loving warrior


8 thoughts on “Phenomenal fingers

  1. The trust that these fingers entwine

    the warmth in touch one can find

    Firmness, with which together they hold

    The essence of each other’s soul

    They have language of their own

    To others, which is quite unknown

    and thus with touch they communicate

    Alas! how much for that they have to wait

    And aligned, whenever they are

    Their happiness shows in produced sparks

    With reluctance though they have to part

    Waiting for another time with a heavy heart


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