Mirza Ghalib

हैं और भी दुनिया में सुखनवर बहुत अच्छे
कहते हैं की ग़ालिब का अंदाज़ ए बयान और

This post in third in series of articles about the Great poets of our country, whose poems shaped my outlook of life early on.
Today I take upon the one of the most revered name in Urdu and Persian Poet, Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, fondly known as Mirza Ghalib all over the world.
Born on 27th of December, 1817 in Agra, the poem lovers across the world cleberated 200th birthday of the renwned poet. Google too placed a doodle commemorating the occasion.
For me Ghalib was an epitome of Irony, he wrote quite on length over the mystical subject of Love, which always makes one feel the opposite spectrum of emotions at the same time.
These lines from hazaron khawishayen aisi clearly depicts his skills in dealing with ironies

मुहब्बत में नहीं है फर्क जीने और मरने का
उसी को देख कर जीते हैं, जिस काफिर पे दम निकले।

Even the lines below are a sarcastic take on the cheating and love

तेरे वादे पर जिये हम, तो यह जान, झूठ जाना,
कि ख़ुशी से मर न जाते, अगर एतबार होता ।

He was a pious Muslim though he often was wary of the rules and tenets as explained by the Maulavis and often chided them in his couplets
कहाँ मैखाने का दरवाज़ा ‘ग़ालिब’ और कहाँ वाइज़
पर इतना जानते हैं, कल वह जाता था के हम निकले।

His poems show that he believed in natural way of living and living in the presence.
Other prominent thng in his poem was portrayal of death.The troubled soul in his poem more often than not found solace only after death as clearly depicted in the below couplet
हो चुकी ग़ालिब बालाएँ सब तमाम
एक मर्ग ए न गहानी और है

I have started the post with a couplet by Ghalib praising himself and ending the same with a couplet where he writes he doesnt care for Praise or criticism or even for the meanings in his couplets

न सताइश[2] की तमन्ना न सिले की परवाह
गर नहीं है मेरे अश’आर में माअ़नी न सही

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