Uneasy, I stood alone
Confounded by the news
Fiddling with numerous words
Didn’t know which to choose

‘t sent a chill through spine
And with panic I shuddered
I rushed quickly to her home
As soon as the news I heard

Then I waited & waited
And it seemed like infinity
Still unable to fathom the reality
With difficulty, kept my sanity

Childhood memories flooded
With pulsating, seething heart
I now knew, how it feels
When our dear ones depart.

While O was getting over
From insurmountable grief
Good persons are never harmed
Once firm was now a shaken belief

Out from the car
Then she unmounted With a posture upright
A warrior she always was
Again she was, ready for the fight

Though no words were exchanged
In that brief meeting of eyes
Yet behind that steely gaze
Her message I could surmise

No words would now
Could lessen her agonizing grief
And all she wanted now that
In her abilities, everyone should believe

Not a drop of tear
Got past their hideout
The valiant warrior within
Stood alone amidst crowd

A long and tiring battle
She had just lost
And many more were lined up
Not sparing a moment to ponder over thoughts

A diamond chemically equal
To much inferior coal
Attributes its transformation
To years of oppression and toll
A warrior, earlier she was
Now rose to the captain’s rank
Though involununtarily she needs to keep
The soldiers secure in their flank.

The life is never easy
And much more tough it will get.
But it can’t unnerve a Samuri
On target whose eyes are set.

With the shlokas of Geeta
Enlighting her heart
Results will fall in line
If properly, She’d play her part

Brilliant one Prankies👌👼

Summarises and pictures almost everything ✌

Long tiring battle unfortunately lost but war still goes on🥁..Hope result falls in line like the way you well ended your write-up!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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