Team up or work alone…do whatever comforts you but never compromise ‘indivituality‘ and never compromise that individual inside you whom you call ME.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


7 thoughts on “ME

  1. Hundred donkies led by a lion can defeat a hundred lions led by a donkey;

    Well written Naina, its true that in the end its a team efforts in all of our life but it is the quality as an individual we contribute enhances the flavour of the win. A good team without a leader can attain success, but with a good leader, it can reach the pinnacles unheard of.

    A good team is like cooked vegetable; every spice in it brings out a distinct flavour which blends and produce an appetising effect.

    Nice to see you back here!!

    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading 🙂

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