The Shipwreck


Somewhere faraway in the sea
Lied a barren land
Unreachable and unchartered
A rugged lonely island

For years it remained so
Passer-by just ignored
Amidst all the noise
Quietly it snored

A storm rankled the sea
And trembled it wild
The water got too choppy
To sailors it beguiled

Ships were there, though few
And troubled they were for sure
With hope in their heart
Scampered towards the shore

Alas! All ship did wrecked
And cargos went down the sea
All but one did not survive
And miraculous it was to be
slowly inching on wood plank
To the shore he reached
Fainted though he was
The island was now breached

Days slowly passed by
The traveller got fit
And it was not in him
To just idly sit

With rocks he made his tools
And started a mission
Would fight against the nature’s wrath
And would bring it to submission

thus started the transformation
Of the barren land
And as in Robinson Crusoe
Gardens bloomed in sand

Slowly the rugged terrain
Blossomed in orchid
And plants grew where
Once there were no weeds
Meanwhile the traveller
Made himself an arc
And on that little ship
He will be off the mark

He bid adieu to island
A place close to his heart
But he must go on
For much he has to chart

Many lands he has to conquer
And many hearts to rule
And then only his potential
Be utilized to the full

Well written Prankies👌

Perfectly shows what life is…

Once barren becomes green and one who made it green has to leave it and go …

No one can stay forever with achievement but that again doesn’t mean he can not conquer further.

Awesome one👌👌👍

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


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