After a long break.. today I met with anger…. Which led me to think… Why this happen with me… Then suddenly two thoughts cross over my mind…

अपनी अक्षमता {असहाय, बेबस, लाचार}का प्रदर्शन ही क्रोध है।

हम गुस्सा उन्हीं पर करते हैं जिन्हें अपना समझते है ।

So I just want to know what actually anger is…?? How it can be defined…?? When it occurs…?? Why it occur..?? 

Do let me know your views…in the comments section below….

Thanks & Regards

Virus _miki

Great opening miki…

“After long break you met it”,that means you already know to forgive,forget and control anger..

And “which led me think why it happens” shows you introspect…Which most of us forget to do.

Coming to your have defined well but reading that two questions arose in my mind..असहाय तो रोता भी है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता,चुपचाप सहता भी है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता और कोशिश में फिर जुट जाता है सिर्फ गुस्सा नहीं करता।

रही बात अपनो पे ही गुस्सा आने वाली बात तो आ तो किसी पे भी सकता है,बस हम जिसपे जाता सकते हैं उसी पे जताते हैं बाकियों से तो बस दूरी बढ़ा लेते हैं।

Though I don’t know to define it…all I am sure about anger is it releases negativity,we should try and avoid as far as possible…

Instead if possible never speak when angry….This is a very ancient wisdom but it works… Whether it’s a friend or should never release it on anyone because the things you never want…will get conveyed in anger…..and anger will go but your words will never leave their impact completely.So, better..go in some silent place and come out when you are cooled.

 And my question is “Is getting rid of anger in such a way that it never returns backis it humanly possible?” If your answer is no then avoiding and controling is only possible solution.

Lastly I end sharing something I wrote few days back..When I had ha huge encounter with my anger and I repented for yelling in anger.

Kash! mai kabhi galat bol hi nai pati 

Happy reading readers

Keep scribbling miki

Yours loving warrior


8 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Our thoughts and feelings are like water, when icy will freeze and crack relations and when boiling, it cause burns. So when we are calm and cool we would react to a situation different from what we’d do when we are already stressed.


  2. …. Very negative activities. So why do we get angry? Well, first of all we need to be see the context whenever we get angry as we get angry for various reasons. First point of course is one of the main reason of getting angry as we are weak and feel helpless, we shout. Though the threshold differs from person to person and situation to situation. And though this might be the main reason for the anger it is not easy to reach this level as even Gods get angry. The attachment and expectations play a big role in shaping our anger too. We feel angry when we find people are not doing as expected by us, and since most of the expectations are with close ones we tend to be angry with them. We also fly of the handle when we expect someone to understand and they don’t. We get angry when we find people creating nuisance in numerous ways. being angry is a natural phenomenon to release the Pent up energy in our brain just like a pressure cooker whistle. So getting angry once in a while is not bad., what matters is whatever we say when we are angry. A restrain in language and words surely helps so that we don’t regret the things we have said at the later stage. Different people deal with anger differently. There are persons who will say what they feel instantly, so they could erupt like volcanoes on your mistakes but will be cool after releasing their wrath. Then there are people who are seen as a calm and unnerved guys, they may notice your fault but will not say anything. Though they may forgive but will not forget and would build upon the grudge on your next mistake. From mistake I mean the deviation from the expected lines of the angry person. And one day they’ll burst like anything making you think what I have done to deserve this outburst.


  3. Hello miki,
    A nice scribble about the anger!
    So, as naina says the anger is outlet of the negative feelings in us, I completely agree with her, though anger is not always negative. It might be a justified one too when we may encounter some

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  4. Well said naina…

    We avoid… And that’s the only solution….!!!

    But.. kbhi raste chlte kisi pe gussa aa jata hai…

    Kbhi kisi shopkeeper ki koi baat buri lg jati hai…

    Yeah that’s true… I always try to avoid…. Forgive and forget is the thing I always do… But… This time the scenarios were different….


  5. I guess anger cannot be defined unless it makes you feeble enough to bear reality. Its mere thought that breaks you deep down. I don’t know, anger is worst enemy but is still with me like a friend all time but its screwing me. Anger is whole shit and we need to change our perceptions n basically who we are to get over it🙌

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    1. If its screwing you then… Just move away from it… Its of no use… !! Even I feel the same… Just feeble enough to bear reality….!!👍👍👌👌

      Thanks for your thought….

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