The ruined sanctuary 

Scorching heat to tolerate
Sandstorms make you wait
Yielding ground lies beneath
Walking is difficult to deal with

Perspiring to the hilt
Not long before I wilt
Tired and weary now
Need to continue but how

To the farthest what I gauge
I find only mirage
Being thirsty, throat is patched 
Despite all I have to march

Zeal to go on is now. Gone
Hope is now just a pawn 
End is no where is sight
Sun, not situation is bright 

Was it like this always 
Surely this wasn’t the case
Desert today, once had been green 
And crowded it had surely been

Rabbits played all around 
In trees, squirrels were found
Water gushed down the fountains
Green top covered tree mountains

Many years went on a trot
But then there set the rot
I dug my own grave
That sanctuary I couldn’t save

After that I cried a lot
Never dreamt the result I got
How could I be so careless 
Why did I make it a mess

But what I could do now
Just reaping the seeds I sowed
Things now couldn’t be altered 
Can’t turn back time where I faltered

Just an advice from me 
The dangers signs you can foresee
Never ever take them light
Coz you are not always right

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