Unique Blogger Award 2017

Hello scribblers.., I am very glad that you people like my post and I inspired you for reading. But there are few who inspire me for writing and one of them is.. Mr. sarvottam kumar  I am feeling very thankful to him, that He liked my scribbles and nominated me for this unique blogger award … Continue reading Unique Blogger Award 2017

Raksha Bandhan

What is the actual meaning of Raksha Bandhan Perhaps it means that the person to whom she is tieing the belt or Rakhi, will protect her....      परन्तु क्या केवल इतने मात्र से उस तथा कथित बहन का रक्षण  सुनिश्चित हो जाता है..... आज एक दिल दहला देने वाली खबर पढ़ी, तो कई प्रकार के … Continue reading Raksha Bandhan


Though your every action get judged  But you are always accepted Friendship is a relation Where you can never feel rejected Here warmth only grows And with laughters  your heart glows brighter Friendship is such a comforting act Where you can always feel lighter Forgetting friends is stupidity  Kindly accept this universal fact You will … Continue reading Friendship