Love doesn’t mean to always be with someone

Love is 

To stay in flashback of someone

It is To keep Missing someone

Sit alone and think of someone

Dance in musical memories of someone

Sing with melodious memories of someone

Cook for the foody stomach of someone

Get dressed well just be clicked and to show someone

Smile like an idiot in the sweet memories of someone

Talk to oneself about likes and dislikes of someone

Adjust oneself just to be like someone

Waiting for one call or text from someone

Getting angry alone for not being missed by someone

Trying stupid things just to remind that you miss someone

Rewind and play the lovely memory of someone…

Recollecting all the time spent with someone and just flow with the essence of love….

Was sitting alone and this comes up….

Do let me know your favorite memory with your someone…{love, friend, mother, father, brother,sister or anyone} In the comments section below…

Thanks & regards


3 thoughts on “Love…

  1. So coming to memories!
    I woke up at 3 thinking my phone pinged with an specific tone for someone’s message, who was away for a week,to find it switched off and when it was switched on was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was indeed a message

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