I love you, he said
Seeing in my eyes
And I felt heavenly
Flying in the sky

He held my hand
A spark passed through
As touched are two wires
I felt a sensation new

My defence and guard
Came down to knees
A lump on my throat
And I could hardly speak

My brain said no!
Come to the sense
And my heart retorted back
Said leave all pretence

In his arms warmly
I melted like butter
And it seemed, quickly
We’d amalgamate in each other

And now I know
It was a dream bad
For that night of ecstasy
Better if I’d be dead

When my trust
He devilishly Breached
When pleading to be together
To him I screeched

His eyes betrayed
The lust within
The animal in him
Was far from committing

And he went away
Leaving me abused
And I was left broken
Being so confused

The faith in love
And that on men
Was untenable
And completely broken

8 thoughts on “Shattered 

  1. Read it 3-4 times… Still wanna go more… But I feel like… Something more should be in it… I don’t know what… But something… We will go through and reply as soon as possible

    Liked by 2 people

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