I love you, he said Seeing in my eyes And I felt heavenly Flying in the sky He held my hand A spark passed through As touched are two wires I felt a sensation new My defence and guard Came down to knees A lump on my throat And I could hardly speak My brain … Continue reading Shattered 

The ruined sanctuary 

Scorching heat to tolerate Sandstorms make you wait Yielding ground lies beneath Walking is difficult to deal with Perspiring to the hilt Not long before I wilt Tired and weary now Need to continue but how To the farthest what I gauge I find only mirage Being thirsty, throat is patched  Despite all I have … Continue reading The ruined sanctuary 

Be Positive

May be God wanted this When he created me For in me he instilled the blood ‘Positive B’ So when ever distressed I looked to the sky And as troubles filed I asked Him, “Why”? He would then ask me of my blood and the answer I’d got with just that one word.