A handsome boy and a cute girl

For them, Falling in love was a pearl

Meeting each other was destiny but

After, love their life get curl
In busy schedule of daily routine

Talking to each other become caffeine

Phones and video calls was only source

As in long distance meeting each other was a dream
Whenever they make plan of meeting

Always their fate came in between

With a settled business {of boy} and good profile job{of girl}

All their beautiful moments confined in 6 inches screen
A formal family meeting and moments they share

Sitting besides each other many formalities they care

A mingle feeling of happiness and sadness was thr
As that moment for two love birds was very unfare
Surrounding with lot of people they calmly walk

Among huge crowd,They just wanna a small talk

Looking for each other their eyes strike and block

Soon heart become board and eyes converted to chalk

10 thoughts on “Meetings….

  1. Heart is board and eyes are chalk
    Fantastic finish !!!
    The stories with happy endings are always the best 👍
    Lovely poem dear. May God bless you and you keep writing many more poems with happy endings

    Liked by 2 people

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