Time Controversy 

As now I am facing quite tough time of my life… And everyone is worried for me…. 

They keep giving me lot of advice…

Being a good listener I keep listening and thinking…

So the thoughts strike my mind are…..

Big things take time…

Patience is the key to virtues.

And last not the least and my favorite

Time and tide wait for none…

So my question to my readers and repliers are..

If time doesn’t wait for anyone then having patience is wasting time…

Or if I am taking more time to decide it mean I am wasting, or something very big is going to come….

So… Strom your brain hard and let me know your views in the comments section below… 

Thanks & regards


4 thoughts on “Time Controversy 

  1. This all is about Frame of reference. Time and Tide wait for none means time goes at its own pace that is 60 seconds per minute. So you can’t stop time nor you can speed it up. Regarding your first statement it is about knowing when to let go. Patience is a virtue no doubt but excess of everything is dangerous, so it’s all about timing as it is in cricket. You hit a ball early you may get caught, you hit it late you may bowled out, and if hit on the correct timing it will soar to the skiea


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