Raksha Bandhan

What is the actual meaning of Raksha Bandhan

Perhaps it means that the person to whom she is tieing the belt or Rakhi, will protect her….


  •  परन्तु क्या केवल इतने मात्र से उस तथा कथित बहन का रक्षण  सुनिश्चित हो जाता है…..

आज एक दिल दहला देने वाली खबर पढ़ी, तो कई प्रकार के सवाल मन में एक साथ उमड़ पड़े….।।।

   This is the screenshot of the very related news….
वो खबर कुछ यूँ थी कि कल {रक्षाबन्धन वाले दिन,07.08.2017 को} CRPF के जवान, जिनपर हमें गर्व होता है, और साथ ही ये विश्वास भी कि वे तत्पर हैं सदा हमारे रक्षण को…..   उनका बड़ा ही घिनौना चेहरा सामने आया हैै, जिससे मन में ये सवाल भी आने लगे कि क्या ये ही मतलब है हमारे इस राष्ट्र में रक्षा बन्धन का, रक्षा के इस वचन का……

 क्या यही काम की अपेक्षा करें हम अपनी सेना {CRPF} से….

  अब कृपया आप ही प्रकाश डालें, और मेरी व्यथा को समाप्त करें…….

      आपके उत्तर के लिए प्रतीक्षित

                           :    आशुसुधा

10 thoughts on “Raksha Bandhan

  1. A very warm welcome to you Ashusb udha! The news is highly disturbing and I agree it might be true . I also believe that sexual atrocities do happen in North east and J&K but stifled down for various reasons. There are also issues of fake news circulation being propagated to increase mistrust in public regarding defence forces. And in this divisive environment we are labeled national and anti national.
    The issues regarding sexual abuse often drowns in this debate of national and anti national.
    We often side track the issue like an ostrich. There is lack of training to both girls and boys in our society regarding changes in sexual behavior when we come of age and this leads up to situations like this. Our movies to this date shows stalking as the first step to get your love. I am not defending anyone but what I’m saying is that no one is born with evil mind, it’s their upbringing and peer group which have its effect. The movies certainly becomes a guide for them to attract a girl with force, as human mind remember only what suits to them. The road to teach them is also razor thin. We need an open society which can discuss the problem without facing jeers
    We need males to understand that what they might be thinking as a simple stare, it might be creating wreckage in the girl. What they might assume as a meagre groping of her parts, it is violation of her, it is not stimulating her rather making her think herself as an object. Most of the times its handful of guys involved in it bringing a disrepute to whole society and it’s about time boys stand up against their friends who call names to girls like maal and other names. The taboo on sex too has a hand in creating a lot of nuisance in our country as people find themselves at two extremes

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    1. Thanks sir
      Bt, kaise jhuthla dein isey, boliye

        Ye to wohi baat Hui, ki ruling majority party ne hmare b hath baandh liye, aur zabaan bhi....
      Shayad aapko gyaat ho ki 300 news papers Ko notice diya h is Desh ki present ki ruling party ne, kyon....

      Answer ki we unke favour me nhi bol rhe,
      Ya to favour me bolo ya fir taiyaar rho unka Chabuk sehne Ko……


    2. Ek Aisa hi case aapne Suna hoga ki kaise Mr Pranay Roy, NDTV Ko pareshan Kiya …..
      Ab isko Aap kya Naam doge….. Boliye
      Itna hi nhi inki party jo pehle principle wali party thi, aaj daagiyon aur baagiyon ki party bn Chali h, kyon
      Kyonki inko sirf satta ka Nasha h,
      Itihaas gavaah h, ghamand to RAAVAN jaise ka nhi chala……
      Sach b saamne aayega…..
      Abhi to bahut kuch open hona baaki h sarkaar……


      1. My views were specifically about the topic. I don’t find anything here to blame the ruling party though despite being a severe critique of them for that issue let’s have a separate thread 😀


  2. Thanks
    Thanks a lot for giving me space in such a great family {The Bloggers Family}……
    Its an honour to be a part of this…..

    Ji haan,, ye baat 100℅ satya h…..
    Aisa hua h….
    Aisa hi kuch northeast me b sun ne ko mila tha,
    Aisa hi J&K se b sunne ko mila tha…..
    So in sab ke baad kaise jhuthla dein isey…..

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  3. First of all.. heartily welcome to our reader’s paradise….
    Its nice to see your first scribble…. Congratulations…

    आप ने आवाज़ उठाई अच्छा लगा ।
    पर क्या ये बात 100 प्रतिशत सत्य है ?

    हो सकता है कि 100 में से कोई 2-3 ऐसा कर रहें हो ? और नाम पूरी फ़ौज का आ रहा है।

    More over media has no other work apart from publishing such news…

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    1. I knew ki point b aayega ki kya ye Satya h…..
      That’s why I added that very screenshot of the news daily hunt related to that, with the proper date nd time also… .
      One can check it easily on Dailyhunt….
      It’s a platform or a channel through which we just get even those news, which our national news channels just hesitate to telecast, may be bcoz of the pressure of the ruling majority party…….

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