City of joy is the blissful voyage,

Essence of joy is mixed in its ether….

The Howrah Bridge seems like to smile and welcome souls with open arms,

The city serves the big and small communities, group, and religion equally,

As the city itself born from small villages to the metropolitan…..

Like the struggle in individuals life for survival,

The city has struggled too between battles, poverty and pace of modernization,

Just to get marked as the metropolitan in the map of our country…….

The history of the city can amaze you from every end,

The food can delight you from every blend,

Fishes becomes the first love to gratify people’s appetite,

The street foods compliments the new trend and taste of the different tongues,

The roads give the path to explore the city,

And get drown in the cherishing mood of the city,

The city seems bit slow but rejoices you all through,

The Ghats culture of the city is highly cherished by every age group,

The ships and boats flows in the tranquility of the river,

The scenes from dawn to dusk grab the heart away,

The city can’t let anyone sleep with hungry stomach,

It has the capability to endorse the life of rich and meager,

The love and joy reflects from the outlook of the people,

Its culture portrays its serenity,

And let anyone to take dip in its bliss without any bias,

As it is Kolkata the city of joy………….

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